17 – Duel


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Both Danan and Ivan stood still while aiming their staff at me.
They’ve been glaring at me fiercely.

For me, both Danan and Ivan were familiar opponents.
It was because I have been repeatedly pummelled by both of them one-sidedly.
As I was waiting for them to make the first move,

「Stop stalling! Imbecile!」
「I am tired of waiting! Trash!」

Danan and Ivan started throwing abuse. With a smile, I responded.

「…are you under the assumption that the battle has not begun yet?」
「What are you saying?」

Danan and Ivan stared back with a blank expression.
Earlier the examiner asked if both parties were ready, and we both affirmed.
Then and there, we were instructed to start.
In other words, the duel had already begun at that point in time.

I poured magic over my whole body and closed the distance between us in an instant.
Subsequently, I grabbed Danan’s neck with my left hand.

「Even if I didn’t prepare, I can kill the likes of you in seconds」
「T-That’s dirty!」
「That’s right! Release big brother now, coward!」
「Are you going to give the same excuses even in a real battle? Will you whine to the enemy that they were unfair after they have killed you?」
「S-Shut up!」
「That’s an invalid argument! You’re just grabbing my neck!」

I tightened the grip on Danan’s neck.
「I don’t mind breaking your neck if that’s what you want」

Danan’s face turned red.

「W-Wait! It’s… painful」

Since I was focusing on Danan, Ivan thought I was full of openings.
He unsheathed his sword and attacked.
I kicked his right hand which was holding the sword. The sword flies out of his hand and rolls on the floor.
Danan also pulled out his hip dagger and tried to retaliate.
I grabbed his hand with my right arm and twisted it up.


Danan screamed in pain.
Ivan hastily picked up his sword and yelled.

「Y-You coward!」
「There is absolutely no element of cheating though」

The examiner, who was acting as the second, said while looking amazed.

「Are you guys done?」

The examiner was about to declare my victory.
So I presumptuously released Danan from my hold and said loudly.

「While there was no cheating, it is also important to acknowledge that fact. So, I’ll let you guys attack me」
「Taking us so lightly」, Danan spat out frustratedly.

「If I had not taken you lightly, you guys would already be dead」
「You will regret this! Shitty brat!」

Thus, Danan and Ivan began chanting quietly.
Soon small winged insects start to gather around them.
It is probably a magic to manipulate insects. Quite a number of them had gathered.

The mass of insects looked like a black cloud.
The buzzing of each insect was small, but when tens of thousands of them gathered, it became quite loud.

Although it was a two-man magic, it did not seem weak.
In fact, there was a good portion of the candidates who looked surprised.

Danan, convinced of victory, began to appeal loudly.

「It’s useless no matter where you run」
「No matter how fast you move, it is impossible to continuously avoid tens of thousands of insects!」
「Shitty brat, these aren’t normal insects! They are poisonous insects which can kill with a single sting」
「Wearing any kind of armour is useless too. If there is a breathing gap in the armour, they will invade through that and kill you」

Danan and Ivan seemed to be quite confident.
Certainly, depending on how the huge number of poisonous insects is used, they can be quite deadly.

「Where did you hide those bugs?」

Judging from the flow of magic, the insects were not summoned here.
They were manipulating insects which were already prepared from the beginning.
With that being said, it was still not easy to manipulate tens of thousands of insects.

「Oi shitty brat, I might forgive you if you prostrate right now」
「Bow your head already!」
Danan and Ivan were running their mouth believing victory was assured.

「Just start your attack already. If you don’t, I’ll begin my counter attack」
「Underestimating us again」
「Regret it in the afterlife!」

The winged insects flew towards me all at once.
I intercepted them with a small fireball.
Given that my guardian deity is only one pillar, I adjusted it to the size where one can use fireball with enough practice.
It did not seem to raise any suspicions from the other candidates.

「What did you expect to do with such a small fireball–」
The fireball hit the mass of insects, before the laughing Danan.
At that moment, I spread the small fireball.
Spreading is a basic technique known by anyone who uses fireball.
However, insects naturally burn by that alone.

「Stupid insects, flying straight into the fire」
「Son of a bitch…」

I think it is quite powerful depending on how it’s used, but the crucial way was not present here.
After all, they’re able to manipulate small winged insects.
So, they could use it as a hidden trump card, if they kept it hidden from the enemy.

「Even insects are living things. Don’t make their life rough」
「The one who burned and killed them has no right to say that」
「It’s only natural that I killed those insects. If they attack me, I have no choice but to kill them」

Danan and Ivan would have fared better if they had used their heads a little.
They would have realized just how foolish it is to have the insects plunge head first into the attack.

「Is that all you’ve got?」
「Underestimating us! Don’t think the insects are all that we have!」

Both Danan and Ivan have four pillars of guardian deity.
In other words, they still have two more pillars of guardian deity in addition to Human God and Insect God.
Surely, they must still have another form of attack.

「If you still have a better attack, then hurry it up」

I provoked Danan and Ivan.
It will be bothersome if I defeat them before they unleash their best attack and they use it as an excuse.
It is better to break the opponent’s best attack along with their will to fight.
I have to thoroughly crush them to prevent unjustified resentment.

Even if I was harassed by the power of Wolms main family, I would still be fine.
However, Saria is still too young to protect herself from all that.

As such, I have to make sure they wouldn’t want to involve themselves with me ever again.

「Shitty brat!」「Die already!」

Danan and Ivan were firing magic rapidly.
The attack was filled with killing intent. Leaving aside the raw power, the attack itself was too monotonous.
I dodged it effortlessly.

I realized as I observed their attack.
Danan’s four pillars of guardian deity seem to be the Human God, Insect God, Rock God, and Wind God.
And Ivan’s guardian deity is the Human God, Insect God, Rock God, and Earth God.
If combined, their blessings can be used in various different ways.
However, it is a waste of talent if there is no brain to make use of it.
The magic education of Wolms main family is quite poor.
This was such a miserable display of prowess from the Wolms family who made a name in magic combat.

Danan started to fuss.
He got annoyed seeing as how none of his attacks were hitting their target.

「Running around like a bug!」
「The attacks are too simple that it is easy to dodge. Put a little more thought into it」
「Tch, acting tough!」
「I’ve given you enough time already. Any more than this would be a waste of time, so I’m going to counter attack from here on out」



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