164. Simultaneous Attack (2)

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164. Simultaneous Attack (2)

I talked to Tina and the others via telepathy.

『As you heard from Rubeum, Jema-sensei seems to be struggling.』

『It’s quite surprising actually.』Tina said.

『Indeed. She is the number three in the combat division of the Salvation Organization, but I’ve heard that she’s the actual number one in terms of strength.』

The chief and deputy chief of the combat division are probably veterans who have retired from the front lines.

That makes sense, as there is a stronger rank of people above the combat divisions – my disciples.

Xenovia is in charge of the combat division, but since she is now the president, Regina is acting on her behalf as the head of the combat division.

『We should be careful, then.』Tina said.

『Yes. Tina, Rosetta. I’m counting on you both to make the preemptive strike.』


『Leave it to me!』

『Arti and I will carry out surprise attacks.』

『Understood.』Arti replied.

Arti and I are the best choices for surprise attack, as we can conceal our presence better.

That’s why I decided to leave the preemptive strike to Tina and Rosetta

『Oh, right. Shall I cast night vision magic on all of you?』

『It’s okay. Tina already has.』Rosetta replied.

『Yes. I’ve already cast it on Arti and Rosetta.』

『Well done, Tina.』

After that, Arti and I concealed our presence while running.

Soon after, I witnessed a scene where Jema was bravely fighting against four demons.

The four demons were moving in coordination with each other, leading Jema by the nose, looking for a gap in her defense.

The coordination between the four demons was quite high.

Night vision magic was also applied to Tina and the others, so they should be able to see the state of the battle.

Rosetta’s presence concealment technique was still immature.

However, the demons did not detect her due to the fierce battle with Jema.

And Rosetta took that opportunity.

While running, Rosetta readied her bow and loosed an arrow.

The arrow flew through the darkness in the rain and pierced the temple of the demon who was about to slash Jema.


The demon with an arrow pierced into his temple, raised a surprised voice.

Even for a demon, any blows to the temple will cause considerable damage.

It is not enough to kill them, however.

The demons were taken by surprise and looked in Rosetta’s direction.

At that time, Tina, who was hidden from view behind Rosetta, shot Lightning Magic.

The sound of thunderbolt shook the surrounding air.

The four thunderbolts aimed at the four demons hit two directly and burned them black.

And the remaining two demons managed to avoid direct hits but were damaged in the after-effect.

It was a tremendous power.

Furthermore, Jema was not caught in the after-effects of the thunderbolts.

The blessing of the Lightning God and the Magic God and together with Tina’s tireless efforts, increased the power of her lightning magic and enabled perfect control.


Looking at Rosetta and Tina, one of the demons shouted, accumulating mana in his right hand.

In other words, he was trying to attack Rosetta and Tina.

「I’m still here!」


Jema’s sword slashed off the demon’s head and right hand in one smooth motion.


Mana was scattered from the demon’s slashed right hand.

Even so, Jema’s onslaught did not stop. She then slashed the demon’s torso vertically.

And then the demon’s head, which had not yet fallen to the ground, was split in half in midair.

Being cut to that point, the demon died.

Three demons remained.

However, two of them were charred, and the other one had Rosetta’s arrow stuck in it.

Three wounded demons shouldn’t be difficult to deal with.

In the first place, the four demons and Jema were equally matched.

And with our surprise attack, three of them were wounded and one was defeated.

Our victory was already guaranteed.

We were still highly alert, nonetheless.

Arti and I circled around behind the demons while concealing our presence.


The three demons tried to escape without knowing that Arti and I had circled around.

「Where do you think you’re going?」I called out to the demon.


The demon let out a strange noise as I suddenly appeared in front of him.

The noise made me feel uncomfortable.

This attack is part of the Cult’s strategy to decide on the next Cardinal.

And the demon used as the core of the operation is astonished simply because a child appeared out of nowhere?

「Anyway, just drop dead.」

I can think about it later.

With a swing of my self-made dagger, the demon’s head was sent flying.

Arti moved at the same time I did. She slashed another demon countless times.

Only one wounded, completely astonished demon remained.

Rosetta’s arrow pierced his heart. And Tina’s lightning fell on him.

「I have things to do. Just die already.」

Jema slashed the charred demon right in half.

That completed the subjugation of all four demons.

There didn’t seem to be any enemy observers around, but I opted to be cautious. So I adjusted my telepathy so that it can only be heard by my friends.

『As expected of you, Jema-sensei.』

『Are you being sarcastic? That took too much time.』

『No, it’s honest praise.』

『But you might be stronger than me, Will. Oh, wait. This is not the time for that.』

『I will try to confirm the situation of the other groups.』


And I decided to call Rubeum again.

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