18 – Duel (2)


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

Subsequently I made two waterballs, which were just under 0.2 meters in diameter.
Danan and Ivan laughed seeing the waterball I made.

「At the very least, you could’ve made a fireball!」
「What do you plan to do with that small waterball?! If you want to play with water, go elsewhere!」
「What I plan to do with these, you ask? This is what I’m going to do」

I shot the waterball slowly towards Danan and Ivan.

「Are you underestimating us?」
「As expected of the magic from the guy with only one guardian deity pillar」
「Why not use the small fireball you used earlier?」

The waterball drew closer while they were laughing.
Danan swings his sword and slashed the waterball.
Obviously, slashing it with a sword was completely useless.

Ivan chanted and blasted the waterball with a fireball.
The moment fireball hit, the fire was extinguished.
The fireball was lacking the firepower needed to evaporate a waterball of diameter 0.2 meter.
Danan and Ivan started to get alarmed seeing the waterball draw ever closer.

They started casting fireballs and shoot it towards the waterball.
The casting speeds got faster and faster, but it also got messier.
The temperature of the waterball gradually rose, but the water does not evaporate.
「Such a creepy magic!」

It was just a normal waterball, but it looks creepy it seems.
The only difference to a normal waterball was that it’s moving slowly.

Danan and Ivan finally tried to escape.

「Among all your actions so far, this is the best one yet. However…」

The duel platform is small.
If I raised the speed of the waterball just a little, it will catch up in no time.


Danan, who was driven to a corner, slashed the water ball with his sword. Obviously, there was no way he could cut it.
The waterball drew closer and enveloped Danan’s face completely.

「S-stay away… gobobobobo」

Nearly at the same time, Ivan got caught in the waterball too.
When breathing is restricted, the number of actions someone can perform is also restricted.
This is especially true for mages who need to chant to cast magic.
Even a skilled mage, who does not need chanting, will have their concentration and rational thinking interrupted.

「Well, I guess this is the end」
Danan and Ivan can no longer do anything. I just have to wait for them to pass out.
Or so I thought, but the waterball enveloping Danan’s face got smaller with every passing second.

「Hou?」 I was a little impressed.

Danan was gulping the water. Seeing that, Ivan followed suit.
They finished gulping down the water in no time at all. They must have been quite thirsty.

「That was impressive」
Even though I praised them, Danan and Ivan were seething with rage.

「No more forgiveness!」
「Don’t think you will have an easy death!」

However, that vigour disappeared in an instant.
Both Danan and Ivan turned pale and started to sweat profusely.

「Son of a bitch, p-poison, you used poison!」 「That’s cowardly!」
「No one fights as fair and square as I do, so let’s stop with the ‘coward’ name calling」
「You’ve no right to say that after using poison」
「Says the guy who used poison insects. And I’m not even using poison in the first place」
「Then, why…」 「…What kind of magic did you use?」

Danan and Ivan were both holding their stomachs. They have stomach aches.

「It is difficult to exert magic directly into the body in the first place. That area of expertise belongs to healing magic」

If you can directly exert magic on the body, you can easily kill by blocking the blood vessels in the heart and brain.
If so, in most battles against monsters and humans, you would need no other form of magic attack than the ones that directly manipulates blood vessels.

Healing magic can be exercised because the subject accepts it without resistance.
Even then, the difficulty of mastering healing magic is very high.

「You guys drank the water which I was manipulating. Basically, you let my magic into your body willingly」
「So what if we did!」
「It is not so difficult to continue controlling the water even if it’s inside your body」

Actually, it is difficult to grasp the knack of it.
However, if you practice for 3 months straight, you should be able to get a grasp on it if you’re a water magician.

「Don’t carelessly put the objects manipulated by mages into your body」
「Cold water is moving around in your body. Of course you will feel nauseous」

I continued to manipulate the water drank by Danan and Ivan.
I kept shifting it from the stomach to the small intestine and the large intestine.
If I keep at it, naturally it will upset the bowels.

「What will you do? Surrender and rush to the toilet?」
「Don’t shit with me! There is no way I’m going to lose against a shitty brat with only one god」
Danan and Ivan chanted to cast magic but it does not activate.
They probably couldn’t concentrate due to their stomach ache.
Since they skipped basic repetitive training of the magic, they can’t cast it without concentration.

Danan and Ivan pulled out their swords in that condition and rushed to attack me, but in the midst of the rush,
「Aaaaaaaaa」 「Aaaaaa」

Almost simultaneously, Danan and Ivan shit themselves.



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