27 – Reunion with the Girl


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When I notice the girl and come to a halt, RunRun also comes to a halt.
It is just the right moment because RunRun seems to be thirsty too.
I take out a water bottle and a bowl out of the bag I was carrying on my shoulder.

「RunRun, here’s water」
「Woof Woof」

RunRun starts drinking happily as I pour the water into the bowl.

The girl runs towards me and the guards escorting her were standing-by at their original spot.
They must have decided that there is no immediate danger here since we’re inside the Academy compounds.

「I am very glad to be able to meet you again. To think that you were an associate of the Academy of Heroes…」
「No, I’m just a hopeful candidate who is waiting for the passing announcement. I have been temporarily housed in the dormitory due to circumstances」
「Oh, I see」

The girl grasps my right hand with both her hands, and lowers her head deeply.

「I have no words to describe how grateful I am to you, for saving us all back then」
「Is everyone from back then safe?」

I am a little bothered by the high tension of the girl, so I ask about her comrades.
Those who suffered serious injuries were treated with healing magic.
Although I think they turned out fine, I’m still curious about the aftermath.
They were also poisoned.
In the case of poison, even if it looks like it has been successfully detoxified and recovered, they might still fall ill.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully follow-up after detoxification.
They’re probably fine, but I’m curious about the after-effects of the detoxification magic.

「Yes, thanks to you. Your healing magic was perfect, including the detoxification」
「That’s good to hear. Is the man who seemed like the captain the other day, doing fine too?」
「He has different matters to handle today, so he’s away, but he’s doing very well」
「That’s good to hear too. Send my regards to him」
「Of course! I’ll absolutely pass it on」

「Erm… I’m Tina Armady, no, Tina Dia Armady」 the girl says timidly.
It’s polite manner to give a name when given a name.

「I am Will Wolms and this is my sister, Saria, and they are RunRun and Fluffy」

As I introduce everyone, Tina courteously bows in order and greets.

「So you were a person of the famous Wolms house. I guess it is only to be expected」
「No, Wolms is not that big of a deal, unfortunately」

I answer that while thinking of my cousins.
And I am familiar with the name, Armady.

「If your family name is Armady, is Tina from the royal family of the Armady Empire?」
「Yes, I am the third princess」

The Academy of Heroes is located in the Barridor Kingdom.
Adjacent to the north-east of the Barridor Kingdom is the Armady Empire.
The Armady Empire is the most historic country in the vicinity.

I remember getting along with the Armady Emperor a hundred years ago in my past life.

And one more thing I am also concerned about is the middle name, Dia.
One hundred years ago, the Armady royal family did not adopt a middle name.

「A person with middle name is quite rare」
「The middle name was given just the other day by the Beloved child of the Water God, Dion Edel Aqua-sama」
「I see」

Dion is, of course, my disciple from my past life who is a practitioner of healing magic.

And I finally notice.
My disciples, the direct disciples of Edelfuss, adopted the middle name ‘Edel’.
And Arti, the disciple of Sword Saint Xenovia, adopted the middle name ‘Xenon’.

「Is it perhaps a system where the disciples adopt their middle name from their teacher?」
「Yes, it is common to adopt a part of the teacher’s name」
「I didn’t know that. When was this system put into practice?」

There was no such system a hundred years ago.
Tina kindly answers my doubt.

「The first instance was when the people of Council of Sages started using their master’s name as their middle name…」
My disciples are the supreme power and supreme authority in this world.
Not only that, they are overwhelmingly powerful individuals in each field.
It is not strange if people started imitating their conducts.
Thus, the naming system was established as a new convention.

「Even so, to be a disciple of Dion…-sama at this age is quite remarkable」

It would raise suspicions if I didn’t add ‘-sama’ to Dion, so I quickly attached it.
Tina smiles without showing any signs of suspicion.

「I think I’m undeserving of my ability…」 Tina says and continues to explain.

Apparently, Dion noticed Tina’s talent while traveling around.
However, she is a princess. Even though the Academy of Heroes is the finest school in the world, it is not easy to study abroad in a foreign country.
And that is why, Dion made her into his disciple.

「It is a great honour to be a direct disciple of Dion Edel Aqua-sama…」
「Does it mean that there will be less opposition from parliament and nobles around you?」
「It is exactly as you say」
「Even though Tina is a princess, you will become a student of the Academy of Heroes?」

Even though it is the finest school, it is basically an institute that fosters students to fight against demons.
There are various risks. There is no doubt that it is safer and easier if she remains a princess.

「Because I can receive a good education at the Academy of Heroes and also because I am the third princess」

It seems that the present Emperor of the Armady Empire, that is Tina’s father, has many children.
There are three older brothers and two older sisters. The youngest child is Tina.
The inheritance orders are by no means low, but it is not high enough to include ascension to the throne in the life-plan.
There is a need to plan her life on the premise that she will never become the emperor.

「I am determined on this because my teacher evaluated my talent」

Apparently Tina seems to be a recommendation case like me.
I am Xenovia’s recommendation, and Tina is Dion’s.

「Oh, if I pass, then we can attend classes together. I’m glad because I have no other friends here」
「Nn? Ah, I was wrong to say friend」
「No! No problem at all! I am also very happy to hang out with my friend Will-sama」

RunRun, who just finished drinking his water, goes to sniff Tina’s scent.
Tina gently pats RunRun while he does so.

One of the escorts slowly walks towards us.

「Your Highness, it’s about time…」
「Oh, right!」

And then, Tina turns to me and bows one more time.



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  2. Friend?
    Think about it, Will…
    Even if she’s sixth in line from the Throne, it’s still a very politics surrounded life.
    Being able to “be yourself” is rare.
    Everyone she’s met until now who was anywhere near her age was very aware of her position in the hierarchy of her kingdom, and acted accordingly based upon instructions from their relatives.
    You are probably her first friend.

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