19 – Duel Conclusion


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The candidates screamed due to the drifting stench.

「Such a strong stench」 「Stinks」
A few candidates teared up at the stench.

And, Danan and Ivan started to cry out.
「Uuuuuu」 「Aaaaaa」

My plan was slightly derailed. I actually wanted to drown them both with the waterball.
Drowning is a painful experience.
It would’ve been easy to instil fear in their hearts, when they realize that no amount of struggle would help them escape from the dread of drowning.

As Danan quick-wittedly gulped down the water, that plan ended in a failure.
However, I think I succeeded in breaking down their spirits through humiliation.

What matters is whether they truly fear me.
I pressed on to make sure.

I endured the stench and approach the two. I grabbed Danan’s collar with my right hand and Ivan’s with my left hand.
And brought my mouth close to their ears.
By inducing magic into my voice, I let out a pseudo-dragon roar and spoke.

「Don’t get involved with me again」
「Hii…」 「Aah…」
Both Danan and Ivan soiled their pants again.
They should have done this from the beginning.

Most probably, Arti would have to clean up this soiled venue.
I felt bad for Arti, guess I’ll just have to clean this up once the duel ends.

Even so, the gods who love the scions have no sense at all.
While still grabbing onto the scions collars, I looked up towards the sky and said.

「I’m starting to doubt if you have much sense. Are these guys really worthy of your love?」

At that moment, I felt a mysterious sensation I’ve never felt before.
A sensation as though something was flowing into me.
Surely this was being caused by something else.

So I looked around the vicinity, and noticed that Arti had returned; there were four people standing behind her.
She probably brought along a few assistants to help out because she is pressed for time to prepare the exam hall.

Looking at Danan and Ivan who had completely lost their will to fight, the examiner declared,
「That’s enough, the duel is over! The winner…, Will Wolms!」

Danan and Ivan were still on the ground looking like they’re out of it.

「I can’t just let them into the written exam hall in this state」 the examiner sighed looking at them.
They stink so bad that it will bother the other candidates.
「I’m sorry I might have overdone it a little. Please let me help with the cleaning before the written exam」 I requested the examiner.
The written exam might get delayed, but I would really like to help out here first.

「I actually want these guys to clean up their own mess but that doesn’t seem possible」 the examiner observed Danan and Ivan’s conditions again.

「For now let’s get them to the doctor’s office. Everyone else—」
The examiner stiffened for an instant moment; an instant that no else noticed.

「–except Will, please move to the written exam hall for the time being」

The candidates left towards the written exam hall.
The one guiding them was one of the people Arti brought along.
At the same time, another one carried away Danan and Ivan.

As soon as the rest of the candidates left, the examiner turned to Arti and said,

「Can I leave the rest to you?」
「Umu, you will proceed with the exam as scheduled」

The one who responded was one of the people standing behind Arti.
The two behind Arti were wearing a deep hood.

「Will Wolms—」,started one of the two.
「You do not have to wait」 ,said the other one of the two to the examiner.
「Understood!」 exclaimed the examiner and left.
Apparently they will not delay the commencement of the written exam.
Was it the penalty for starting a private duel? It may be that they’re subtracting the exam time from cleaning time.
Danan and Ivan, who wet themselves, were probably sleeping at the doctor’s office by borrowing time from the exam hours.
If that’s the case, I have no choice but to clean up quickly.

According to Arti, the written exams are seldom emphasized in comparison to practical skill.
Even with a score of 0 on written exam it seems you can still pass based on practical skills alone, but bad results were not desirable.

「Well I’ll clean up quickly」
As I tried to begin cleaning, one of the two behind Arti said,
「There’s no need to rush, although you don’t need to clean it up in the first place」
As I tried to protest, the other one interrupted.

「Will Wolms, please follow us」
「Wait a minute, do you intend to let Arti clean this filth alone?」
「That is not your concern, Will Wolms」
「Arti, I leave this place up to you.」,said one of them.
「Yes, please leave this to me」

Saying so, the two behind Arti started walking briskly.

「It won’t take long. I’ll just make it easier to clean」

I burned the stained part of the ground with fire magic and use wind magic in addition to contain the stinky odour from diffusing further into the surrounding due to the burning.
Heat the soil till it melts, then cool it with ice magic.

It had become a little glassy, but it will be easier to dispose than just faeces.
「Will Wolms, thank you」 Arti thanked me.

「Are you done? Then come along」
「Yes, yes」
「Woof」 「Pigi」
RunRun and Fluffy vigilantly followed along.

I observed their state of being as I walked behind the two.
They were skilfully falsifying their magic power, they must be considerably powerful.
Even a person with first-rate abilities would not realize the two were concealing their strength.
I could not discern their sexes but normal people wouldn’t even take notice of that.

They were most likely members of the Salvation Organization.
If there are more people like these in the Salvation Organization, than it makes sense that Arti is still an apprentice.
The fight against the Beast of Calamity would be easier.

While I was thinking about that, the two kept walking towards one of the innermost-part and came to a halt in front of a room.

「Will Wolms, please enter」

As I entered with RunRun and Fluffy, the two entered after me.
Immediately, the door closed behind us.
「Long time no see!」
I was suddenly hugged from behind.



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