16 – Preparing for the Duel


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Insulting me is one thing, but insulting my mother is not something I can overlook.
Even if it is wise to keep silent, I can’t stay silent at that statement.

Danan’s face turned a deep red when my glove hit him square in the face.

「You’re challenging me, shitty brat? Know your place!」
「Are the young nobles of the Wolms main family with four gods, afraid of one eight year old child with only one god?」
「Of course not」

And so, I threw another glove on Ivan’s face.
The younger brother insulted my mother as well.

「I don’t mind taking on both of you at the same time. I’ll even let you have the first move」
「Hah? Son of a bitch, are you making fun of us?」
「Shitty brat! Screwing around like that! Big brother, let’s teach him where he belongs!」

Danan thought a little and laughed out.

「Shitty brat, if you lose, you must discard the name of Wolms」
「Understood, is that all?」
「Don’t act strong. If someone like you loses the Wolms name, you will die a dog’s death!」

That would be you guys, is what I thought but I didn’t voice it.

「If I win, you will take back your statement about my mother and prostrate before my mother’s grave and apologize」
「Even if Heaven and Earth were turned upside down, you still wouldn’t win」

As Danan said so and started laughing with Ivan, the entrance door flew open.

The one who entered was a middle-aged man.
Judging from how he carries himself, he seems to be quite skilled.

「I came to supervise the written exam as the examiner but things seems to have taken an interesting turn」

While saying so, he smiled in our direction.
Apparently he is the examiner; most likely a member of the Salvation Organization.

Although he came from outside, he seems to have a grasp on our situation.
He might have been using a magic tool or something else, to observe the state of the lobby.

「Fellow students are prohibited from having a duel without permission」,said the man with a gentle smile.
「I’m not a student yet」
「Yes, but exam candidates are treated the same as students」

「You escaped death this time, shitty brat」 Danan spat out after hearing that.
「Aa, I was looking forward to inflicting a lot of pain」
Ivan seemed to be more disappointed and also a lot more confident.

「I will second this duel. We will begin the duel at a different location」
[1. TL Note: Second is sort of a referee in a traditional duel]

Danan was surprised and flabbergasted.
「What do you mean ‘Eh’? You wanted to duel, didn’t you?」
「Yes, but isn’t it time for the written exam?」
「But you can’t concentrate on the written exam in this condition, can you…」
「You’re right, I think so too」I said.

There is no way I can concentrate on the written exam without restoring the honour of my late mother.
The examiner asked the rest of the candidates.

「You guys are interested too, right? Do you mind if I delay the exam a bit?」

The candidates honestly nodded in agreement.

「That’s all, so take it easy」
And so, the examiner briskly walked out.

「Everyone follow along. I will show you the venue for the practical exam」
「「「Yes!」」」 everyone replied in tandem.

The candidates followed along with anticipation in their eyes.
The candidates were at ease, since they will simply be watching the duel.

I walked behind them with RunRun and Fluffy following suite.
「Oi, shitty brat, I’ m going to hurt you real good, even if you die it will be seen as an accident. Prepare yourself」
Ivan came close to me and said so.

「That was some great intimidation but to become a murderer at this age」
He didn’t seem to get my cynicism. I’m already looking forward to it.

「Don’t worry. I’m saying I will spare your life」 I said.
Ivan’s face burned red.

「Son of a bitch!」
As Ivan got enraged and balled his fist to strike me, the examiner said.

「Oi, Oi, calm down, we’ll arrive soon so behave yourself」
「Huh, I’m going to enjoy hurting you」

Ivan left a sharp parting remark and ran ahead.

After walking a while, we arrived at a huge hall.
The floor was made of soil, and the walls and ceiling were engraved with magic circles.
It is likely that there are magic circles engraved under the soil on the floor too.
With a little bit of magic, the walls and ceilings won’t be broken. The magic circles seem to be able to prevent widespread damage.

The individual that brought me all this way to the Academy, Arti, was also here.
Arti noticed me and gave a small nod.

「Arti, I’m sorry to interrupt during preparation. There were a few hot-headed guys within the candidates, you see」

Apparently Arti was preparing the practical exam venue.
Since she is an apprentice in the Salvation Organization, she would definitely have various chores to take care of.

