183. Will vs Pope (2)

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183. Will vs Pope (2)

I shot a special-make magic bullet. This magic bullet mixed with a little of various attributes, is to determine which attribute is currently effective by looking at the effect.

After identifying the valid attribute, I pierced the Pope with a Soil Lance.

As his right arm started to move suspiciously, Runrun quickly bit it down.

The Pope probably tried to summon more beastkins. Runrun prevented it.


Groaning, the Pope moved his left hand instead.

A golden flame flared at Runrun who was biting the right arm.


Fluffy enveloped the flame and blocked it completely.

「These damn beasts!」the Pope exclaimed.

「My friends and I shall kill you right away.」I said.

I cornered the Pope with earth attribute attacks.

However, the earth attribute soon became ineffective.

Each time, I shoot a special magic bullet to find the effective attribute and launch an appropriate attack.

And in return, the Pope launched extreme magic attacks on me and also the girls

Even when I find and hit him with the valid attribute magic many times, he immediately changes the valid attribute each time.

The Pope also spawned many, many beastkins in that period.

『There is no end! Is this guy invincible?』Rosetta said.

『That’s not true.』Tina replied.

Rosetta and Tina may be at the limit of their physical strength and mana.

Arti was also fighting at her best, continuously cutting down the beastkins.

However, none of them showed weakness in either facial expressions or gestures, maintaining composure at all times.

Shiro was also helping Arti deal with the beastkins by delivering powerful headbutts.

The combined movement of Runrun and Fluffy was also very effective. Without them, the magic attack launched by the Pope and the number of beastkins created would have doubled.

「Will Wolms! Flying around like an insect!」

It was the Pope who lost his composure first.

「What’s wrong? Are you tired already?」

The Pope is strong. However, he has little experience in both combat and tactics.

He didn’t even try to hide his tiredness.

「I’ll just blow you all up together!」

The moment he said that, the golden haze around the Pope’s head and arms became thinner.

The five beastkins that had been created also turned into haze and were absorbed into the Pope.

He seems to be absorbing mana from the barrier that enveloped the academy too.

At the same time, mana was concentrated on both arms. It is a harbinger of a powerful magic spell.

『Tina! Focus on defense!』

Before Tina can even reply, a whirlpool of white flames burst forth around the Pope.

Even though it was night, it became bright like daytime.


The whirlpool of white flames magnified into a tornado.

The tornado of white flame was so hot that a nearby tree ignited even without direct contact.

This is very bad. The nursery is just nearby.

If the tornado of white flame even goes near the building, the temperature inside may become so high that the people inside might be boiled alive.

Therefore, I launched Absolute Zero magic with all my strength.

There was no room to adjust the power. It’s about whether or not I can fire the magic with all my might. This was not the time to be using mana effectively. It’s a question of whether I can enveloped the flames even if I use all my mana.


「I know!」

Fay provided me with a huge amount of mana.

Still, it was barely enough.

My Absolute Zero collided with the Pope’s white flame tornado.

I was doing my best, but it was difficult to pin down the tornado of white flames.

I couldn’t afford to cover Arti and Rosetta with magic, but Tina developed a magic barrier to protect them.

While the magic collided fiercely and seemed to be equally matched,


Runrun howled. The howl became a shockwave and spread to the surroundings.

The shockwave destroyed a part of the thinned barrier surrounding the academy.

The destroyed part of the barrier exposed a part of the sky.


Rubeum appeared from the place where the barrier was broken. He swooped down and spit out a powerful ice-type magic bullet from his mouth and hit the Pope.

Rubeum continuously shot magic bullets from the sky.

「Damn lizard! Don’t get in my way!」

The Pope was furious, but he could not afford to attack Rubeum.

Thanks to Rubeum’s ice magic bullet support, my Absolute Zero gradually crushed down the Pope’s tornado of white flames.

Meanwhile, a fist-sized magic bullet slowly flew towards the Pope.

My Absolute Zero and the Pope’s white flame tornado kept clashing regardless.

「W-What is that?!」

The Pope seemed a little terrified of the magic bullet slowly flying towards him.

However, he couldn’t move out of the way because he was barely pushing against my Absolute Zero.

The magic bullet slowly flew and hit the Pope’s forehead. Without stopping, it proceeded in its trajectory, and cut a beautiful circular hole in the Pope’s forehead.


It was a magic bullet released by Shiro.

And because there was a hole in the Pope’s forehead, the power of the white flame tornado operated by the Pope dropped dramatically.

My Absolute Zero swallowed the tornado of white flames and froze the Pope in ice.


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