160. Reconnaissance

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160. Reconnaissance

Rubeum tilted his neck to look up at me, as I patted his back.

「Rubeum, do you mind patrolling the area?」

「Kyuru? Sure!」

Rubeum happily shook his tail.

「Patrol, you say? No, I can’t really ask that of a student.」

「We’d be relying on Rubeum actually…」

「That’s your beast. It’s the same thing.」

Jema was reluctant, but Rubeum boldly declared.

「Rubeum is good at that. Kyuru!」

「Is that so?」

Rubeum looks like a very smart and cute baby dragon.

Therefore, Jema probably didn’t get the feeling that he was good at detecting presence.

「Yes. Just between us, when it comes to presence detection, Rubeum is better than my master.」

「What? Better than the Small Sage?」


Rubeum taught me and my disciples how to detect and hide presence. He is definitely the best in that area.

If Rubeum patrolled the surroundings, we would definitely be able to detect the attack of the Cult in advance.

「Rubeum is going to patrol now. Kyururu.」

「I’ll follow too.」Jema said.

「No, it’s okay. Rubeum is small, so less noticeable. Kyuru.」

「That is also true, but…」

「For that reason, Xe…… the President also gave Rubeum a ring. Kyururu.」

Because Jema was around, Rubeum addressed Xenovia as the President.

Rubeum’s thoughtfulness is amazing for a baby dragon.

「The President did? Then can I count on you, Rubeum?」

「Of course. Kyururu.」

Rubeum shook his tail.

「Then, I’m off now. Kyuru.」

「Be careful.」I said.

「I know. Kyuru.」

And then Rubeum erased his presence.

Even though he was right in front of us, his presence disappeared.


Jema exclaimed at Rubeum’s brilliant technique.

Then, Rubeum took off to the skies.

The sun had already set. In addition, Rubeum’s presence concealment technique was amazing.

Even though I knew that Rubeum was there, and even though I was squinting my eyes, it was quite difficult to find him.

「Will. Rubeum is really amazing.」

「Thank you.」

「As expected of the disciple of the Small Sage.」

「But Rubeum is the one who is amazing, right?」

「And you tamed that Rubeum. You can take pride in that.」

「Yes, thank you.」

While we were talking about that, Rubeum disappeared.

「I wonder if Rubeum is going to be okay?」

Rosetta murmured, looking at the sky with a worried look.

After a while, it started to rain.

I had Rosetta, Tina, and Arti enter the tent.

However, I waited outside.

It was just unpleasant to have Rubeum getting wet in the rain and me being in the comfort of a tent.


Fluffy climbed onto my shoulders. Probably trying to act as an umbrella.

「It’s okay, Fluffy.」

While stroking Fluffy, I called on Rubeum.

「Rubeum. Are you okay?」

『I’m okay. But something started to move. Kyuru.』

If something started to move at the same time as the rain, it is highly likely to be a subordinate of the Cult.

「Understood. Stay vigilant.」

『All right. Kyuru.』

Jema said, as she listened in from the side.

「So the possibility of the attack was true, huh.」

「Jema-sensei. I don’t know how much you’ve been told by the President, but the enemy’s aim is most likely you.」

「I bet.」

「If you already know that, then I think you should be on stand by here with Arti and the others.」

「Will, what are you saying?」

「You don’t have to fall into the enemy trap.」

When I said that, Jema intently stared at me.

「Still. If a student is attacked, whether it’s an enemy trap or not, I have to risk my life to help them. That is what it means to be a teacher.」

「I understand.」

「But tactics-wise, what you said was correct.」

At that time, Tina, Rosetta, and Arti came out of the tent.

Shiro and Fluffy were also standing proudly.

By the way, Fay was in my pocket the entire time.

「Will. Leave the enemy to us.」Rosetta said.

「Yeah. We should be useful too.」Tina said.

And Arti nodded silently.

「That’s reassuring. Right now I’m waiting for Rubeum’s follow-up information.」

The attackers of the Cult will probably attack simultaneously.

Most of them will be at a level where the other teachers and assistants can barely hold them back.

And there’s no doubt there will be a special unit for assassinating the true target, Jema, during the confusion.

That unit will be the one we’ll have to deal with.

We waited in the rain for a while.

『I found a strong one!』

As the rain gradually grew into a heavy downpour, we received a report from Rubeum.


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