31 – Outing


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A demon bear is an easy victory. So I was thinking, but surprisingly there was an obstacle before that.
At the Academy of Heroes, we were stopped at the main gate by the gatekeeper.

「Eh? Extermination of a demon bear?」
「That’s right! I’m going to help because my hometown is being damaged!」

When Rosetta responds high spiritedly, the gatekeeper seemed troubled.

「Is it perhaps prohibited for students to go out adventuring?」
「Adventuring without permission is prohibited」
「Eh–!? Even if it’s a simple demon bear?」

Rosetta was baffled, but I can guess the reason for prohibition on adventuring without permission.
It was not the demon bear but the Tenebris Cult that the academy is on the alert for.

The other day, Tina was in the midst of being kidnapped.
Besides, even though we are students of the Academy of Heroes, we have not yet undertaken any classes.
It is likely that the new students without much power will be harmed by the cult.

Everyone of us except Rosetta, who was unaware of that, were foolish to leave the academy.

Rosetta doesn’t know about the existence of the cult, nor does she know about the abduction attempt incident, so it can’t be helped.

「If it’s just inside the Royal Capital, you do not need permission, but… if you go outside the Royal Capital…」
「Well, I will go get permission」

It was Arti who said so and rushed off.
While looking over Arti’s rushing back, Rosetta said dejectedly.

「I guess it’s difficult if you’re a new student」
「Well, that may be right」
「How do we exterminate the demon bear if we can’t do it on our own…」
「Shall I ask an acquaintance of mine?」

Tina’s acquaintances are probably the escorts.
If it’s them, then they can easily subjugate something of the level of a demon bear.
They might do it if we asked, but it isn’t their original duty.
Therefore, I would like to avoid it if possible.

While talking about that, Arti came back.
It has not even been five minutes since she ran out.

「I have received a permit」
「Certainly seems like it, no problem」

The gatekeeper took one glance at the documents Arti had brought, and easily accepted it.
Perhaps, Arti acquired permission directly from Xenovia.
Xenovia knows about my and Arti’s ability, so she could at least give permission for an outing.

Rosetta, who had not expected to receive permission so soon, was surprised.

「S-So fast!」
「I asked the teacher for permission」
「I see… It’s pretty easy to get permission」

Rosetta must not have realized that the word ‘teacher’ refers to the president.
The permission was acquired easily because it was Xenovia. Normally, you will not get permission so easily.

Then we started walking towards Rosetta’s hometown village.

Rosetta said in an apologetic manner.
「I cannot pay the request fee right away… I’ll pay it as soon as my allowance is paid」
The students of the Academy of Heroes are paid a fixed amount of money as allowance every month.

「No, there is no need for request fee. We are friends after all. And this is also a part of the training」
「I don’t need the money either! I’m your friend too!」 said Tina.
「I would have to turn it down as well.」,said Arti.

On the other hand, Rosetta seemed to be troubled seeing as how everyone refused the reward.
「That is not acceptable」
「If so, I will ask for your help if I have any trouble」
「Yes, let’s help each other. I’ll ask for help too if I am in trouble」 Tina said.
Arti silently nodded.

「Everyone… thank you」
Rosetta seemed to be deeply moved.

After that, we kept walking while chatting happily.
Everyone seemed to be having a good time, particularly Tina.

「This is fun like hiking!」 said Rosetta.
「Hiking with your friends feels good.」,said Tina.
「Will-sama, is RunRun-chan not together with you today?」,Tina said.
「RunRun is together with Saria」
「I see. That’s unfortunate」
「Saria is still young, I feel uneasy leaving her alone」

Rosetta, who was walking at the front, turned her head back while still walking forward.

「RunRun-chan is very clever, and he would have been very helpful in exterminating the demon bear」
「As long as Will and I are here, it’s going to be okay」 Arti said confidently.
Thanks to training together every day, I know of Arti’s true power.
Arti could most likely exterminate the demon bear alone.
However, I still do not know what Tina and Rosetta can do.
So I asked them.

「Rosetta’s guardian deity was the Hunting God, wasn’t it?」
「Yeah, that’s right. I’m good with a bow, and I’m also good at tracking the traces of monsters!」
「That’s reassuring」
The one person you definitely want in your party.

「If RunRun isn’t around, it’s my job to track down the monsters」
I also asked Tina.
「Since Tina is a healer, is your guardian deity the Water God?」

Healing magic is the forte of the Water God.
Tina’s master, Dion Edel Aqua, is also the beloved child of the Water God.

「That’s right Will-sama, it is the Water God-sama. In addition to Magic God-sama, Fire God-sama. Lightning God-sama, and…」
「Hey, wait a minute, you have that many?」
「Yeah, the one with the highest love value is the Water God-sama」

Tina seems to have seven pillars of guardian deity; the Water God, Magic God, Fire God, Lightning God, Ice God, Earth God, and Wind God.
Not only healing magic but also all elemental magic can be used at high level.
In other words, she is a sage candidate.
No wonder Dion accepted her as a disciple. If Milt had found her first, he would have accepted her as a disciple as well.
It also makes sense that she was targeted by the Tenebris Cult.

Rosetta was surprised from the bottom of her heart.

The party will be very stable if there were healers and mages.
It just became a well-balanced party instantly.

While walking as we had conversations, we arrived at Rosetta’s hometown village.
It was located about two hours on foot from the Royal Capital.
And is relatively close to the Royal Capital, but was still a distance away from the large highway.
There was a mountain nearby and it was surrounded by a dense and thick forest.
「The countryside is great isn’t it? It’s a village that makes a living from sheep farming and hunting!」
Thus, Rosetta seems to have been hunting beasts in the forest since childhood.

Once we entered the village, the villagers began to notice us and gather around.

「It’s Rosetta!」「Did you fail the Academy exam?」
「Rest easy! I have properly passed!」
「Wow! That is good news!」「Amazin’, Rosetta is the pride of our village!」

The villagers were delighted.
Rosetta introduced us to the villagers.
The villagers seemed to be moved by the fact that Rosetta has friends.

「Is Rosetta being bullied as a country bumpkin?」
「Please, please take care of Rosetta」

After that, the villagers asked Rosetta.
「Rosetta, I’m glad you came but what’s the matter? Are your classes going well?」
「I heard you were in trouble in the letter, so I came to exterminate the bear. There is still some time before classes begin!」
「Thank ye!」
「We requested the adventurer guild, but there are no signs of any adventurers coming this way…」

Then we asked the villagers about the damages caused by the demon bear and the place it last appeared in, and we departed immediately.



  1. Wait, did the gods give them blessing without waiting for their personalities to develop? That’s kinda reckless.

    • From the way I understand it, a good many of the blessings are bestowed on a family line, so blessings of one or more gods might pass down to children and beyond. Though a god might bestow a blessing early in life if they partake an particular interest. One of the reasons the scions had blessings of four pillar gods before Will stripped them.

      • Hmm.

        Sounds like selective breeding.

        Find a family with certain traits, encourage their development, and cull anyone who proves unacceptable for various reasons that would preclude value in their descendants if those traits were to be inherited.

        In this case, the desired traits are not incompatible, it appears, so it’s possible to interbreed from various star lines to bring about individuals with a combination of desired traits, and thus create new, more powerful, star lines.

        In this case, unlike in RL, it’s possible to remove the traits without otherwise harming the individuals impacted.
        And, it’s possible to gain the traits as a result of obtaining the favorable attention of a trait grantor.

        You do have to watch out for someone Going Bad among the members of the various star lines.

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