152. Jema

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152. Jema

Rosetta and Tina distributed a copy of the map to Arti and me too.

「Please take one, Will, Arti.」

「Thank you.」

Arti and I took a map each and read them.

The training camp seems to be held in a deep forest at the foot of a large mountain with several rivers and hills.

Apparently, the training camp location was announced for the first time today.

The students were also looking at the map with a serious expression.

「The terrain seems complex.」

「That’s right. What kind of monsters live there?」

「I want to believe that there would be no dangerous monsters, but…」

The students also come from various backgrounds.

Those who once dropped out of the Academy of Heroes, and then graduated from the Academy of Sages, Knights and the likes, and then re-entered the Academy of Heroes, have experience of fighting monsters.

Besides them, those who enrolled into the academy after working as a knight, a knight’s apprentice, an adventurer, etc. for several years naturally have combat experience.

However, some of those who have received the love of many gods and have high abilities have no combat experience.

The ratio of having battle experience was about fifty-fifty.

The students were a little excited, and at the same time, a little nervous.

As they were all noisily talking with each other, the classroom door opened silently, and a woman walked in.

「Judging from all the noise, I’m guessing everyone is quite fired up.」

When the woman said so, with a well-projected voice, the classroom became quiet in an instant.

It is most likely the teacher who will lead the training camp this time. Two more men entered after the teacher.

I heard from Xenovia that there are three teachers leading the training camp, so it must be those three.

All the students straightened their backs in a tense manner.

Perhaps the reason why they became quiet when Arti and I entered the classroom was because they thought that this teacher had come in.

That was how nervous the students seemed.

「I heard from Rosetta and Tina that Will and Arti will also participate in the training camp.」

「Yes. Pleased to meet you.」


I greeted her politely. Whereas, Arti replied as she usually does.

I heard from Xenovia that the leading teacher is the deputy director who is the number three in the combat division of the Salvation Organization.

Certainly, this teacher has an extraordinary aura surrounding her.

「Will. I won’t say anything about you skipping all my lessons, but I will treat you under the assumption that you have learned everything. Do you understand?」

「Yes, I understand.」

「As for Arti… nothing else.」

Although Arti is registered as a student, she is originally a member of the Salvation Organization.

Although she does not report directly to the teacher, she is still a subordinate of the teacher.

That’s why the teacher probably knew about Arti from the beginning.

「Nonetheless, I should at least tell you my name. I am Jema Belov.」

「Pleased to meet you, Jema-sensei.」

「And the two behind me are…」

And she also introduced the two teachers behind her.

The two teachers are also full-fledged combatants with a career of more than five years as members of the combat division of the Salvation Organization.

After the teachers introduced themselves just for me, we moved out.

In the classroom, no special notes were given nor were our belongings checked.

Such things may have been informed to the class in advance.

Nevertheless, if it is not done, then it is the student’s responsibility.

Following the teacher’s instructions, when we went out and walked for a while, three large carriages were prepared.

We boarded those carriages and left for the training camp.

The carriage was fitted with chairs that could seat about 10 people across each other.

There was a certain amount of space between the seats on the two sides so that you can walk in the middle.

The material used for the chair was wood, so it was not very comfortable to sit on.

One teacher boarded each of the three carriages.

I could hear students in the other carriages talking noisily, but no one talked in my carriage.

Yes, that’s because Jema was on the carriage I got on.

The students seemed so nervous as they were hugging their luggage tight on their lap.

Jema was sitting on the right seat at the front of the carriage.

Seats at the front were vacant because the students did not approach that area.

We had Shiro, Fluffy, Rubeum, and Fay, so we sat in the back.

「Is Jema-sensei scary? Everyone looks too nervous…」I whispered to Tina secretly.

「That’s not true. Although, she is strict.」

「Hey. Will. If you have any questions, ask me directly.」

Jema told me with a strong tone.

The voice gave a start to the students. I kinda felt sorry for them.

I was far from Jema, and was also whispering. And the carriage itself was making a lot of noise from moving, but despite that, she clearly heard me it seems.

「Well, I wouldn’t know what the students think of you even if I ask you directly, sensei.」

When I said that, the students stared at me with their eyes saying,「Don’t talk!」

And Jema glared at me with a sharp eye.

「…Hmm. Will come over here.」


I cannot defy her, so I quietly went to the front.

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