35 – Baby Goat God-Beast


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

I happily pet the baby goat that is gently butting its head on me.

「You’re quite thin, aren’t you?」
「I see. You were busy feeding the sheep, so you could not eat much grass」

Since there were demon wolves prowling around, it was difficult to get the sheep out of the cave.
So, it seems that the baby goat collected grass with its mouth and carried it over to the sheep.
It sounds like quite the heavy labour. It is natural that he lost weight due to having a smaller portion to eat.

Rosetta, who is petting the sheep, says.
「The sheep have also become thin… but not as much as baby goat-chan. So thank you, baby goat-chan」
「You are a very admirable baby goat–」
「MeMeee! MeeeMeee」

The baby goat, who lived in the forest, noticed the sheep being chased by demon bear.
So, while protecting the sheep from the demon wolf, he led them into the cave.
After that, while feeding the sheep, he continuously drove off the demon wolves that came to attack every day.
Even though he is a child and still small, he is very remarkable.

We surround the flock of sheep with four people, and walk towards the village.
We decide that Rosetta will be the vanguard, and the left and right flank will be hold by Arti and Tina respectively, and lastly, the baby goat and I are the rear-guard.
When the sheep begin to scatter, the baby goat cries out 「Mee」, and the sheep fall in to order again.
The baby goat seems to be adept at commanding the sheep.

As we move forward in such fashion,
We could hear the howling of the demon wolf. Another one howls following the first one, and a chain of howling takes place.
They must have realized that the sheep have left the cave.

Upon hearing that, the sheep begin panicking, and Rosetta says.
「I’m going to start running a little. Let me know if it’s becomes hard to keep up」
「Understood」「I understand」
Tina and Arti reply.
Since Rosetta is facing forward, Arti responds properly with words.

「Leave the rear to me」「Mee!」「Pigi」
The beasts are also enthusiastic.

As we run for a while,
A demon wolf attacks from the right rear of the sheep flock.

「KYAUN!」 the baby goat head-butts the demon wolf away.
The demon wolf which was a couple times larger than the baby goat was blown away a few meters back and rolled on the ground.
Seeing that power, it is quite obvious that he was holding back when he head-butted Rosetta earlier.
It definitely couldn’t have been due to the difference in weight. This is surely the ability of a god-beast.

Tina shoots a fireball at the fallen demon wolf.
Looking at the panicking and exhausted sheep, Rosetta stops running.

「We will defeat them here!」

Seeing that we have stopped running, the demon wolves coordinate amongst themselves and begin to attack.

As expected of Arti, she continues to cut down each of the attacking demon wolves with one swing skilfully.
Rosetta aims her bow at the demon wolves that are far away and let loose the arrows. Each one of those arrows hit their mark.
Tina, while continuously shooting out magic spells, uses her cane to fight back against the demon wolves which approached close.
The baby goat rushes around, and gives a serving of its head-butts to the demon wolves.
Fluffy assumes giant-form, swallows the demon wolves and digests them instantaneously.
It is amazing because Fluffy excretes the valuable materials such as pelt, claws, fangs and magic stones along with the faeces without digesting them.
As for me, I knock down the demon wolves in close range with my fists, and defeat the ones at a distant by shooting magic bullets.

Everyone plays an active role, and the extermination of demon wolves comes to an end in no time.

「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you」

Fluffy grows larger and continues to swallow the demon wolves one by one and digests them.
It quickly digests and excretes material of value such as magic stones and pelt along with the faeces.
After processing them, Fluffy returns to its small size and jumps onto my shoulder.

「Fluffy is carcass disposal master」
「That was really helpful, Fluffy」
Fluffy wiggles around proudly.

After that, we stuff the loot into the bags and rush off to the village.
As we arrive at the village together with the sheep, the villagers become delighted.
It feels good to bring happiness to people.

Rosetta looks at me and asks.
「What will you do with the baby goat?」
「Shall we take it into the village?」 the village headman says.


The baby goat cries out loudly and hides behind me and watches Rosetta and the villagers from the gap in between my legs.
The baby is letting them know that he is going together with me.

「He seems to have taken a liking to me, so I want to take him back home with me」
「That’s for the best! The baby goat was able to repel the demon wolves, so I’m sure it is a magic-beast!」
As Tina says that, the village head nods.
「I see… if it is a magic-beast, then it might be better to leave it you」

With that, the baby goat was entrusted to me.

The villagers say they would like to give a warm welcome as gratitude, but Saria, Rose, and RunRun are waiting.
We politely declined and decided to return to the Academy of Heroes.
The villagers give us souvenirs and candies as gratitude instead.

On the way back, Rosetta says,
「Thank you very much. It was very helpful. If you are ever in any kind of trouble, please tell me」
「Don’t worry! We also had fun! And we are friends, so it goes without saying.」Tina says.
「You do not have to worry」 Arti says.
「I am also glad to have met baby goat. Let’s get along from now on too」

Baby goat and Fluffy cry out energetically.
On the way back to the academy, we walk while chatting and eating the candy we got from the village,

An unexpected incident happened while we were chatting happily and were about one hour walk away from the Royal Capital.


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