165. The Missing Teachers

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165. The Missing Teachers

I used the Transceiver Ring to call Rubeum.

Rubeum. Can you hear me?”

『I can hear you. I also know your location and situation.』

「That’s helpful.」

『I’ll tell you the location of the nearby fighting.』

Rubeum relayed the information I wanted to know without having to explain in detail.

He is a very smart dragon.

When we received the location information, Jema started running immediately.

We also followed behind her.

I keep talking to Rubeum while running.

「That was super helpful, Rubeum.」

『Ehehe. Oh yeah, there are no enemies near you, Will. All the demons are dead and no one is hiding. At least I haven’t found anyone.』

「Yes. I haven’t found any either.」

If even Rubeum could not find anyone, then normally it would be fine to consider that is the case.

「What about the previous group?」

『The group that you helped earlier is almost about to reach the base camp.』

「What about the other groups?」

『The four groups with teachers and assistants have repelled the enemy and are heading to the base camp.』

「What about casualties?」


「That’s good news. Let me know if there are any changes.」

『I understand.』

And then I ended the call with Rubeum.

Jema talked to me as soon as the call was over.

「Will. Connect us through telepathy.」


I connected Jema, Arti, Rosetta, Tina, the godbeasts and Fay via telepathy.

I was certain there were no enemies around, but we were cautious just in case.

『Did you say that there were only four groups with teachers and assistants?』Jema asked.

『Yes. Three teachers have disappeared.』

『What does that mean?』

『Rubeum couldn’t detect them from the beginning of his reconnaissance.』

『Does that mean they disappeared before that?』

The teachers and assistants are skilled, but not good enough to hide from Rubeum’s detection.

『I think so. But I’m not sure what happened.』

However, it can be narrowed down to two causes. They were either killed, or escaped.

However, the teachers and the assistants of the academy are members of the Salvation Organization. It is unlikely that they escaped.

Even if they did escape, they should have been able to report to Jema.

『They were killed. Should we move forward with that assumption in mind?』Arti said.

『You think they got killed without even reporting that they engaged in a battle? They’re members of the Salvation Organisation, you know.』Jema said.

『I think it is more realistic than a situation where they had to escape without being able to report.』Arti replied.

『There is truth to what you say, Arti.』Jema said.

Arti, who is always quiet, was quick to express her opinions.

Perhaps this is how Arti acts when in contact with her superior in a battlefield.

『Jema-sensei, there is something else that worries me.』

『What is it, Will?』

『The enemies were too weak, even though they were supposed to be the core of this operation』

『Yes, it is indeed weird.』

Jema seems to think it was weird too.

『The four demons were weak?』Tina asked.

I decided to explain in order to share awareness of the issue to Tina and Rosetta.

『If there are enemies who can make three teachers go missing, then they should be the core of the plan.』

『It would be difficult for the teachers and assistants to deal with the demons on a one-vs-four. But they can at least report it.』Arti added..

It would be much more difficult to kill or escape from the enemy rather than just reporting the situation.

『But, Will, in Rubeum’s reconnaissance, this unit was the strongest, right?』Jema asked.

『That’s right. The other units were not demons.』


『But that is only as far as Rubeum can detect.』

『Then, do you think that there are hidden enemies that Rubeum can’t detect, Will?』

『There might be a possibility.』

『You said Rubeum’s detection was better than the Council of Sages, right?』

『Yes, but it’s raining and it’s also night. If the enemy is skilled enough to kill the teachers without allowing them to report, then they might also be skilled enough to hide.』

Conversely, they might have been able to kill the teachers because of their ability to hide from Rubeum.

No corpse was found, and no trace of death was found.

There is no evidence that they died, which is why Jema wants to think they are still alive.

However, we should always move assuming the worst.

『I want to pray that the worst-case scenario did not come to pass.』Rosetta said.

『I’m with you on that one.』Tina replied.

Counting the four groups with assistance from teachers and assistants, and the group we helped first, it comes to 5.

Two groups remain without assistance.

After running ahead for a while, I saw one of the remaining two groups.

Because of the night vision magic, I could see the enemy and allies clearly.

There were no demons. Although the enemies were a group of skilled assassins, they were all humans.

『I’ll leave this place to you, Will.』

Jema said via telepathy.

Since there were no demons, Jema decided that we could defeat them easily enough.

『Confirmed. What about you, Jema-sensei?』

『I’m going to the rescue of the last group.』


At the same time as my reply, Jema disappeared without any sound.

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