161. Assassins of the Cult

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161. Assassins of the Cult

Rubeum reported in detail from up in the sky.

Seven enemy units in total. Each one seems to be approaching from every direction of the forest.

And one unit in particular seems to be obviously stronger than the others.

The strong unit is most likely the one aiming for Jema.

The other seven units would be targeting the students, and when Jema moves in response, the strong unit will seek an opportunity to kill Jema.

The core of the enemy’s strategy most likely revolves around that strong main unit.

If we can take down the main unit before their plan begins, the enemy’s strategy will collapse.

「Well done, Rubeum. I’m going to go crush that strong unit.」

『I will inform you the position. Kyuru.』

Rubeum has a bird’s-eye view of the entire field, so he informed me of the enemy’s location in detail.

「Thank you, Rubeum. I’m heading there right away.」


When I started running, Jema followed me while giving out instructions. Probably ordering the two other teachers and five assistants.

「Arti, Tina, Rosetta keep some distance between us. A smaller number of people is better for surprise attacks.」

「U-Understood.」Tina replied.

「Roger.」Rosetta said.

「Okay.」Arti said.

The three obediently agreed.

I learned the presence concealment technique from Rubeum. And Jema should have been taught the same technique by Dion.

Tina and others should have learned through Xenovia, but they can’t conceal their presence as well as Jema.

If all of us approached in a group, the chances of being noticed by the enemy would increase.

Therefore, I ran ahead with only Jema, Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay.

Fluffy was on my shoulder and Fay was in my pocket.

Shiro followed behind me excitedly, hopping and running at the same time.

「You guys are quite good at concealment.」I said to the godbeasts.

Fluffy, Shiro, and Fay were brilliantly concealed.


The godbeasts and the spirit were making a triumphant face.

「Obviously, huh.」

「Rubeum taught us.」Fay said.

「That’s amazing.」

Since they’re all fellow godkins, they might have high affinity with each other.

And exactly because they are godkins, they have very high basic abilities since birth.

Perhaps the godbeasts and the spirit were teaching and learning from each other while I was training with Tina and the others.

「You guys are admirable.」


We continued running in the direction notified by Rubeum.

While running, I searched for enemy presence. That was also a technique taught by Rubeum.

The rain was getting heavier. The loud noise made it difficult to search with ears.

Furthermore, because of the darkness of the night, it was difficult to search with eyes.

And so, I cast Night Vision magic on myself.

Immediately, I was able to see the surroundings with my eyes.

「Jema-sensei, shall I cast night vision magic on you?」

「Oh, is that okay?」

「It’s no problem.」

I then cast the magic on Jema.

「Oh, I can see well now. It’s wonderful.」

「I’m glad it helped.」

After running for a while, we came upon a situation where the students were engaged in fighting.

Four students and eight assassins.

「Don’t break formation!」

「Protect the healer!」

A tattered tent was found near the students.

They must have been attacked while inside the tent.

One person had suffered a serious injury and the healer was healing them.

And two students were protecting the healer and the injured.

『Jema-sensei, the main unit is elsewhere.』

I used telepathy to talk to Jema.

『I know!』

Without the slightest confusion, Jema replied in telepathy.

『The assistant teacher will be able to handle that level of enemies.』

『I know that too.』

Jema gritted her teeth.

The students were being beaten. She must have wanted to rush at the enemy, send them flying, and protect the students.

Jema seems to have a passionate heart, but she also didn’t lose her calm calm.

She looked around, trying to confirm the position of the assistant teacher.

『Where did the assistant go?』

Jema murmured, vexedly.

『Maybe they went to help another group?』

The other groups might also be engaged in a battle at the moment.

We came here because it was the closest group to the main unit.

If a group without an assistant is attacked, they will easily fall into a predicament.

In that case, Jema has no choice but to go to their rescue. Is that the enemy’s strategy?

『If so, they should have reported to me before moving.』

『That may be the case.』

『I’m not letting them get off easy later.』

I also calmly observed the enemy.

The attackers from the Cult were humans. The same ones as those I defeated when I first met Tina. Probably the basic assassination unit of the Tenebris Cult.

In other words, even for a talented student of the Academy of Heroes, they were difficult opponents for first-year students.

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