143. Acquisition Of Skills Related To Presence

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143. Acquisition Of Skills Related To Presence

After 10 minutes of searching for Rubeum’s position using mana instead of magic, I finally noticed the “nothing” where Rubuem was.

「I think I can finally understand what Regina was saying.」

「As expected, Master.」

「Will is amazing. Kyururu.」

Regina and Rubeum praised me.

After that, I taught Dion and Milt about what to search for.

Then, after about 20 minutes, Dion and Milt also noticed Rubeum.

「Now you can find Ruu-chan even if he hides!」

「No, no. If Ruu really tried to hide, it’s even more amazing. Kyuru.」

Saying that, Rubeum further hid his presence.

When that happened, it became very difficult to find the “nothing”.

「Rubeum, you are really amazing.」


Rubeum happily shook his tail.

「Rubeum. Thank you.」Dion bowed.

「No problem. Kyuru.」

「Continuing from that, how about the technique to hide presence?」

「Okay, I’ll show you. Kyuru.」

As before, Rubeum’s presence disappeared.

This time, instead of detection, we focused on observing the technique of eliminating presence.

Rubeum demonstrated slowly so that it was easy to understand.

「It looks easy, but it’s really amazing.」

Is it a special ability of the apostle of the Dragon God?

That was how astounding Rubeum’s ability was.


「Well, it would be difficult to do the same thing as Rubeum… but it should be helpful as a reference.」

「It is as you say, Master.」

Dion observed Rubeum with a serious expression, as he said so.

Dion is in charge of the intelligence unit.

The survival rate of those in the intelligence unit will change depending on how well Rubeum’s ability can be systematized.

And that will have a big impact on future battles.

After observing closely, I imitated what Rubeum was doing.

「Basically, it’s like this.」

First of all, absorb the mana itself and prevent it from being reflected. This alone is a considerable concealment effect.

At the same time, adjust your mana wavelength to that of the surroundings.

Regina is particularly good at assimilating to her surroundings.

My disciples are already strong enough that they can do that unconsciously, but Rubeum’s ability is a more advanced version.

「It’s amazing, Master. It’s hard to notice your presence, just like Rubeum.」

「Milt, can you try to find me in your detection?」


Milt then started his magic detection.

「I honestly can’t detect you, Master. Even though you’re so close, even though I can see you with my eyes.」

「I can’t feel any presence at all, either. How scary.」Regina said, slowly approaching me.

「I’m not an apostle of the Dragon God, but I am a disciple of the Dragon God. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to imitate.」

And then, for some reason, Regina hugged me tightly from the front.

「What are you doing, Regina?」

「I just want to feel your existence.」

「Hey, don’t act so spoiled!」Xenovia scolded.

My existence became so thin that she couldn’t feel me and became lonely.

That must have been why she wanted to actually touch me.


Rubeum flew over and hugged my face from the side.

「What’s up with you, Rubeum?」

「Kyururu. It’s hard to find Will.」

「Well. If even Rubeum can’t notice Master’s presence, it’s good enough.」Dion said, with a
serious expression.

「Master, if you have any tips, could you tell me?」Dion asked.

「Of course.」

I think a little while distancing myself from Regina. Rubeum came around in front of my face when I did so.

I guess, I don’t have to worry about him.

Then I started explaining.

「Well, the theory itself isn’t too difficult.」

「It’s just easy because it’s you, Master.」

「Don’t get me wrong, Regina. The theory is easy, but it’s hard to pull off.」

「Is that so?」

「You know how to assimilate your presence to your surroundings, correct?」


Actually, that is the most difficult part.

However, when it comes to my disciples, they can already do that.

「From there, you have to take it one step further.」


Absorbing the mana emitted during magic detection falls under the category of special abilities.

It is a technique that can only be done by the apostle of the Dragon God, Rubeum, a godkin, and me, a disciple of the Dragon God.

However, my disciples should still be able to imitate it to a certain extent. So I taught them step by step.

There are many sensory factors, so I taught each disciple accordingly.

I felt very nostalgic, as it reminded me of the old days.

While I was teaching, Rubeum was also teaching Dura by imitating me.

Dura learned while trembling with excitement.

It took several hours for the disciples to get the hang of eliminating presence.

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