158. Fluffy’s Accomplishment

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158. Fluffy’s Accomplishment

Jema smiled slightly, looking at me.

「The Sword Saint-sama, no, the President has already told me that I could count on the disciples in the event of an emergency.」

「Oh, I see.」

So that is why she called me in the carriage and asked how strong I was.

「I thought all of you were purely participating in the training camp.」Jema said.

A teacher would not inform the disciples of speculative information such as the attack.

Considering the educational effect, it would be better not to inform about an attack which may or may not be carried.

Otherwise, the students wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the task.

「Tina and Rosetta are indeed here to participate in the camp, that is why I didn’t tell them until they were able to clear the task.」

「Did you come here to tell me to properly evaluate their grades as a student?」

「Yes, unlike me and Arti, Tina and Rosetta are serious students.」

「Seriously, you.」

Jema grinned broadly looking at me, as I stated that I’m not a proper student.

「However, I don’t want my students to help me with anything outside the task, even if they are the disciples of the Sages.」

「I understand your feelings.」

Students should only concentrate on tasks. It is the teacher’s duty to prepare such an environment. Jema probably has that kind of pride as a teacher.

「Even I think it would be best if I don’t have to help.」I said.

「That’s right. The best outcome is that there is no attack itself.」

「No doubt.」

「But, well, if the Small Sage and the President told you to help directly, then that’s a different story.」

「How does it become different?」

「Even the Beloved Child of the Water God and the Hero entrusted you to talk about the attack at any time, correct?」

「That’s right.」

「Before you are students, you are disciples of the Sages. As for the educational policy, the Master’s policy is the first priority.」

「In other words, since the Masters told me to help directly, I am simply obeying my Master’s policy.」

「That’s how it is.」

The president, Xenovia, told me that I could help in the case of an emergency, I think Jema took it as a reluctant permission. Rather than actively helping, she thought it meant that if there was no other way, I could join in and help.

However, if we were directly ordered by our Masters, it means that responding to the attack is also part of our education.

「There is no sign of an attack, but I will ask for help in case of emergency.」Jema said.

「Understood. I’ll let you know if I notice something, too.」

「Yeah, thanks.」

Right then, Tina and others came out of the tent.

All of them were clean and no longer sweaty.

「Was Fluffy helpful?」I asked.

「Yes, very much so.」Rosetta replied.


「Fluffy, please clean me up too.」


Fluffy cried and climbed over my head.

As it moved down from top to bottom, Fluffy absorbed all the dirt.

Jema’s eyes widened as she was watching the situation.

「Oh my… That slime is amazing.」

「Yes, Fluffy is amazing.」I said.


「Not only does it clean your skin, it also cleans your clothes.」


「That is truly amazing.」Jema said.

「Not only that, but your skin will also feel fresh and smooth.」

「S-Seriously? C-Could I also receive that treatment please?」


「Fluffy says it doesn’t mind.」

While we were talking about that, Fluffy had cleaned me from top to bottom and reached the ground. It immediately climbed Jema’s head and began cleaning.

「It’s kind of a strange feeling.」

「But it doesn’t hurt, right?」

「Not at all.」

While I was watching Fluffy cleaning Jema, Rubeum pulled on my sleeve while floating in the air.


「What is it, Rubeum?」


Rubeum seemed to be feeling down. So was Fay who was on his back.

「Are you hungry?」

「Hungry. Kyuru.」

Rubeum and Fay didn’t get the snack they were expecting, so they seemed to be feeling down.

During the task, the godbeasts were eating their own food while we were taking a break.

However, they did move around a lot, and both Rubeum and Fay are still babies.

No wonder they get hungry quickly.

「Do you want some snacks?」

「Yes! Kyuru.」「Me too.」


Shiro who was at Jema’s feet also rushed in.

I gave snacks to Rubeum, Fay, and Shiro.

「Chomp chomp. Kyururu.」「So good.」「Meemee.」

The godbeasts chomped down on their food.

Watching them made me hungry too.

「Fluffy, do you want snacks too?」


Fluffy asked「Is that okay?」, while still cleaning Jema.

「Of course it’s okay. You helped clean us up even when you were tired.」


Then, Fluffy finished cleaning the Jema.

Jema then picked up Fluffy.

「Fluffy. That was very refreshing. I’ll feed you instead as thanks. Will, what does Fluffy eat?」

「Anything. Almost any organic matter.」

「I see. Then I’ll give you this.」

Jema took out a roasted meat out of her magic bag and gave it to Fluffy.

As expected of a top executive of the Salvation Organization. She seems to have an expensive magic bag.

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