150. Preparing the Equipment

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150. Preparing the Equipment

The next day, when I handed over the completed weapons before starting the training, everyone was pleased.

「I will make it an heirloom!」Tina said.

「I’m glad you’re happy, but weapons are just consumables.」

「Not only a bow but also a dagger… I’m so happy!」

「It’s a wonderful sword. Thank you.」

Then we conducted our usual training with the new weapons.

After that, we had our usual break.

「Please tell me if you have any complaints or requests to improve my weapon making ability.」I told everyone.

「At the moment, I’m not really dissatisfied with it. It’s very easy to use.」

「My cane is great. I’ve never had a cane that’s as easy to use.」

「Well. If you come up with a way I can improve it, please tell me. How about you, Arti?」

「It’s very easy to use, but this part is…」

「I see. Lend me your sword.」

I then fine-tuned the part requested by Arti on the spot.

「How is it now?」

Arti swung her sword several times.

「It has improved a lot. Thank you.」

「If so, I’m glad. Please tell me if you think of something else in the future.」


At that time, Dura came out with a box from the workshop.

「I made some clothes.」


「These clothes are for Arti and the rest. Please try it on.」

「Is that okay?」

「I would be happy if you liked it.」

The box contained clothes for Arti, Rosetta, and Tina.

It seems Dura made the clothes using the same materials he did for me.

The design and color were the same as the clothes worn by Arti and the others so far.

「I didn’t really know what kind of design would be the best for humans, so I copied the clothes worn usually.」

「Thank you. I’ll try it on right away.」Tina said.

And then, Arti and the rest went to the next room, changed their clothes and came back.

「How does it feel?」Dura asked.

「It’s wonderful! It’s very easy to move in and the size is also perfect.」Rosetta said.

「Thank you. I’ve never worn such great clothes.」Arti said.

「How did you know the size so well?」Tina asked.

「I observed carefully.」Dura said.

「It’s amazing that Dura-san can tell by just looking.」Tina-said.

Praised by everyone, Dura was acting joyfully shy.

「New weapons and new clothes. I am more excited for the training camp now! Right, Will?」Rosetta said.

「Yes, that’s right.」

They did not only get new weapons and clothes, but also blessings.

And they still put in a lot of effort every day.

There is no doubt that they have grown significantly as a fighting force.

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