26 Ability of The Apostle and Strolling with RunRun


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「I stripped their divine blessing? What are you talking about?」
「So, it was done unconsciously. Didn’t you touch them and declared them unworthy?」
「…it wasn’t really a declaration, but something of the sort」
「And you stripped their divine blessings with that」
「Why, did that happen?」
「Well you see Will-chan, you are the Apostle of the Gods, which means you are the representative of the Gods on Earth」
「I did know I was the apostle, but this is the first I’m hearing of being the representative of gods…」
「Oh, I didn’t tell you? But that’s how it is. So use it wisely」 says the Goddess with a laugh.

As I try to say something else, the other gods take notice of me.

「Ah, Will-chan is back?」
「Let us speak with him this time」

However the Goddess blocks the other Gods and says,

「There is no more time. And one more thing Will-chan, though it is lonely, you shouldn’t come here too often」
「If you come here too often, it will be easier for your consciousness to be pulled over to this side」
「Which means, it will make it easy to die」
「That’s troublesome」
「I will think of another means of communication, so refrain from coming here often」
「I see, thanks for the advice」
Certainly, I have been here yesterday and today for two consecutive days.
It may not be good to use it as a convenient means of communications.

And already my presence begins to fade.

「Since you are not a god yet, don’t come here too often」
「Yes yes, thanks for the advice」


When I realize, I was back in the room of the measuring device.
Milt is staring at me with concern.

「Are you done?」
「Yes, I am done」
「By the way Mas-…, Will only lost consciousness for a moment」

As expected, there seems to be almost no time lapse on this side.

「Now, my consciousness was blown to the World of Gods, and I spoke to the Human God」
「Wow! So, what did the Human God-sama say?」

I explain the things I heard to Milt and Xenovia.

「Because the apostle is the representative, you can strip divine blessings. So that’s what it was」
「That seems to be the case」
「Though it is convenient to be able to go to World of Gods, it is probably better to stop if it will make it easier to die」 says Xenovia with extreme concern.

「You’re right. Let’s stop if there aren’t any pressing matters」

There is something that bothers me, so I ask Milt.

「Was it a good idea to not tell my cousins about having lost their guardian deity?」
「There is no need for that. They would notice immediately if they make an effort」
「If they don’t make an effort, then it’s the same whether they were blessed or not in the first place」

Milt and Xenovia’s viewpoint might certainly be right.

「What they do after losing their guardian deity, is up to the individuals themselves」

Milt and Xenovia seem to be no longer interested in them.

「Seeing as how Wolms family is rotten to that extent, it is an embarrassment to the entire family」
「Yes, it’s a sad thing」 says Milt as if it’s someone else’s problem.

「Does Milt-sama and Xenovia-sama not get involved with the Wolms family?」

Keeping in mind, because my father did not become the Lord, the piece of crap Danan, will be the Lord of the next generation.

「Maybe it’s because I’m the one saying it but, we hold a great deal of power」 Xenovia says slowly.
「That’s why we think we need to move in a controlled manner」

Xenovia and Milt have extremely serious looks on their faces.
It seems to be decided that the Council of Sages will absolutely not interfere in anything that does not involve the Beast of Calamity.

「I see, I think that is a good thing indeed」
「「Thank you very much」」

The moment I praised them, they returned to being disciples in an instant.
They both thank me very happily at the same time.

It is easy to become rotten when we hold power. That’s why we need self-restraint.
My disciples seem to understand that fact and it also makes me happy as their teacher.

After that I part ways with my disciples and joined by Arti with the beasts head towards the nursery.
Then, we all eat at the cafeteria and return to our room.
Apparently, Arti had secured a room next to Saria and me.

On the way back to the room, I ask Arti about the upcoming agendas.

「So, the passing announcement is a week later」
「Yes, the entrance ceremony will be held the day after the announcement」

Until then, I’m very free.

「Anicha, from tomorrow onwards play together with Saria!」
「Yeah, let’s play Saria」
「Yay」 「Woof!」 「Pigi!」

Saria, RunRun and Fluffy, merrily jump in joy.
It is nice to play together with my adorable sister and the beasts once in a while.

The next day after breakfast,
I decide to play with Saria and the rest as promised.

First is going on a stroll with RunRun.
Of course, RunRun with its large body needs a huge amount of exercise.
Although it is a god-beast, it is no different from an ordinary dog.
Perhaps, it is necessary to exercise more, precisely because it is a god-beast with high physical ability.

I ride Saria on my shoulder, Fluffy on my head, and run along the site of the academy with RunRun.
The academy is very spacious, so it is convenient for a walk.
Running together with the fast-running RunRun is good training for me too.
By the way, this is a separate action from Arti.

「Come on! Anicha, much faster」 「Pigi pigi」
「Let’s go faster then—」
「Ha-Ha-Ha-」, RunRun runs with his tongue out and panting for breath.

RunRun is also having fun being able to move his body as much as he wants.

While running at high speed near the main building, I locked eyes with a girl there.
The girl is walking together with three escorts.

「Ah! You are!」
「Err, you are」

It is the healer girl who I helped out in the forest the other day.


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