30 – Nursery and Rosetta’s Invitation


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The introduction between the new students was completed peacefully on the day of the entrance ceremony.
We have one week of free time before classes begin.
Which means we have a week’s time to decide the classes we wish to take based on the class schedule plan.

On the other hand, classes at the nursery will commence prior to our classes, on the day after the entrance ceremony, which is today.
The nursery of the Academy of Heroes is a large element of the school.

Naturally, Saria attended the nursery classes.

I thought of spending my days playing with RunRun and Fluffy after sending Saria there.
I can still train while playing, and have mock battles with Arti when taking a break from playing.

That’s what I had planned but…

「Will-kun… Are you here?」
The next morning following the entrance ceremony, as I was brushing Saria’s teeth, a voice called out from outside the room.
It was Rosetta’s voice.

「My hands are busy right now. I’ll open the door, so just come in. RunRun, open the door」

RunRun went towards the door, dexterously inserted the key with his forefoot, and pulled the knob with his mouth and opened the door.
「RunRun-chan is amazing. You can open the door on your own」

Rosetta seemed truly impressed.
It makes me happy when RunRun is praised.

「That’s right. RunRun is smart」

「Guuf Monin—(Good Morning–)」
「Saria, it’s great to say hello, but it is good to finish brushing your teeth first」

Saria seemed energetic today as well.

「Saria-chan, good morning」
「I’m sorry for dallying」
「Well, it’s the start of classes in the nursery from today onwards. I’m sorry for barging in on a busy morning」
「I don’t mind, but is there a reason you’re here?」
「I would like to go monster hunting, and I was wondering if you would come with?」
「Hmm, monster hunting is it? Which monster? …All done Saria, your teeth are clean now」
After brushing her teeth, Saria rinsed her mouth.

「Thank you. Good morning, Rosetta-neechan!」
「Good morning, Saria-chan」
「Where is Rose-neechan?」

Rose is Rosetta’s five-year-old sister.
It seems that Saria had played with Rose at the family seating in yesterday’s entrance ceremony.
Last night, Saria happily told me all about it before going to sleep.

「Rose is already at the nursery」

Rosetta and Rose aren’t particularly early. It’s just that, my preparations were late.
I will have to get up a little earlier from tomorrow onwards.

「Anicha, Saria wants to go to the nursery too!」
「I have to check our belongings first, so wait a little」

I left the room as I finished preparations in a hurry.
It is good that Saria has Rose as a friend.
I am genuinely happy as a brother.

On the way to the nursery, I asked Rosetta.

「So, which monster were you talking about?」
「A big magic beast bear, it’s a demon bear. It is a considerably large creature and there is a village near it…」

The village seems to be the hometown of Rosetta.
A request had been commissioned to the Adventurer Guild, but there is no party which is willing to accept it.

「Harming the sheep and so on…」
「I see. By the way, what is Rosetta’s specialty?」
「My guardian deity is the Hunting God. So, scouting and information gathering is my forte…」
「So, your actual battle capabilities are small」
「Yes, that is so」

Rosetta’s beast ears drooped. She might have a complex of lacking fighting power.
While talking about it, we arrived at the nursery.

「Saria, best of luck」

Ever since Saria was at the main family mansion, I used to leave her with the retainers while I was being pushed around by the scions.
So, being apart from me is something she is used to and she doesn’t particularly feel lonely.

「Ah, Rose-neechan」

Rosetta’s little sister, Rose, ran up to us while swaying her tail.
Saria went towards Rose with pitter-patter footsteps. I pet RunRun’s head while watching that scene.

「RunRun, take care of Saria」
「Woof!」 RunRun said to leave it to him.
While swaying his tail, he chased after Saria.
I felt relieved as RunRun, a god-beast, was looking after Saria.

「Anicha, see you!」
「Onee-chan, see you later!」

As Saria waved goodbye to Rosetta and me, we exited the nursery.

「What kind of lessons does the nursery conduct?」 I ask.
「I don’t know all that well either, but from what I have heard the lessons are conducted by experts」

The earliest a student can graduate the academy is four years, and the shortest period for being in the nursery is also four years.

「It seems that they can get into a pretty good school after four years」
「That’s reassuring」
「That’s true」

Rosetta smiled with a slightly distant eye. Her tail was swaying lightly.
Undoubtedly, she was thinking about Rose.

「They are both still so young. I hope they get along well with each other.」
「Yeah, I hope so too」

While talking about that, Rosetta and I headed to the main gate.
Along the way, I met Arti and Tina.
Both of them seemed to be receiving training from Xenovia from early in the morning.
Unlike Arti, Tina’s master is Dion as opposed to Xenovia.
However, Xenovia seemed to be taking care of her while Dion is away.

Arti who noticed me, hurriedly rushed towards me.
「Good morning, Will. Are you going somewhere?」
「Good morning. I am going together with Rosetta to exterminate a demon bear」
「… Can I follow along?」 「I want to go too!」
Arti and Tina said almost simultaneously.

「Rosetta, is it alright? Arti is an excellent swordsman and Tina is an excellent healer」
「Of course! It’s even more encouraging if they come with us!」

With that, we instantly formed a party of four.



  1. Not that they actually need anyone but cheaty mc-hacker face over here to actually kill the thing

    • Yep.
      But… playing nice with others is a Good Thing.
      Building alliances is a Good Thing.
      Giving you allies an opportunity to improve themselves is a Good Thing.
      Finally, trying to not be too intimidating and standoffish is a Good Thing.

      At least, if your longterm goal is the subjugation of a Big Bad who really is a Big Bad and establishing benevolent rule throughout the areas you can influence…

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