38 – Beast of Calamity


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

While spouting out smoke, the demon’s body melts into a muddy golden object.

「What is this? Do you know, Arti?」
This is a phenomenon I have never seen before.

「I do not know, but I think it is bad」
「I suppose」

Just now, in order to observe the demonization, I didn’t interfere with it.
This time however, I have a bad feeling. It would be better not to watch the changes silently.

「If it’s melting, then」

I shoot freeze magic.
The surrounding temperature drops immediately. The ground near the melting demon freezes and becomes white.
However, the demon continues to melt.

Tina releases fireball magic, and Rosetta shoots an arrow.
None of them have any effect.

「Let’s try everything and see what works」

I shoot a variety of magic to test which of them works.
Lightning, wind, gravity magic, light, darkness, heat; none of them work.
However, when I shoot a waterball,

The demon shrieks.
Is it the power of the Water God who governs healing? Or is it because of the purification aspect of Water magic?

「Tina, water attribute magic works!」
「I understand!」

Tina and I continuously shoot out water magic.
The shriek grows louder, and the muddy demon becomes a little smaller.
Only the part of the former demon’s muddy golden object which is being hit by water magic turns a little black.

「It is working!」
「Yeah! There is a reaction」

However, only a small amount has become smaller. The melted demon begins to take a new form rapidly.
And finally, changes into a new figure.

The figure has long golden fur, the height is 10 meters, and there are six legs and two tails.
It also has three blazing radiant red eyes and four wings on the back.
Due to hitting it with water magic, there are some black spots.

I stiffen for a moment.
「…………Beast of Calamity, Tenebris」

No, it is not Tenebris itself.
He had nine tails and his body was much larger than this.
A smaller version of the Beast of Calamity; it is probably the one called beastkin of the Beast of Calamity.

The Beast of Calamity, when I fought it in my past life was changing attributes every moment to render them useless.
In the case of the beastkin, the water attribute just happened to be effective this time.
It may be better to move under the presumption that water attribute magic would not always be effective on another beastkin.

「Rosetta! Tina! Run to the academy and ask President Xenovia for help!」
「What are you going to do, Will-sama?」
「I will stop it here!」
「I will too…」「M-Me too」
「You would just hold me back! Go already!」
「Understood」「I understand」

As I strongly state so, Rosetta and Tina start running without looking back.
They must have concluded that I was much stronger than both of them after witnessing my battle with the demon.

I activate the Transceiver Ring and call Xenovia.
The reason I told Rosetta and Tina to seek help from Xenovia is to make them escape from this place.
Rosetta and Tina have the kind of personality where they wouldn’t easily turn their backs and escape without a role to fulfil.

「Xenovia! A small-sized Tenebris appeared! The location is south of the Royal Capital—」
『Understood! That is the beastkin of the Beast of Calamity, the tail of Tenebris!』

I already heard from my disciples in advance that there were beastkin of the Beast of Calamity.

『I’ll head over there right away! Please try to stop the beastkin, but your safety is the top priority!』
「Of course」

After finishing the call and looking over to my side, Arti adopted a low stance and is standing ready.

「Arti, let’s buy some time」
「I understand. I will do my best」

Arti replies confidently, but her beloved sword was broken earlier.
Even Arti would be unreliable as a fighting strength with bare hands.

I hurry up and create a sword with magic.
The Metal God and Sword God were both my masters. I can create a sword at the very least.

「Use this」
「…this is?」
「It was made in haste, but it should serve better than the previous sword」
「Thank you」

I think of making a splendid sword for Arti later.

In the meantime, Tenebris groans.
It seems to be wary of us. It will definitely attack if we show an opening.
There is no doubt that we are its target, since it didn’t pursue Rosetta and Tina.

「Fluffy, baby goat, I’m counting on you」
「Now then, let’s fight, tail of the beast」

Although I would have fared better during the time in my past life, I’m still a growing 8-year-old child now.
So, I don’t have the luxury to go easy on this guy.
Therefore, I’m going to fight with my full power from the beginning with the intention of defeating it, while also somehow buying time.

「Arti, Fluffy, baby goat, when push comes to shove, let’s just escape」
Speaking that one line enthusiastically, I release a series of magic blades.

While groaning, the beastkin of the Beast of Calamity jumps away to dodge the magic blades and charges at me instantly.
That movement is as I expected.
I grab the rear right leg of the running beast with a large arm grown from the earth and restrain it.
The earth arm is cast from earth attribute magic.
The beast’s movement is halted due to the earth hand restraining its leg.

I immediately shoot magic lances.
Ten magic lances pierce into the body of the beastkin.

At the same time as the bellowing, golden smoke erupts from the beastkin’s body.
The earth hand that was gripping the leg and the spears which had pierced the body was shattered instantly.
And soon, the beastkin resumes charging at me at super high speed.



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