23 – From Here On After


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

There was nothing to hide from my disciples.
So, I explained about how I went to the World of Gods and trained under various Gods, that my
memories of my past life returned just a few days ago, and that RunRun and Fluffy are
After listening to my story, Xenovia took a deep breath.
「Master, you have struggled a lot」
「I’m just very happy to be back in the present-world to defeat Tenebris」
Milt was moved to tears again.
At the same time, RunRun rested his chin on my lap.
And Fluffy was wiggling on my right shoulder. It seemed to be trying to brush my cheeks.
They might be having their own thoughts after finding out that they are god-beasts.
「Thank you for everything, RunRun, Fluffy」
I patted RunRun with my right hand and Fluffy with my left.
Milt who was lost in his thoughts for a while, said
「Master, you’re in the process of training, right?」
「That’s right. According to the Human God, the Beast of Calamity will revive around the
「Ah, that is very useful knowledge」
「Certainly, it is very useful but it would be wise not to trust it entirely」

The possibility of the Human God being careless can’t be omitted.
Also, I don’t think the Human God factored in the possibility of the Tenebris Cult speeding up the resurrection.

「I see, so we just have to continue fighting the Tenebris Cult as usual」
「That’s right, sorry for burdening you, Milt」
「No, it’s not a big deal」

While we were discussing that, Xenovia started walking around in circles inside the room.
Xenovia has had the habit of walking in circles when thinking for as far as I can remember.
How nostalgic.

「Master, I have been thinking about this for a while」
「What is it?」
「For Master to continue on like this and become a student of the Academy of Heroes, is it really the best course of action?」

That was indeed my original course of action.
However, Milt furrowed his brow and said,

「I don’t think the education from the Academy of Heroes will prove useful to Master」
「It’s not about the education; it’s to hide Master’s identity」
「Xenovia, please explain in detail」I said.
「Yes, it is also related to the reason I had Arti assigned to Master…」
Arti was assigned to me because there was a possibility that the Tenebris Cult would try to abduct promising students.
Of course, they had expected interference from the scions and because the retainer had requested it of them was also one of the reasons they had Arti escort me.
But that alone does not warrant the escort from a member of the Salvation Organization, the elite among elites.
Xenovia explained as such.

「Are there actual cases of abduction?」
「Rarely, but there was one case of a candidate being abducted this year」
「That is unsettling」
「Yes, luckily the student was saved but…」

There is a possibility that the Tenebris Cult might shift their target to another candidate.

「Thus I judged Master would be at the top of their list, since you carry the Wolms name」
「…Certainly, it would easily attract the attention of Tenebris Cult」
Milt nodded in agreement to Xenovia’s statement.

「Master is the trump card in our battle against the Beast of Calamity. I don’t want the enemy to become aware of this fact」
「I see, I understand」
「Academy life might be boring for Master, but…」
「No, there is no such thing. Thank you for your concern」

And I informed them of something important.

「Xenovia, Milt」
「Yes」「What is it?」
「Don’t call me Master anymore」
「Ha, are you denouncing us as your disciples?」
「That’s not it. If Xenovia keeps calling me master, then my identity would be exposed immediately」
「Oh, I see. Certainly…」
「Just call me Will」
「I can’t call Master by your first name…」
「It’s just a charade until we destroy the Beast of Calamity」
Xenovia tightly balled her hand into a fist as I said so.

「I understand Will’s intention. I shall pass this message along to Regina and Dion too」

Regina and Dion were also my disciples in past life.
Regina is a hero and Dion is a healer.

「Milt, sorry for troubling you」
「No, this much is nothing」

After that, I received a magic tool {Transceiver Ring} from Milt.

「This is a new model I developed. Please contact me immediately if something happens」
Milt said proudly.

「Thank you. Can I use this to talk with Regina and Dion too?」
「You can but… They might not believe it until they see directly for themselves」
「I would still like to talk to them」
「Understood, just do this…」

Milt also taught me how to operate the transceiver while connecting to Regina and Dion at the same time.

「Once it connects, let us speak to them first」
「It’s as Milt says, Regina and Dion might get confused」
「Then I will leave it up to you guys」

And the transceiver ring connected to the two of them.

「It’s Xenovia. Are you free now?」
『There’s no way I’m free! 』
『I’ll get angry if you are calling for a stupid reason like last time! 』
「Calm down, Dion. I am also here today」
『Oh, you’re also there, Milt? Then it’s okay』
『Hurry up and state your business! 』

The Hero Regina is as impatient as always.

Milt and Xenovia reported that they met Edelfuss’ reincarnation, which is me.

『You guys… Are you tired? 』
「I thought you would say that Regina」
「It’s fine even if you don’t believe us. Next time you come to the Academy, you will be able to see him for yourselves」
『…I guess it’s not a joke』
『For now, let us talk to this so-called Master’s reincarnation』

As Dion said so, I spoke.

「Regina. Dion, long time no see. It’s been a hundred years long」
『If it is really Master… long time no see』
『I don’t completely believe this but… long time no see』
「Let’s talk about the details next time. I’m just glad to talk right now」
『…Yes』『…I’m glad too』

While saying they do not believe it, I heard Regina and Dion snivelling.
They seemed to be crying.
Not only Regina, who was a crybaby, but also Dion became teary.
It must be due to old age.

There was no point in working out the details now, so I’ll just limit it to greetings.
It seems Regina and Dion will return after the work is done, so we should discuss at that time.



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