144. Continuation of Skill Acquisition

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144. Continuation of Skill Acquisition

I told my disciples to erase their presence as I taught them, and checked how they did.

There were differences in each, but they were all thorough.

Regina was the best and Milt was the worst. Dion and Xenovia were in between them.

However, there was no big difference in skill among the four.

「Okay. Good. You just have to practice from now on.」

「「「「Thank you!」」」」

All four disciples thanked in unison.

「Dura is still not there. Kyuru.」

「GRRR. I am most sorry.」

「I’ll teach you again so you don’t have to worry about it.」

「It is too great an honour.」

Although Dura’s tone is formal, Rubeum and Dura both seemed to be getting along well with each other.

「I shall teach this to my subordinates, too.」Dion said, the one who was most drenched in sweat.

Dion is a dragonewt covered with scales, so he has a constant temperature like Rubeum and Dura.

Dragonewts have less sweat glands than average humans, so they sweat a lot.

「Dion, wipe your sweat for the time being. You’ll catch a cold otherwise.」

「Thank you.」

Dion began to wipe his sweat with a towel.

The towel itself was normal-sized, but it looked relatively small because Dion is large.

「I’ll help. Kyuru.」Rubeum said, and looked over at me. So I gave him a towel. Rubeum then flapped his wings and flew over to Dion to wipe off his sweat.

Rubeum is also indebted to Dion in various ways.

Maybe he naturally wants to repay the favor.

「Thank you, Rubeum.」

「You don’t have to worry about it! Kyuru.」

While looking at those two, I asked.

「When you mentioned subordinates, did you mean the intelligence unit?」

「That’s right. It’s they who need the ability to detect and erase presence.」

The intelligence unit was unaware of the Cardinal’s strategy.

On the contrary, they didn’t detect the demons until the moment they launched the attack.

It was a blunder of the intelligence unit, revealing a lack of ability.

「I would be relieved if you can teach them, Dion.」

Even if they can’t achieve the same level as my disciples, it would be good if they could improve their ability to detect and erase their presence.

That alone gives an advantage in information warfare.

And information warfare is the lifeline of the Salvation Organization.

It must never be neglected.

「Then I shall teach Arti and the rest.」Xenovia said.

Regina is better at erasing presence, but Xenovia is better at teaching.

Regina just does it intuitively.

「I will teach Arti and the rest when I train with them too.」

「Thank you, Master. Please do.」

「Will. I would like it if you trained here.」Dura said.

「Is that okay?」

「Yes. I will get to meet with the Monarch, too.」

「Thanks. That’ll be very helpful.」

「GRR. Will is also the disciple of the Dragon God. An extraordinary personage. It is my honour.」

Although not as much as Rubeum, it seems that I, a disciple of the Dragon God, am also regarded as a special existence.

「Kyuru. Will is like Ruu’s older brother.」

「…Well, I guess.」


Rubeum happily shook his tail and clung to my face.

Rubeum is not a disciple of the Dragon God because he has not been taught by the Dragon God. However, Rubeum is like a child of the Dragon God. And disciples are also like children. Then, it may be no exaggeration to say that I am Rubeum’s older brother. Not only Rubeum, but Shiro, Fluffy, and Run Run are also like my brothers and sisters.

After that, I worked with Milt to connect Dura’s house and my room with an underground passage.

It would be easier for Rubeum to come to play, so Dura was very pleased.

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