28 – Leisure Time and Passing Announcement


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The escorts must have waited behind so as not to interrupt our conversation.
The fact that an escort came to call Tina, it must be at the very last minute until their next plan.
I can’t stop her.

「Will-sama please excuse me, I have an appointment with Her Excellency, the President」
「Aah, sorry for holding you back」
「No, I’m glad I could meet you. I’m happy that I get to become friends with you in this academy」
「Aah, I’m happy too, please pass my regards to Her Excellency the President」
「Tina-neechan, see you soon!」

As Saria waves goodbye, Tina waves back in return.
Then, Tina slowly runs into the main building.
Tina’s escorts bow deeply to me; they remained in that position for a good while.


I finally notice it.
Tina’s escorts were the ones I applied healing magic on.
At that time, they should have been unconscious but I guess they had been listening to Tina’s conversation with me and with that, they understood that I was the one who applied healing magic.

I’m really glad they’re doing fine.

After continuing the walk with RunRun, I move on to the courtyard.
I play with Saria, RunRun and Fluffy there. I am glad when Saria enjoys herself.

In the middle of playing, Arti shows up and joins in to play with Saria, which is very helpful.

After playing for a while, Saria falls asleep in weariness.
It must be the time for a nap.

「Should we return back to the room… No, it’s fine. RunRun, Fluffy, take care of Saria」

I lean Saria on RunRun who is lying on his belly.
As I leaned her, Fluffy jumps over to her belly. It plans to be a pseudo-blanket it seems.
It seems that Fluffy can also be cold, but is often warm.

I decide to train nearby after setting up everything for Saria’s nap.

「I shall join too」
「If you’re sure, then please」

Arti would make a perfect partner so I decide to train together with her.
To Arti who is about ten meters away,

「Come at me seriously… is what I’d like to say but that wouldn’t work, would it?」 I say.

From Arti’s perspective, she can’t unleash her strength on an 8 year old child.
For the efficiency of future training, I have to begin by demonstrating my true strength.

「For the time being, just defend my attack」
「I am rea—」
I don’t wait for Arti to finish her line.
With a single leap from the ground, I close the ten meter distance and unleash a kick aimed at Arti’s temple.

Arti immediately blocks with her forearm imbued with magic.
Even though I took advantage of her unpreparedness, she completely warded off my attack.
Quite the remarkable reaction.

「Good response」
I unleash a series of kicks and punches without letting her catch her breath.
After a moment passes, I open up a gap and confront her again.

「Arti, use your sword」

Arti pulls out her sword without hesitation.
She seems to have understood that she doesn’t need to hold back against me.
Arti’s guardian deity is the Sword God and she is also the direct disciple of the Sword Saint Xenovia to boot.
The sword is the territory where her genius shines.

「Here I come」

Before I could finish my words, I receive a slash from Arti. I dodge it by jumping back.
Arti follows me with the speed at which I jumped back. It is a strategy that doesn’t allow me to gain distance.
In the battle with the scions, I used magic, so she must have judged that I am a mage.
While dodging the slashes, I counterattack with fists and kicks.

After attacking each other for tens of seconds, I kick Arti’s sword hand.
Arti drops her sword in vain.

「I concede」
「That was a good move. I also got some good training」
「Thank you. I understand why my master said to think of Will as my superior」
「Good to hear that」

At that time, Saria wakes up. We might have made a little too much noise.

「Anicha? What are you doing?」
「I was playing with Arti」
「Saria wants to play too!」
「Yes, let’s play」
Thus, Arti, RunRun, Fluffy and I play together with Saria happily.

While I was having fun playing with Saria and training in my spare time, the day of passing announcement finally arrives.
The announcement will be made in the form of putting out the full names of successful applicants in front of the main gate.
Although Xenovia told me that I had already passed, I decided to go take a look at least.
Arti, Saria, RunRun and Fluffy are following suite.
Saria is riding on RunRun’s back, and Fluffy is hiding within my clothes.

「Anicha! Is your name there?」
「Yes it is」
「Sugoi… sugoi!」「Woof Woof!」

Saria is celebrating merrily, while RunRun’s tail is rapidly swinging from side to side.
On the other hand, Fluffy who is hiding in my clothes, cries out with a small voice while jiggling around.

「Arti’s name is also present」

Well, it’s natural since Arti is playing the part of a student due to work.
However, Saria is merrily happy all the same.

「Arti-neechan, sugoi sugoi」
「Saria, thank you very much.」

Arti bows sincerely.
The name Tina Armady is also there as if it is a given.
However, when I try to look for Tina, I couldn’t find her.
Tina may have not bothered to come and see the passing announcement.

And, needless to say, the scions’ names are not there.
On this day, I ate a lot of delicious food in celebration.


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