184. Conclusion

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184. Conclusion

The aftermath of my Absolute Zero turned everything around me white. My exhaled breath was also white.

The Pope’s head and arms, frozen in ice, rolled around on the ground.

「Is it over?」

Rosetta asked, her bow still at the ready.

「He is still alive. Mana is flowing through his body.」Tina said.

Almost at the same time, golden haze slowly began to appear from the Pope’s frozen head and arms. He seems to be reviving.

「How do we even kill this guy?」Rosetta asked.


Fluffy replied to Rosetta that it’s going to be okay, and engulfed the frozen Pope. He absorbed the golden haze and dissolved the frozen head and arms.

And then, the barrier erected by the Pope which enveloped the entire academy shattered.

The Pope was completely dead.

「…It’s over.」

Rosetta muttered and dropped to her knees.

「I’d like to say don’t let your guard down, but… I’m at my limit too.」I said, and tried to sit on the ground. But I fell backwards instead.


Runrun and Fluffy caught me from falling.

「Thank you, Runrun, Fluffy.」

I seem to have exhausted my mana and stamina more than I thought.

「Seems like you are completely empty.」Fay said.

「And you too, Fay, thank you.」


「Thanks to you too, Shiro. But please stop headbutting me.」

Being head-butted by a 3 meters tall Shiro is quite tough to handle in my current state.


Shiro tilted his neck and licked my face.

And then he went around licking Arti, Rosetta, and Tina’s face. All three of them were exhausted and sat on the ground.

「Shiro might be the most energetic of the bunch.」I said.

「Are you okay? Kyuru.」Rubeum asked me.

「Yeah. Are you alright, Rubeum?」

「I am okay too. After you left, Dolflare also came to help.」

Looking up at the sky, not only Dura, but also Dolflare and about ten elite dragons from his clan were circling around.

Dura might have requested their help fairly early on.

The dragons’ movement did not seem like a battle stance, but more like an elegant dance.

「It looks like the battle outside is also over.」

「Yeah, even Dion, Regina and Milt are back.」Rubuem said.

「That’s reassuring.」

It seems that the battle outside ended before ours.

Though, they might not have been able to enter due to the barrier created by the Pope.

「Arti, Rosetta, Tina. I couldn’t have protected Saria alone. Thank you.」

「Thanks to everyone too. I couldn’t have protected Rose if I was the only one.」Rosetta said.

「I thought I was going to die today. Thank you.」Tina said.

「Me too. Thank you, everyone.」Arti said.

We thanked each other. And for some reason, we all became shy and just laughed.

Then, Dion came over to where we were.

「Great work. Master.」

Calling me master probably means that Dion knows that I have revealed my identity to Tina and Rosetta. Perhaps he heard it from Rubeum.

「You too, Dion.」

「I am sure Master and everyone else must be tired. Let’s talk in detail tomorrow.」


After that, we slept like a log in the nearby nursery.


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