29 – Guidance


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The following day, we were at the venue where the entrance exam ceremony takes place.
It seems that there is a separate building for ceremonies from the main building at the Academy of Heroes.

Saria sat together with RunRun at the designated family seating.
Despite having RunRun there with her, I feel ashamed to have left a three year old child unattended.
If anything happens, I will have to rush there right away.

I peeked at the faces of the other new students; the thirty new students were all puffed up with pride.
The older ones were especially happy. Some were even crying from being overcome with happiness.
They probably worked really hard to earn this victory.

As I looked for Tina’s figure, I find her sitting at the front and center, with a straight posture.

After waiting for a while, the guests started to enter the building.
Of course the King of Barridor Kingdom, where the academy is located, also attended.
On the contrary, the royals of foreign countries and the Archbishop of the Supreme God attended.

After the declaration of admission, we moved on to the oath from the new student representative.
This year, the new student representative was Tina.

She is the princess of the historic Armady Empire and the direct disciple of Dion.
As such, she is certainly the suitable choice.

Tina seemed to be tense but, she eloquently stated the oath.

After that, it was President Xenovia’s ceremonial address, followed by the King’s ceremonial address on behalf of the guests.
The ceremony ends with the ceremonial address of the new student representative at the end.

Then I moved to another place to receive an explanation of student life.
I say to the lecturer who was leading us.

「I left my little sister alone in the family seating so, can I bring her along?」
「Umu, I don’t mind. Anyone else with similar circumstances, go ahead」

It seems that there was another one with the same circumstances as mine.
It was a girl with chestnut-colour short hair. Judging by her tail and ears, she seems to be a beastman.

「I’m so glad Will-kun spoke out, thank you, that saved me the trouble」
「Don’t worry about it. Rather, how do you know my name?」
「You had a duel right? At that time, the teacher called out your name」
「Now that you mention, he did」
「My name is Rosetta, nice to meet you」
「Nice to meet you too」

When I went to the family seating, Saria was quietly riding on RunRun’s back.

「Saria, you were such a good girl」
I gently patted Saria’s head.

「You too, RunRun」
RunRun took the surrounding into consideration and barked in a small voice.
As I petted his head, the tail swings from side to side.

Rosetta’s family member was a little girl around five or six years of age.
Her sister also had cute beast ears and tail.

Rosetta and I hurry back to the classroom, with Saria and Rosetta’s sister.

The teacher, who was waiting for us, started the explanation on academy life soon as we arrived.
If you pass the exam at the end of the semester, credits will be awarded. You can graduate if you acquire a specified number of credits; and the attendance to class is not taken into account in the grades.

「It may be a virtue to study honestly, but grades are everything」

You are only judged based on what you can do and what you know at the time of exam.
Even if you are serious about it, you may not be able to clear the exam depending on the individual’s pros and cons.
In that case, you will either have to earn credits in a different subject or do your best in the next term.

「You can take the same class as many times as you want until your graduation at year 12. Think carefully before making your decisions」

Four years at the shortest and twelve years at the longest. It seems that you can take classes at your own pace around here.

After that, we were asked to attend homeroom once a week.
It seems that important notes and notices will be announced there.
Besides that, there will be several training sessions all year round, where everyone can participate.

Basically, it seems to be a school with a high degree of freedom. It is more flexible than the Academy of Sages I attended in my past life.
I feel that it fits me nicely.

The instructor smiled towards the nervous new students.
If you graduate, you can find many other opportunities even if you decide not to join the Salvation Organization. You can be active in any place.
Finally, speaking of such a bright future, the guidance ended.

As the instructor left the classroom, one of the older students says to everyone else.

「We are all now classmates. So, why don’t we head to the cafeteria and have a friendly party?」

The voices of all that are in favour, is increasing one after the other.

As I am thinking about what to do since Saria is with me, the older student looked in my direction.

「What will you do, Will Wolms?」
He seems to remember my full name. This is without a doubt due to the duel.

「Saria, what do you want to do?」
「Let’s go!」 「woof」「(Pigi)」

If Saria and RunRun are good to go, then I should participate to establish a good relationship.
So, I reply to the older student with a smile,
「Let’s see, if my sister and familiar can come along, I will」
「I-I will also go if my sister is allowed to come along!」 Rosetta says too.

「Of course, the sisters are invited too」
「I’ll join in then」
「Me too!」 said Rosetta.

On this day, all 30 new students went to the cafeteria for self-introduction and mingled with each other.


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