159. Sunset

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159. Sunset

I thanked Jema for feeding Fluffy.

「Thank you very much, Jema-sensei.」

「Likewise to you both, Will, Fluffy. I had given up on trying to get clean during the training camp.」

Jema fed more meat while hugging Fluffy.

「I’m glad we could help.」


「Fluffy says thank you for the snack.」

「It is just thank you for helping me out, Fluffy.」Jema said, gently stroking Fluffy.

She might have a thing for cute creatures just as Arti does.

「By the way, Will. According to the record, you only seemed to have two servant beasts at the time of the entrance examination.」

「That’s right. At the time of the entrance examination, it was only Fluffy and the dog Runrun who is not here.」

「Hmm. So you tamed a baby goat, a baby dragon, and a spirit into your servants after enrolling?」

「Strictly speaking, they are not servant beasts. They are more so my friends.」

「Huh, not servant beasts?」


I can’t thoughtlessly reveal that they are godkins, but I also didn’t want to lie, so I just answered “yes”.

「Hmm, I see.」

Jema also noticed that I didn’t want to explain the details.

「Usually, two beasts are the limits of a great beast tamer, so you are out of the norm.」

「Thank you.」

Jema ended the conversation without prying deeper.

Since I was Milt’s disciple, she probably thought that Milt would inform her if it’s important information.

After that, we spent time slowly while preparing dinner.

I processed the meat of a wild boar we defeated while on the way, grilled it, and stored it in the magic bag.

With this, we can eat delicious grilled meat at any time without it getting cold.

During that time, both Rubeum and I kept a watchful eye on the surroundings, but there was no presence of the Cult.

The assistant teacher who accompanied our team from the shadows disappeared somewhere after confirming our arrival at the base camp.

Perhaps they went to accompany some other team from the shadows.

Jema seemed to occasionally use magic tools to contact him.

Judging from her facial expression, there seemed to be no problems in particular.

Therefore, we were able to spend our time with peace of mind.

While playing with Fluffy, Shiro, Rubeum, and Fay, and eating snacks, the sun began to set.

「I’m getting suspicious about the clouds.」Rosetta said, looking up at the sky.

「If it rains like yesterday, it would be a hassle.」

「Exactly as you say, Will. We will be fine since we’ve arrived at the base camp, but…」

Rosetta seems to be worried about the other teams.

「It’s going to be fine. We also taught what to do when it rains.」Jema said, as if to reassure us.「Besides, we deliberately chose a season when it rains a lot.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. If you pass this camp, there will be a training camp in snow, lightning, and stormy days.」

「That sounds exciting.」I said.

「Will, don’t say things you don’t really mean. I’m sure you’re not going to participate anyway.」

「It depends on my Master’s instructions.」

「I bet.」

And then Jema looked in the direction where the others students would be.

「So, the only group who managed to return by sunset was the disciples after all, huh.」

「Are they running late?」I asked.

「No, I heard that there hasn’t been a group which returned by sunset for a few years now.」

「How long do they usually take to return?」

「Should be about noon tomorrow.」

Apparently, it often rains after sunset for a while at this time of year.

Therefore, many of the students take temporary shelter.

It is dangerous to walk around unnecessarily at night and in the rain.

And when the sun rises, the students will start to move.

Hence, their arrival at the base camp will be after noon.

And while petting Rubeum, I considered how I would conduct the attack if I were in charge.

At such times, it is important to think from the enemy’s standpoint.

The enemy’s aim is to kill Jema.

For that reason, you should aim for the students and try to create a situation where Jema cannot fight with all her strength.

So the most important thing is to aim for a timing when Jema cannot unleash her full strength.

Such a moment would be when all the students have returned and Jema would be forced to fight while protecting everyone.

However, at that time, in addition to Jema, the two teachers and the five assistants in the shadows would also have returned.

From that perspective, it will have to be after sunset. The time when students are asleep may be most effective.

Even if Jema rushed in after being informed that one of the group was being attacked, it would take time for her to reach there after sunset.

The enemy would have gained the upper hand by the time Jema reaches there.

While I was thinking about that seriously, Jema noticed my situation and called out.

「Will. Is there something on your mind?」

「Of course there is. The matter we discussed earlier.」

「I understand your concerns. This could potentially be a disadvantageous situation.」

「Yes. If it rains after sunset, we’ll definitely lose the initiative.」

The darkness hides your appearance, and the rain hides sounds, smells, and presence.

「Perhaps it would be best to send out a scout to take the initiative.」I said, while gently stroking Rubeum.

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