148. Preparation for Training Camp

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148. Preparation for Training Camp

The next day, I handed the completed bowstring to Rosetta before the training.

Rosetta made a test shot and was very pleased with it. It was worth making.

Rosetta and Tina were both wearing a Transceiver Ring on their fingers.

It was probably given by Xenovia during their training.

Then, I informed Tina, Rosetta, and Arti that I will be participating in the training camp.

「Yay! It is so reassuring to hear that!」

「Yeah. In addition, if Arti also participates, we can have a party with four people. How about it?」Rosetta asked.

「Of course I will also participate.」

「I’m happy!」

It seems that Arti will also participate. Xenovia must have surely explained the situation to her.

Rosetta and Tina were genuinely pleased. I didn’t say anything unnecessary because I want them to purely focus on the training camp.

I don’t know if the Cult will actually follow through with their plans. And Xenovia and Dion are taking action so that those plans will not be put into effect. I am only participating as an insurance.

「By the way, what will we do in the training camp?」

「Um. Defeat monsters in a forest.」

「Once you get to the monster’s habitat, it seems that we will be moving in parties.」

「Does that mean we can hunt monsters as we see fit?」

「Rather, there is a destination for each party, and our purpose is to reach it and come back.」

Rosetta and Arti explained.

「What do the leading teachers do?」

「They will be watching from afar it seems.」

The teachers will conceal their presence and watch over the parties so that they do not fall into a fatal situation. The teachers are first-class combatants. Normal students probably won’t detect them. There are 30 students – seven parties in all. And they will be led by three people.

In other words, each teacher will be in charge of two or three parties.

It will be difficult to watch over if they move too much apart.

Therefore, it seems that the destination is set so that they don’t fall apart.

The students may still get lost and fall apart.

For such a case, an assistant may be secretly accompanying the parties.

I’ll ask Xenovia if there are assistants before leaving for the training camp.

It is still unknown whether the Tenebris Cult will actually attack.

However, if there are teachers and assistants, a countermeasure should not be too difficult.

After that, we went through the usual training. Perhaps it was the result of the secret blessing yesterday, but Arti, Rosetta, and Tina were moving better than usual.

After the training, Rosetta and Tina went to class.

And I headed to the president’s office, where Xenovia is. Arti, Shiro, Fluffy, Rubeum and Fay followed me. Arti did not say a word on the way. Because we don’t know who could be listening from where.

After entering the president’s office, I asked Arti.「Arti, were you also asked by Xenovia to participate in the training camp?」

「No, but I have been informed about the situation.」Arti replied.

「I told Arti to think of Master as her superior, after all.」Xenovia said, while offering sweets to the godbeasts.

Xenovia addressed me as Master because I have told Arti that I was Edelfuss in my previous life.

Apparently, Xenovia was thinking of letting me decide whether or not Arti would participate in the training camp.

「I see. Well, leaving that aside, Arti, how is your body’s condition?」

「I feel very good. It feels like a strange power has been coming out of my whole body since yesterday.」

「Can you describe it more specifically?」

「Yes. It began after yesterday morning’s training. It became harder to get tired. Increased mana control. Improved dynamic vision and eyesight. Sword techniques and footwork have also improved. That is how it felt to me.」Arti said.

「What did you think, Xenovia?」

Xenovia, as Arti’s master, trains Arti every morning before the training with me.

「Master, what did you do? Her movements improved suddenly compared to yesterday.」

「Is it just Arti?」

「No, both Rosetta and Tina too.」

「I see…」

「Master, did you perhaps…?」

「Have you noticed? I’m sorry I didn’t consult beforehand.」

「No, that’s okay, but did you reveal your identity to Rosetta and Tina?」

「No, I haven’t revealed it. Fay told me that I just had to touch their heads and pray silently.」

「Yeah! Fay taught him!」Fay, who was eating sweets, said cheerfully.

「Is that so? As expected of Master.」Xenovia said, nodding satisfactorily.

Following the conversation so far, Arti has probably guessed what I did.

However, I said it out loud just to be clear.

「Arti. I touched your head at the end of the training yesterday, remember? I gave you a blessing at that time.」

「Is that so?」

「I’m sorry I did it without your permission.」

「No. Thank you.」

「That’s right, Master. Blessing is God’s love. God’s love is not something people can’t have a say in in the first place.」

It is rather natural that it is given without permission and disappears without permission.

That’s what Xenovia seems to be thinking. And she is correct.

「I will do my best to be a person who deserves God’s love.」

I am relieved that Arti seems pleased.

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