25 – The Scions’ Divine Blessing


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As I ran after Milt- Arti, RunRun, Fluffy and Xenovia followed suit.

Before they left the room, Milt and Xenovia covered their face with the hood.
As soon as it was worn, their presence became weaker. That’s quite the magic tool.

Milt ran straight to the medical office.

「Wheeze, wheeze」Milt started gasping for breath.
「Don’t overdo it」
「I can handle this much」

Milt slowed down following Xenovia’s concern.
After catching his breath, Milt offered me the same coat he and Xenovia were wearing.

「If they saw Will, they might fall into a state of panic」
「I suppose that’s right, thank you very much」

While wearing the coat, I said
「Arti, RunRun, and Fluffy, stay hidden」

Arti met the scions when she came to escort me at the mansion of the Wolms main family.
If I entered the room together with Arti, RunRun and Fluffy, the scions will surely notice my identity.

Having confirmed that Arti and the rest have hidden themselves, Milt said, “Excuse me” and entered the medical room.

The doctor looked our way and bowed.
He seems to be a member of the Salvation Organization, so of course, he would be aware of Xenovia and Milt’s presence.

Danan and Ivan were lying on the bed.
They were awake but they seem to be grumbling as though trapped in a nightmare.
It also looks like they have lost their sanity altogether.

Milt used natural gestures to cast sanity magic on the scions.

「Danan, Ivan, it’s truly unfortunate that you weren’t able to participate in the exam」
「…Yes」「Unfortunately so」

They completely changed from how they were a second ago, and responded in a calm manner.
And, they had no spirit in the response either. I don’t feel any willpower at all from them.

「Even for the school, it is a loss to send home candidates with four pillars like you, without even having the chance to take the exam」
The Wolms brothers expressed eyes full of hope in response to Milt’s words.

「Would you like to measure how much love value you possess at the high-performance measuring device in this school?」
「So, if the love value is high…」
「Of course it will be the decisive factor in deciding your success」
「Thank you very much」

Both Danan and Ivan seemed to have gained some spirit back in them.
Undoubtedly, they believe that they will pass by producing a high love value.

「Well then, both of you follow me」
「Yes」「I got it」

Both Danan and Ivan moved forward with heavy steps. They were wobbling.
It may be the cause of being stabbed by life-threatening poison bugs.
No matter how much healing magic is used to save one’s life, it will definitely take a huge toll on the physical strength.
Because of that, neither of them noticed me at all.

After walking a while, we arrived at the room where I measured my love value the other day.
Milt said in a business manner without giving any detailed explanation.

「Touch this sphere. You can both do it at the same time」
Danan and Ivan touched the sphere of the measuring device.
For a moment, the magic circles around us shone brightly. With that, the measuring came to an end.
Surely the time I went to the World of Gods might have only taken this long on this side.

「Splendid. I will contact you later regarding the result. Good job」
「Thank you very much」
Saying so, the scions left the room.

「Milt, what was the result?」,asked Xenovia curiously.
「…Umu. Both of them have lost their guardian deity」
「It’s not the case of value going down but rather the guardian deity themselves are gone? Is that even possible?」,said Xenovia a little confused.

「This is the first I’m seeing such a case too. However, undoubtedly the guardian deities are gone. To put it simply, the love value is 0」
「From having four pillars, to suddenly being left with only the Human God… You reap what you sow I suppose」

Xenovia nodded her head as if that’s the case, but Milt shakes his head in disagreement.

「That’s not exactly correct」
「Mu? What’s not correct? This is clearly them paying for their mistakes」
「I’m not denying that. I’m saying, they don’t even have the divine blessing of the Human God」
「…Even though they’re humans?」
「Even though they’re humans. That is why I don’t understand this case either」

Milt and Xenovia started to think with a serious look on their face.

「How many cases of love value decreasing are there?」 I asked Milt.
「There are very rare cases of where the love value has decreased and increased… but there were no cases of love value dropping to 0」
「Hmm? Milt, Xenovia, do you understand what it means?」

Since there were only the three of us in this place, I addressed them casually.
But moving forward, I should get used to addressing them respectfully even when this is the case.

「I do not understand」 「I’m ashamed to admit I don’t either」
「I see, please activate the measuring device then」

As I addressed them respectfully, Milt seems to have grasped my intentions.
His tone changed to that of speaking to a student.

「…I don’t mind, but… what exactly do you plan to do?」
「I am thinking of directly asking the Human God」

If you don’t understand, then you should just ask directly.
I confirmed that Milt had activated the measuring device, and placed my hand on the sphere of the device.


「Ah, Will-chan, you came back」
It was the Goddess who met me, in other words the Human God.

「I don’t have much time. So, I will be straightforward」
「The divine blessings on my cousins are apparently gone, is there such a thing?」
「Of course there is. It does not take much work to strip the divine blessing I granted」
「Even though they are human?」
「Of course, right?」,said the Human God carelessly.

「Certainly, my cousins were a piece of shit, but there are a lot worse pieces of shit in this world」
Unfortunately, there are lots of pieces of shit that go way beyond my cousins.

「The gods are looking over Earth, but they are not so interested in relation to the individuals themselves」
「I already knew that but, it is as irresponsible as ever」
「But gods are not almighty…」

I also knew that.
They just happened to be watching me and were overwhelmed by my cousins’ actions, so they removed the divine blessing.
That must have been the case.

「That’s not right. The one who stripped the divine blessings on your cousins, was you, Will-chan」

The Goddess just said something astonishing.



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