22 – Information Exchange with Disciples


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Just in case, I inquire Xenovia, the highest authority of the Academy of Heroes.

「Though I don’t think this is the case… I just want to confirm that I didn’t pass unfairly」
「Of course not, you can pass by exhibiting a special ability」
「Master can pass with just the way you manipulated the waterball」

The greatest mage of this era, Small Sage Milt also asserts.
He must be talking about the waterball cast in the duel with the noble sons.

「Does the small size of the waterball not matter?」
「The size does not matter. The degree of difficulty is quite high to manipulate two waterballs inside the opponent’s body simultaneously」
「I merely kept manipulating the water that the opponent drank of their own will…」

It would have been difficult, if they hadn’t drank it of their own will.
If I forced it into their mouth, an opposition between my magic and the enemy’s magic resistance would occur.
Even after the water has entered the body, the opposition would continue.
Besides, if it fails even once, all control on the water will be lost.
If the enemy drinks the water of their own will, then the opposition will be reduced by half.

「Even if they drank it on their own, it’s still difficult to pull that off」, says Xenovia, and Milt nods in agreement.

「Leaving aside the mages of the Salvation Organization, the students of this academy would find it difficult」
「That’s how it is, I see」
「Moreover, the fireball exhibited during the filth cleaning was also at a level that could pass as well」

He must be talking about the part where I burned the ground to clean the mess made by the
「In terms of procedure, as the president of this Academy, I will recommend Master」
「I see, I’m thankful but I don’t want to do things halfway.」
「Even if I don’t recommend, that examiner will. So it’s all the same」
「Is it?」
「The examiner has the rights and obligation to let the promising candidates pass」
「Does passing through recommendation happen often?」
「No, it rarely happens but my disciple Arti is one of them」
「…Well, speaking in terms of abilities, Master’s elder cousins are also at the passing level」
Milt’s words were surprising to me.
「Wha-? Even Danan and Ivan can pass?」,I reply without thinking.
「Yes, being able to manipulate tens of thousands of insects is good enough an ability for admission」

Seeing my expression, Milt must have felt the need to supplement his statement.
「Master, please rest assured. They won’t pass with that kind of personality」 Xenovia says
「Of course, for that purpose we also monitor the lobby」
「Does that mean you were watching the dispute between us from the very beginning?」
「Yes, even the timing of entry of the examiner is not a coincidence」
They seem to have a policy of observing patiently and only to step in when things start to turn
earnestly bad.
「I’ve understood about the entrance exam to some extent. Next, please tell me about the
Salvation Organization」
「Yes, let’s talk about the Salvation Organization then」
I receive an explanation regarding the Salvation Organization from Xenovia and Milt, the ones
who formed the organization.
The Demon King is the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris.
In the beginning, they had gathered strong people to secretly oppose the fanatics of Tenebris.
And in the process of opposing, they learned that the Beast of Calamity was not completely
Thus now, they are moving to prevent its revival.
「Ones who wish to resurrect the Beast of Calamity… Do such guys really exist?」
The Beast of Calamity is like a great disaster. Humans would definitely not benefit from the
destruction caused.

「There are some humans among the fanatics, but the core of it is made up of demons」
「Demons? That’s quite troublesome, isn’t it?」
Demons are extremely powerful monsters.
They possess high vitality and strong magic, so it isn’t easy to subjugate them.
「While Xenovia and the rest of you could easily defeat them in a one on one, it would be a
close call if it came down to ten vs one」
「Though it’s embarrassing to admit, it’s exactly as master described」
My disciples are very strong. They went through vigorous training to exceed the limits of
However, their numbers are on the lower end of the spectrum. It would be difficult to contend
with a large number of demons.
As far as strategies goes, my disciples’ decision to form the Salvation Organization was
exceedingly correct.
「Xenovia, don’t be embarrassed」
There is a huge gap in fighting prowess between humankind and demon-kind.
If the fighting strength of a human is equated to a medium-sized dog, then a demon would
equate to a lion.
I know just how much training it takes to fight a dozen opponents at the same time.
One would have to surpass the human limit countless times.

「Master, if we were fighting normal demons, then surely each of us can handle ten at a time…

「Milt, judging by the way you’re phrasing it, there seems to be a demon that is beyond ordinary

「It is exactly as Master says」
「There were some demons we couldn’t defeat without combining our powers together」
That is way too powerful, even for a demon.
「I see, so that’s why you created the Salvation Organization. That makes sense」
「Thank you」「I am grateful」
If the four of them are not enough, then they should simply raise strong allies.
Besides, my disciples are growing old, so nurturing the future generation is paramount.
「Even so, it is difficult to believe there are humans among the fanatics」
「They seem to believe that if they rack in achievements, they can also become demons」
There actually might be some who are attracted to demon attributes such as the high vitality,
strong magic and the absence of lifespan.
「Can humans actually turn into demons?」
「Yes, apparently they can. I actually saw some humans turning into demons」
If Xenovia saw it with her own eyes, then it is definitely possible.
Milt and Xenovia continue their explanation.

In addition to the demons, there are also terrifyingly strong beasts known as the beast-kin of the
Beast of Calamity.
The Tenebris Cult is focussing on reviving the Beast of Calamity in a state even stronger than
That’s what I learn.
「Regina and Dion went to a distant place to fight the cult」
「I see」
Apparently, the members of Council of Sages take turns going around different parts of the
world to fight the cult.
They’re very reliable.
At the end of the explanation, Xenovia prompts,
「Please tell us your story next, Master」
「Alright, that is important too」
I explain to the two, my current circumstances.


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