32 – Demon Bear Extermination


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After leaving the village, Rosetta says,

「Saria-chan is also waiting, so let’s wrap this up quickly.」
「You’re right.」

It is still morning, and it will be noon in about two hours.
Considering that it would take another two hours to walk back, we can’t afford to waste too much time.

When we arrived at the place where the sheep went missing, Rosetta begins to concentratedly search for traces.
Tina mutters while examining the surroundings,

「Even so, to lose ten sheep in such a short period of time is no trivial matter.」

When I heard about the damage from the villagers, it was quite a remarkable amount of damage.
In addition to sheep, the crops seem to be damaged as well.
As bears are omnivorous, they eat both meat and vegetables.

「It looks like a great deal of damage. It is likely to affect the future of the village.」
「Yeah, it is as Will says. It was already a poor village to begin with, now life will be even more difficult.」
「Please tell me if there is something I can help with. We are friends after all!」
「Thank you, Tina, but I will be sending the allowance here so we will be fine.」

The living expenses of the students of the Academy of Heroes are paid for in allowance while attending the academy.
Rosetta is saying they will be fine if she sent that money to the village.

However, even if it’s from the Academy of Heroes, she couldn’t possibly get enough money to save the economy of the village.
Rosetta is smiling, but it is blatantly obvious that she is forcing herself.

「If it’s a bear which can eat ten sheep in a short period of time, we might be able to procure high quality raw materials.」

I say that to try and cheer up Rosetta.

Going by the witness testimony, it is supposed to be a quite large demon bear.
However, it is common sense to take the witness testimony with a bit of skepticism.

When I went to plow the field early in the morning, I found a bear that was ruining the field.
I was very surprised that I started screaming, and the bear left slowly.

The troublesome part in this witness testimony is the 「very surprised」.
Villagers, who were surprised in fear, often remember the bears to be larger than they actually are.

「It would be better to proceed forward while assuming that there might be more than one demon bear」 Arti mutters calmly.
The prospect of a few bears is more troublesome than only one large bear.
So, as an adventurer who should always assume the worst, Arti’s notion is correct.

「Following what Arti says, demon bears usually don’t form a group.」
「But I think it is more appropriate than assuming one huge bear which can eat ten sheep.」
「Yeah, if it turns out to be the case of a group of bears, then we can procure a lot more raw material, so that is a boon in its own way.」

While discussing that, Rosetta comes to a halt.

「It seems to be the case of one huge bear.」

Saying so, Rosetta points at a large poop.
A larger bear is much easier to fight than a large number of them.

「I also found the footprints. Please follow me.」
We follow behind Rosetta.
After walking for a while, we find a cave.

「…This is probably its nest. To think that the nest was so close to the village.」
「Is it inside the nest?」
「Yeah, judging from the footsteps, it’s inside.」
「Shall I drive it out with my magic?」
「As expected of Tina! I’m counting on you!」

Rosetta’s eyes sparkle, and after thinking a while, she says.

「If the demon bear exits the cave while using magic, we would pull back while attacking it with magic and arrows, and Arti will get close and defeat it with the sword. How does that sound?」

Rosetta is also the originator of the party, so she also thought of a strategy it seems.
She takes on the role of the leader.

「Understood」 Arti puts her hand on the handle of her sword.
「I will back you up. I will make sure to constantly shoot arrows.」
Rosetta nocks her bow with an arrow.

「What should I do?」
「I want you to deal with any unexpected situation, Will」

I guess it’s the so-called reserved troop. It is an important role to prevent the annihilation of the party.

As the assignment of roles is decided,
「Well, here I go.」
Tina creates a fireball of one meter in diameter.
It is a fireball that is far more powerful than the average flame mage.
This speaks true to the fact of having received the love of Fire God and Magic God.

「…Wow, amazing.」
「Being praised by Will-sama makes me very happy!」

Then, Tina shoots the fireball into the cave.
The fireball explodes when it reaches the back of the cave. A loud noise resounds, and hot air spews out from within the cave.

The angry roar of the demon bear echoes.

「Apparently, it is still fine.」

If it’s a normal demon bear, a serving of Tina’s fireball should have caused a near-fatal damage.
The creature inside the cave is an extremely powerful demon bear.


Soon the demon bear rushes out of the cave. It is of enormous size.
Tina and Rosetta assume battle stance and Arti moves forward slowly.

「Leave it to me.」

At the same time as drawing her sword, Arti swings it at a speed which couldn’t be discerned with the eyes.
The demon bear’s head flies off and its body collapses.

Seeing Arti’s extremely fierce movement, Tina and Rosetta gasp.
Without noticing that, Arti mutters,

「It is finished.」
「…Arti, that was amazing. It was a wonderful display of swordsmanship.」
「I have very good eyes, but I was barely able to catch your movement」 Rosetta says.
「When I cut it, it felt like a thin bear with a large figure.」
「Eh? It was thin?」

In a surprised manner, Rosetta begins to investigate the corpse of the demon bear.

「It’s hard to notice because of the thick fur, but this demon bear is really thin.」
「Does that mean this is not the one that ate the ten sheep?」
「…That’s impossible. I will go check inside the nest」
「I will go too. Arti and Tina stand guard at the entrance」

Although it is a large demon bear’s nest, it is too narrow for four people to enter simultaneously.

「I understand. Take care, Will-sama.」
「Please leave it to me」 Arti says.

And then, Rosetta and I enter the nest carefully.



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