「Yes, is it a duel?」
「That’s right. I’ll just borrow the place for a bit」

「Well, Will Wolms, Danan and Ivan, step forward」 the examiner said to us.

As prompted by the examiner, I, Danan and Ivan stepped forward.
Naturally, RunRun and Fluffy also stepped forward.

The examiner glanced at RunRun and Fluffy for a moment, but said nothing.
He must have judged that it is alright for monster familiars to join the duel.

「If Will wins, Danan and Ivan will take back what they said about Will’s mother and prostrate to apologize to his mother」
「That’s right」
「If Danan and Ivan win…, Will is supposed to discard his family name, right?」
「Exactly as you say」

The examiner knew the terms we discussed before he came in.
He had been observing the lobby after all.

「Will, do you accept these terms? The terms aren’t exactly balanced」
「I do not mind at all」

Hearing my answer, the examiner said with a serious look.

「Will, wouldn’t it be better to do one versus one twice instead?」
「No, that is too troublesome」

The examiner sized me up from top to bottom as if underestimating me, and then looked at Danan and Ivan.

「Well, there is no problem if Will wishes for it… but the degree of difficulty in one vs two duel is much higher」
「I know, but against these guys, it won’t be a problem」

Danan and Ivan’s faces burned red.
They must have perceived it as an insult.

Arti was already gone before I realized.
Due to our duel, she was unable to prepare the exam venue.
No doubt, she must have gone on to finish up another job first.
I’ll apologize to Arti later for delaying her work.

While I was thinking about that, the examiner asked Danan and Ivan.

「So he says but, are you two really going to fight Will at the same time?」
「The difference in strength is too much but… if that is what Will hopes for, then we have no choice」
Danan said his words in an unfortunate way, but had a grin on his face.

「I will make him regret getting so full of himself. This will be a lesson!」
Ivan was also grinning as he is convinced of victory.

「The two sides have reached an agreement. Now we will begin the duel between Will, and Danan and Ivan. Prepare quickly」
「RunRun, Fluffy, step back a bit」
「Gau?」 「Pigi?」

RunRun and Fluffy said, 「Why? We will fight too」 with their eyes,

「RunRun, Fluffy, I’ll be fine against opponents like them」
「Gau…」 「Pigi…」

RunRun and Fluffy stepped behind downheartedly.

The examiner stared at me with a serious look on his face.

「Oi Will, are you not gonna use your familiars? Will you be alright?」
「I’m fine」
「Aren’t you overwhelmed?」
「Not at all」
「…seems like you’re purposely trying to throw this fight to lose your Wolms family name」
「No way, it isn’t a name one simply discards」
「…just to let you know, I will arbitrate this duel impartially」
「Of course」
「I will not favour you just because you are younger or because the numbers are disadvantageous」
「In fact, it would be better if you were to be partial towards the other side」
「If you’re going that far, then I will no longer stop you. Do as you will」
Danan and Ivan, whom were listening in, had their faces burn red with fury.

「Are both parties ready?」
「I have been ready for a very long time」,I said.
「Danan Wolms is ready!」
「I am always ready for pummelling!」

The examiner nodded quietly and said silently.

「If you’re ready, then get started already」



  1. The Second is an individual named by each duelist to assist him in the preparations for the duel, and the two Seconds jointly supervise the duel to insure that none can say it was other than as agreed upon by their Principles.

    The Seconds meet with each other to convey their Principles’ desires in regard to weapons, time, and place; in general, one side determines the weapons, while the other side the time and place. They see to it that a physician is on site to deal with non-fatal wounds after the duel has ended. They arrange transportation to and from the duel for their Principles and the physician.

    Prior to the duel commencing, they make one last plea to the duelists, checking to see if there is truly no other way of resolving their dispute.

    In the event their Principle succumbs to their wounds during or after the duel, the Second has the responsibility of informing their heirs of what has occurred.

    In general, the person you name as your Second is a close and trusted friend, but depending upon where and when the altercation leading to the challenge being presented occurred, it might end up being a respected member of the company present at that time.

    At least, that’s my vague recollection based upon reading far too many Regency novels over the years.

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