170. Powerful Demon

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170. Powerful Demon

Rubeum was also injured to an extent.

He confronted the enemy and protected Jema and the students without budging an inch.

「I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you.」

「Don’t worry. I understand the situation. Leave it to me.」

「Yeah. Kyuru.」

Then I glared at the enemies. One demon and two beastkins, commonly known as the tail of Tenebris.

The appearance of the tail of Tenebris, however, was a little different from usual.

The long golden hair was as usual. As was the height of over 10 meters and the six legs. Though, somewhat larger than usual. The three blood red eyes and the four wings on the back were also the same.

What was different, however, was that it had three tails. The beastkins I had fought so far had only two tails.

「The number of tails has increased.」

The Beast of Calamity, Tenebris, had nine tails.

The number of tails was approaching the original. I had a bad feeling.

The demon smiled at me and spoke.

「Brat. Are you the master of that dragon?」

「Not the master.」

「Hmm. Well, whatever.」

The demon’s mana was clearly superior in both quality and quantity from the demons that I defeated with Jema earlier.

Clearly, he wasn’t a lowly demon.

「Are you the Archbishop of the Cult?」

When the grinning demon heard my question, his eyebrow twitched.

I was careless.

I didn’t notice because I was concentrating on defeating the enemy and saving the students.

In the first place, this attack is a strategy to become a Cardinal by killing Jema, who is an executive of the Organisation.

Only an Archbishop, which is one rank lower, can be promoted to Cardinal.

And, in this attack, I have not encountered a demon who was strong enough to be considered an Archbishop.

The unit that we subdued, thinking that they were the main, were not the main.

In the first place, including us, there were only 7 student groups.

And the enemy’s unit that was caught in the initial detection was also 7 units.

If there had to be a main unit to attack Jema, then 1 unit was lacking.

「I see. So you guys were the main unit, huh.」

「I don’t get what you’re saying.」

The demon was glaring at me.

It is unlikely that the Archbishop, who has to take credit for killing the executive, will not appear in person.

Thinking carefully, it was also unlikely that the tail of Tenebris, which is a powerful force, would not be mobilized.

「How unfortunate for you, but I won’t let you kill Jema-sensei.」

「Aren’t you misunderstanding something?」

「Don’t you need credit to become a Cardinal?」

I kept talking to buy time for Tina to heal Jema and the students.

Both the demon and the tail of Tenebris were strong.

I would like to avoid starting a full-scale battle while having to protect Tina and the others at the same time if possible.

「Like I said, aren’t you misunderstanding something?」

The demon stared at me with a sharp glare.

「My target is you, Will Wolms.」


「To begin with, you think I need credit to become a Cardinal? That is a very big misunderstanding. I am already a Cardinal.」

The demon’s words were shocking.

Our assumptions were off from the start. The intelligence department of the Salvation Organisation seems to have been outwitted yet again.

Almost no time has passed since the intelligence department was taught Rubeum’s presence concealment and presence detection techniques through Dion. It may have been done in a haste. Perhaps they cannot be blamed for being outwitted.

The problem is the Cardinal’s words that I am his target.

During the last attack, I defeated the Cardinal.

If that information was revealed, it would be natural to be targeted.

However, in the previous attack, with Rubeum’s help, all the reconnaissance units of the Cult were annihilated.

It should have been impossible to bring the information back to the Cult.

At least, that’s what my disciples and I thought.

「I am your target? Seems like you think too much of me.」

I continued the conversation while detecting the surroundings.

Tina was continuing hard at work with the healing, but it seems to be taking time.

The students were that gravely injured.

Tina skipped detoxification and worked on stopping the bleeding for the time being in order to prioritize saving their lives.

The students were in a state where they were lucky to be alive.

In that state, they were bleeding out in the cold of the rain.

If the bleeding was not stopped immediately, they could die at any moment.

Tina tried to stop the bleeding, even ignoring dirt on the wounds.

It is an unfavourable method.

Using this method, even if their condition stabilises, if the injury is not treated again as soon as possible, not only will it become festered, but the students may also die from poisoning.

However, the most important thing is to stop the bleeding and return the body temperature to normal.

As soon as Tina stopped the bleeding, Rosetta wrapped waterproof clothes to warm the students whose body temperature had dropped.

Then Fluffy hurriedly dried the students.

Arti and Jema, who was riddled with wounds, stood guard.

In order to protect Tina who was completely devoted to healing the students.

In fact, while I was prolonging the conversation and buying time, the beastkins were looking for an opportunity to attack the students.

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