185. Ordinary Days

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185. Ordinary Days

When I suddenly came to, I saw the Human God in front of me.

「Oh. Will-chan. You’ve come here again.」

「I didn’t mean to come. Did you call me?」

「I can’t call you. I did say if you come here too often, you’ll be more likely to die, right?」

「Then why am I here?」

「Will-chan, maybe you’re approaching Godhood.」

「You’re kidding me, right?」

The goddess simply responded with a smile as I was surprised.

「Well, nevermind about that thing.」the Human God said.


I don’t think matters such as approaching Godhood can be played off so lightly.

Then, I felt a tap on my back.

「It’s only natural because you are the apostle of the gods who trained in the world of God. If you die, you’ll become a god, so don’t worry too much!」the Sword God said.

「Oh, is Will back?」

「Long time no see!」

The gods started gathering one after another.

「Tsk. I wanted to talk secretly with him.」the Human God said.

「Princess, you’re still so stingy.」

「You dare call me stingy!」

The Princess, who is the Human God, began to quarrel with other gods.

Looking at that situation with a sidelong glance, the Magic God says.

「At any rate, you achieved a great victory.」

「Great victory? You mean defeating the Pope?」

「Yes, exactly!」the princess who was arguing with the other gods interjected.

「Don’t you have more important things to do, like quarelling with the other gods.」I said.

「Will-chan, why do you say such mean things?」

The voices of other gods were no longer audible. The Human God probably silenced it.

「That Pope was really bad news.」the Human God said.

「He seemed no more than a child.」

「You got lucky because he was still a kid. He was a divine vessel, more so than being the apostle of the Beast of Calamity.」

「Divine vessel? Does that mean that Tenebris could have transferred into that body?」

「Yes. Most certainly would have in the next few years.」

「Wasn’t it planned to coincide my heyday with Tenebris’ revival?」

「I did make that adjustment, but Tenebris’ side had also taken measures.」

The Pope looked like a child about the same age as me.

Our actual age was probably about the same.

「Tenebris tried to revive before Will-chan’s heyday.」

「I see. But still, the whole attack feels poorly planned…」

It would have been better to keep hiding the Pope’s existence and then suddenly revive Tenebris.

「There was a discrepancy between Tenebris’ will and the Cult’s. The Cult grew impatient.」

「Why did they become impatient?」

「Are you really asking that? Of course they will grow impatient if one of their Cardinals was killed by an eight-year-old child.」

「…Got it.」

「And Will-chan and Rubeum-chan started using blessings in earnest and conveyed various techniques, right?」

「I did use blessings. By techniques, do you mean the presence detection and concealment?」

「Besides those, didn’t you also teach Tina and the others the training methods you learned in the world of God?」

「Right, I did.」

「Time works in favor of Will-chan. So the Cult was impatient with that in mind.」

In fact, my disciples and I also thought that time would work in our favor.

「Tenebris prepared the Pope so that time wouldn’t work in Will-chan’s favor.」

「Does that mean the Cult didn’t understand Tenebris’ true intentions?」

「That’s right. Well, even if it went according to Tenebris’s intention, it would still be 50/50. That’s how much stronger you’re going to grow.」

「…I see.」

And then the Human God hugged me tightly.

「I was really worried because the Tenebris’ side suddenly started to move.」

「Well, I’m sorry to cause worry.」

「Even as a child, the Pope’s physical strength and mana were already much higher than Will-chan’s.」

That’s why she used Fay to warn me.

「He was certainly strong.」

「The difference in combat experience was very telling. All the training you underwent paid off!」the Human God exclaimed.

「There was indeed a huge difference in experience, but I think the most important factor is the difference in allies.」

When I said that, the Dog God, the Dragon God, the Goat God, and the Slime God pushed away the Human God and appeared in front of me.

They broke down the Human God’s power which silenced their voices and started talking.

「Luxcanis, no, Runrun was strong, wasn’t he?」

「Rubeum must have been amazing, right!」

「Don’t forget Shiro!」

「Without Fluffy, the enemy would have escaped!」

「Yes, everyone was amazing. Thank you.」I said.

「Don’t butt in! This is my important time with Will-chan.」the Human God said.

「Princess just wants to monopolize. Fix that bad habit!」

At that time, my body became faint.

「Oh, it’s about time.」

「We can’t keep you here any longer. Will-chan is a non-god living person after all.」

「Thank you to all the gods!」

I thanked the gods who are my masters.

「Right! Be careful.」

「Live well until you die!」

And the Human God hugged me again.

「The Cult put all its strength into yesterday’s raid. You annihilated them, so the Cult is in a destroyed state at the moment.」

「That’s good.」

「In addition to the Pope, all the Cardinals were also defeated.」

My disciples probably did that.

「Will-chan. The Pope is a son created using the soul of Tenebris.」

「That’s a new fact.」

「The Pope’s annihilation has seriously hurt the soul of Tenebris, and the Cult is no longer functional to serve him.」

While the Human God was speaking, my presence was getting thinner and thinner.

「Tenebris might disappear as is without being able to heal his soul.」

「Is that possible?」

「It’s possible if the remnants of the Cult can’t do anything to help.」

If we do our best to hunt the remnants, we may not only be able to prevent the revival of Tenebris, but we may even be able to kill him.

「That’s good information. We’ll do our best.」

「Will-chan, don’t overdo it.」

「I know.」

And finally I became so thin that I could hardly see myself.

「If anything, I’ll contact you through Fay.」


And my consciousness disappeared, as if I fell asleep.



Someone was licking my face as I was asleep.

「Stop that! Anicha is tired!」



「No! Don’t disturb Anicha’s sleep!」



「No! Shiro-chan. Do you want to eat?」


It seems that Saria stopped Shiro who was licking my face.

Dissatisfied, Shiro moved away according to Saria’s instructions.

I opened my eyes and looked out the window. It was noon.

Runrun laid right next to me, and Rubeum was on my belly.

And Fay was sleeping on my forehead.

「Fluffy?」I called.


He was sleeping under my body.

「Am I not heavy?」


It seems that I am not.

「Ah, Anicha! Are you up?」

「Mee! Mee!」

Noticing that I was up, Saria rushed to me, together with Shiro.

Shiro seems to have been drinking milk, as his whole face was drenched with milk.

He rushed up to me, milk drops dripping on the floor, and he started head-butting my head.


Milk drops also drenched Fay who was on my forehead.

「Stop that, Shiro.」


Shiro was headbutting somewhat excitedly.

「S-Shiro, calm down.」I said.


My face started to get messed up with milk.

I can’t allow the nursery futon to get dirty, so I got up and picked up Shiro.


Shiro seemed to calm down when I picked him up.

Soon after, Fluffy started going around absorbing the milk Shiro spilled.

「Good morning, Saria. Did you sleep well?」

「I did! Anicha, shouldn’t you sleep some more?」

「I already slept a lot. I am okay now.」

Fluffy then climbed up my head and started cleaning the milk on my hair.

「Thank you, Fluffy.」


After that, I ate lunch at the nursery.

Arti, Tina, and Rosetta were also awake and we had lunch together.

From now on, we will be hunting down the remnants of the Cult in cooperation with the Salvation Organization.

However, there is no doubt that we will almost never collide with another strong enemy such as the Pope, the Cardinals, or the Beastkin.

I can’t let my guard down, however.

But, it can be said that one big job has been completed.

「Anicha, the rolled eggs are delicious!」

「Indeed. Eat lots then, Saria.」


Perhaps I could spend more time with Saria for a while. That would be wonderful.


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