151. Classmate

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151. Classmate

One week after making the weapons. The day of the training camp has come.

Since it was the day of the training camp, we cancelled today’s morning training.

「Saria. Remember what I told you yesterday?」

「I know! The training camp! Good luck!」

「Run Run, take care of Saria.」


I sent Saria and Run Run to the nursery and then headed to the classroom.

Rubeum, Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay came with me.

It’s been a long time since I went to the classroom. Last time was the entrance ceremony, I think.

When I arrived in front of the classroom door, I heard a noisy voice from inside.

I opened the classroom door and went inside. The classroom immediately went quiet.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, so everyone must be surprised.

Twenty-six of the thirty students who joined the academy at the same time as me were there. Counting myself, there were 27 people in the classroom.

The remaining three were my party members, Arti, Rosetta, and Tina.

「Oh, if isn’t Will Wolms? You haven’t been here since the day of the entrance ceremony, have you?」

One of the students who invited me to the social gathering after the ceremony, called out.

「Yeah, it’s been a while.」

Other students gathered around me as I was replying to that student.

Shiro, Fay, and Rubeum, who were not present on the day of the entrance ceremony, were particularly popular.

「So cute. Can I touch them?」

「No!」Fay cried, and escaped into my pocket.

Fay seems to be shy around strangers.


Whereas Shiro and Rubeum were shaking their tails in a good mood.

「It seems that you can’t touch Fay, but you can stroke Shiro and Rubeum.」

「Ohh.」「So cute.」

「Is Rubeum a dragon?」

「Yes, a dragon! Kyuru.」

Shiro and Rubeum were patted by the students, and seemed happy to be getting attention.

Fluffy also seemed to be popular, as he was also caressed.

Looking at the godbeasts, a few of the students said.

「I knew you were no ordinary person since you passed the exam with just one pillar.」

「Even a slime, a dog, and a goat alone were superbly amazing, but you even have a dragon and a spirit.」

「Because beastmasters usually only have one, or two at most.」

「I thought Will was a mage, but are you also a beastmaster and spiritmaster?」

I thought a little before answering.

「I’m neither a beastmaster nor a spiritmaster. Maybe I’m just good at getting along with animals.」


「Are you always busy, Will? You are the disciple of the Small Sage, after all.」

It seemed that everyone knew that I was Milt’s disciple.

That’s why no one thinks I’ll repeat a year even though I don’t attend classes.

They seem to think that Milt is giving me special classes.

At that time, the classroom door opened, and Arti entered.


Everyone fell completely silent after seeing Arti. Arti didn’t duel with my cousins like I did, so she had less of an impression on the students than I do. Furthermore, she didn’t even take the entrance exam.

At the very least, I attended the entrance ceremony, the guidance after that, and the social gathering hosted by the students.

However, Arti had erased her presence and tried not to stand out, so she hardly remained in anyone’s memory.

The students went to talk to Arti.

「Umm, Arti-san, correct? We haven’t met since the day of the entrance ceremony, right?」


「Arti is Xenovia-sama’s disciple.」

I told everyone instead, since Arti is a woman of less words.

「Ah, that’s why you don’t attend class.」

Students began to flock around Arti.

The students seemed curious and asked Arti one by one.

「Is the president’s training strict?」

「Not really. It’s really kind.」

「Are you given a special mission by the president?」


While everyone was excited, one student asked me.

「Since Will and Arti-san are participating, were you told to join by the Small Sage and the President?」

「Well, that’s about correct.」

「I see. If it’s combat techniques, surely the sages will teach you. So, did they tell you to join so you can learn about living in a group?」

「Maybe. I don’t know the details.」

「I see.」

The students seemed to be convinced with that.

「So, are Will and Arti-san in the same group?」

「That’s right. The rest is Rosetta and Tina.」

「Which reminds me, Tina-san is also the disciple of the Beloved Child of the Water God.」

「Rosetta-san is also a super talented scout. You guys would make the strongest party.」

It seems that Rosetta is not known to be a disciple of the Hero.

However, it seems that Rosetta’s ability is highly evaluated among the students.

When talking about that, the door opened again.

「Everyone, we brought the map of the training camp.」

「Each person take one. Please take them in order.」

Rosetta and Tina carried in a bundle of paper.

「Thank you for your hard work, Rosetta-san and Tina-san.」

「This is our week! So it’s only natural.」 Rosetta said.

「No problem.」

Apparently, there is a weekly shift system.

It seems that the students who are on the weekly shift take on the tasks decided by the teacher.

I felt a little guilty never having done a weekly shift since I’m always skipping class.

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