163. Simultaneous Attack

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163. Simultaneous Attack

The feet of the three assassins trying to escape were grabbed by Soil Hands that grew from the ground.

「There is no escape for you people.」

Tina’s voice was heard.

It seems that the others have caught up.

The Soil Hand that grew from the ground was Tina’s magic.

As she had received the blessing of the Earth God, her magic was splendid.

「You were too fast. We have nothing to do anymore.」

「It’s good to be fast.」

Rosetta and Arti said, smiling.

I approached the three assassins that Tina captured with her magic to deal the killing blow, but they were already dead. Must have committed suicide the moment escape became impossible.

Fanatics treat even their own lives lightly, which is really troublesome.

「T-Thank you for saving us. It was you, huh, Will.」

「We didn’t know who it was in the dark. But your movements were extremely smooth.」

「Don’t worry about that. What about the injured?」I asked.

「The bleeding won’t stop!」the healer cried.

「This is… poison.」

A poison that inhibits blood coagulation.


The healer’s reaction was similar to when I first met Tina.

「It is generally said that detoxification cannot be done without specifying the type of poison, but…」

I cast detoxification magic. The poison coursing through the injured student was neutralized.

And then I cast healing magic to close the wound.

「If you know the effect of the poison, you can detoxify it.」

「…I always knew you were amazing, Will, but I didn’t imagine it was to this extent.」

「Thank you. Is there anyone else injured?」

「We only have small cuts.」

「It is highly possible that the blade was poisoned. I’ll detoxify it.」

I also detoxified other injured people and cast healing magic.

「You guys should be okay now.」

Even after all this, the assistant in charge of this group did not show up.

There should have even been an extra assistant since our group had cleared our task early.

I’m worried about where they went.

When I was thinking about that, the healer asked me their doubts.

「Will, what is going on here? I don’t understand why your group is here, nor the identity of the attackers.」

「I don’t have time to explain in detail. So I’ll just get to the main point.」

「Okay. I’ll get the details after returning to the academy.」

「We cleared our task, so we had free time. And we came to help your group in accordance to Jema-sensei’s instructions.」

「Is the attack a part of the training?」

「That is not the case. You see those corpses, don’t you? No matter how tough the academy training is, it will not require killing people.」

「Yeah… there is no way this is a training plan.」

「Ask the teachers for more details later.」

The four students just stood there with a serious expression.

「I will follow Jema-sensei’s instructions and move on. Can you guys go back to the base camp on your own?」

「We too will–」

They probably wanted to follow me and fight the enemy. Or perhaps they want to go to help their other friends.

「No, you don’t have to. If you can’t go back to the camp on your own, I’ll ask Rosetta to accompany you.」

「That’s not necessary. I understand that we would be a burden, but we can go back to camp on our own at least.」

「That would be helpful. Be careful.」

「You take care, too.」

Then, the four students started running in the dark toward the base camp.

They are also students of the academy. They aren’t that weak-hearted.

According to Rubeum’s information, there are seven enemy units in all.

One of the units was defeated now. Another should be engaged with Jema.

The remaining five units are either waiting by the five groups of students to attack or are already engaged in fighting.

If anything were to attack four students heading to the base camp, it would be a kind of a demon beast.

It should be fine in that case. The students are not weak enough to be killed by the demon beasts around this area.

I then started sprinting towards the place where Jema was fighting.

Fluffy on my shoulder and Fay in my pocket. And Shiro followed behind me excitedly.

Tina, Rosetta, and Arti also kept up with me this time.

「Rubeum. What is the situation?」

『All six units have begun fighting.』

「What about Jema-sensei?」


I was a little surprised. Jema is supposed to be the number three in the combat division of the Salvation Unit.

「I see. What about the other teachers and assistants?」

『There are four of them.』

「Only four? What do you mean?」

There should be 2 teachers and 5 assistants other than Jema, so 7 in all.

「What about the remaining three?」

『I haven’t been scouting since the beginning. And even if they were hiding, I should be able to find them. So did they die before I went out for reconnaissance? Or maybe they ran away.』

It is unlikely that they ran away.

The attack may have occurred earlier than I expected.

「Alright. Are the remaining four engaged in battle?」

『That’s right.』

「Then, is there a group without assistance from a teacher or an assistant?」

『Yup. Should I help them?』

「Prioritize reconnaissance. But help them if they’re about to die.」

『All right.』

「Also, watch over the group that is heading to the base camp right now.」


The call ended there.

By that time, I was already closing in on Jema-sensei’s battlefield.

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