149. Information On The Training Camp

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149. Information On The Training Camp

However, I have to ask this just in case.

「Did you have any problems at all? Like you lost your balance or something…」

「There is no problem relating to the movement of my body or mana control at all.」

「Does that mean, there is indeed something else.」

「…Well, it’s not really a big deal.」

「It doesn’t matter how small it may be, please tell me.」

「Yes. My sword has become too fast.」

While Arti was doing independent sword training, it seems that her sword speed had become too fast that the blade was chipped due to not being able to keep up with Arti’s speed.

「So that can also happen, huh.」

Weapons should be suitable for one’s own abilities. As you improve your abilities, you should naturally change your weapons.

I should make a new weapon for Arti too.

「Was there anything else?」

「No, there isn’t.」

「I see. Glad to hear that.」

Then I asked Xenovia.

「Xenovia, I decided to participate in the training camp, but how many teachers will accompany us?」

「There are three who will appear before the students and five assistants who keep watch from the shadows.」

「Even though the number of student teams is seven, you’re sending eight?」

「It’s safer to have a flexible margin to fallback on.」

「That’s true. I’m guessing the five assistants are also members of the Salvation Organisation.」

「Yes. They are top-notch. And most of them are the same rank as Arti.」

「I have also been a training camp assistant.」Arti said.

Arti is a young and inexperienced member in the Salvation Organization.

However, in terms of skill, she is top-notch.

「If the assistants are as strong as Arti, then it’s reassuring.」

Should the students encounter powerful monsters, it shouldn’t be a problem to keep them safe.

「Thank you. However…」

「I understand your concerns. It won’t be the same if they were attacked by demons.」

「Yes. Moreover, we think they’re aiming for the teachers this time.」

If they wish to defeat first-class combatants of the Salvation Organization, they will surely send powerful demons.

「I will keep an eye out. By the way, do the teachers know my existence?」

「They don’t know. I shall tell them if Master wishes for it.」

It is top secret that I am the reincarnation of Edelfuss.

It is better for as few people as possible to know.

「No, you don’t have to tell them. What about the risk of an attack?」

「They have been informed.」

「All right.」

After chatting a little, I left the president’s office.

I parted ways with Arti, and headed to Dura’s room to make weapons for Arti, Tina, and Rosetta.

「A sword for Arti, a cane for Tina, and Rosetta’s bow has already been made, so maybe a dagger for her.」


As usual, Dura intently observed me as I continued to make weapons.

I used materials such as dragon scales received from Dolflare and Orichalcum received from Milt. Using magic, I mix it in an appropriate ratio.

「Both your mana pool and mana control are amazing.」

「Thank you. I have gotten better at blacksmithing.」

「The method of mixing the materials is also original. It’s amazing how you mix the scales with the metal.」

「I am the disciple of the Blacksmith God, Metal God, and the Dragon God, after all.」

I have the knowledge given by the gods.

If you have the materials and acquire the mana pool and mana control technique for processing, you can do advanced things.

「Awesome. A method unknown even to dragons.」

「Will is amazing, you know.」「Yes, very amazing.」

Rubeum, who was sitting on Dura’s head, boasted proudly.

And Fay was sitting on Rubeum’s back.

On the other hand, Shiro and Fluffy were playing in the next room, where we always train.

Not only is it wide, but it is okay to run around because the entire room is designed so that it can withstand the use of training.

While being watched by Dura and the others, I finished processing the material.

After that, I magically molded the weapon.

I have to consider not only the shape but also the weight and strength of the weapon.

It is the most delicate stage of the process.

A few hours later.

「OK. I’m done.」



Dura and Rubeum praised me, but Fay was completely asleep.

「I think it came out good, but I’ll have them test out the weapons tomorrow and then make the final adjustments.」

「I will also try to make something.」Dura said.

「That’s good.」

It seems that watching my weapon smithing has also inspired Dura.

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