15 – Reunion with the Scions


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Until I reach the entrance examination hall of the Academy of Heroes, I have no reason to concern myself with the scions of the main family.
I ignored them and headed towards the inner part of the lobby.

There were many other people in the lobby besides the scions.
I suppose all of them are also exam candidates.
The candidates’ age ranged from around ten to thirty years of age.
Many of them seemed to have already been acquainted with each other from the beginning, as they were having a friendly chat with one another.
Those candidates are most likely graduates from the Academy of Knights and the Academy of Sages.

The average age of the candidate was relatively high,
The scions seem younger in comparison.
And, apparently I was the youngest candidate in today’s exam.

「You disobeyed the eldest son of the Wolms main family, and shouldn’t you be bowing to us–?」
「Aa, because you disobeyed us of the Wolms main family!」

The scions raised their voices when mentioning ‘Wolms main family’.
In addition to bullying me, they are appealing their nobility to the surrounding candidates.

You’re embarrassing me, please stop.
Although I am simply Will now, in my past life I was the most famous Wolms.
When those who carry the Wolms name do something embarrassing, I feel embarrassed too.

「Hey, he just said Wolms」
「The young nobles whom both are said to have four pillars of guardian deity each?」

The appeal seems to have been effective. The candidates were growing astir.
It is surprising that those idiotic scions have four pillars of guardian deity.
The scions might actually have so-called talent.

I don’t know which gods they are, but there is a limit to recklessness.
They should’ve just given me the divine blessing instead of the scions.

「Oi! Stop ignoring me!」 yelled the fifteen year old.

It would be troublesome to fight them now, and there was no worth in replying.

「Is it a brawl?」
「It is pitiful to see a small child getting hurt just before the entrance exam」

The candidates were talking about us.
Hearing that, the scions’ mood seems to have improved.

「Oi, shitty brat! If you prostrate right now, I’ll overlook it this time」
「Aa, it won’t change the pain we’re going to inflict later, do your best to prostrate」

I tried to ignore and move on, but my shoulder was grabbed.

「Didn’t you hear me, shitty brat?」
「…there is no way I’m doing that」
They must not have expected to hear rebellious words out of my mouth.
The fifteen year old stared at me in puzzlement.

「What do you mean ‘huh’?! You’re the real shitty brat」
「Y-You son of a bitch」
「You guys are the shame of Wolms house. Do not tarnish your house name any more than this」

As I yelled back, the scions were in shock.
After a few moments, their faces turned deep red.

「There is no forgiveness for you!」
「I’m going to kill you!」

Abuse without good vocabulary skills, it was rather comforting.
If they get violent, I’ll just have to retaliate appropriately to protect myself.

However, as usual, Danan didn’t attack me.
This is the Academy of Heroes, and he seems to realize that the authority of Wolms main family does not reach here.

「Shitty brat, you’ve also measured your guardian deity love value, right?」
「Yeah, I did」
「What?! You’re talking so disrespectfully to my big brother!」
Ivan cried out but I ignored him.

「Shitty brat, how many pillars of guardian deity do you have?」
「Oi, shitty brat, answer quickly. By the way, my brother and I have four pillars」 boasted Ivan.
While saying so, Ivan scanned the surrounding candidates.
He must have wanted them to hear that.
He and Danan were proud of the fact that they have four pillars of guardian deity.
As Ivan hoped for, the other candidates were a little upset.

「So the rumours of them having four pillars turned out to be true after all…」
「As expected of the prestigious Wolms house」

So, having four pillars of guardian deity seems to be rare even among the candidates of Academy of Heroes.
Ivan must have liked the conversation of the candidates. He tried to stir up things in high spirits.

「Oi, shitty brat, hurry up and tell how many pillars you have」

Ivan seems to be convinced that I have less than four pillars.
And unfortunately, Ivan’s conviction was true.

「One pillar」

There is no point in trying to hide it, so I clearly said it out.
At the exact moment, Danan and Ivan had a huge smile plastered on their faces.

「What was that? Could you repeat it?」

Danan clearly heard me, but with a loud voice, he demanded me to repeat it.
He probably wants the other candidates to hear my answer as well, but they definitely heard it too.
Because I said it in a loud enough voice.
The candidates were looking a little sympathetic towards me.
However, most of them did not bear sympathy that contains ill will.
Many of them seem to be those that came for re-examination after training hard to improve their skills.

「Hey, hey, come on say it」 「Clearly tell, how many pillars you have」
「Didn’t you hear me? So, your ears are as rotten as your heads」

Danan stared blankly, due to me reflecting his agitation back to him.

「Shitty son of a bitch! How dare you speak to my brother that way…」
「You son of a prostitute!」
「Don’t get so full of yourself! You’re just the son of a prostitute!」

There is no truth to the claim that my mother did such a thing.
However, my mother did not have a high status.
Those who didn’t like my mother marrying father because of her status, stirred up this malicious rumour to insult her.
So, those rumours of being a prostitute are completely without substance.
That must be why Danan said so.

However, I can’t keep silent when my mother is being disgraced.
I took out the gloves in my pocket and threw it on Danan’s face.

It signals a challenge for a traditional duel.
The other candidates who had been watching the situation fussed up all at once.



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