39 – Beastkin


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It is not the kind of movement one does when they have just been hit with magic lances.

「That didn’t deal even the slightest damage!」
I received the beastkin’s charge with a magic barrier.
What amazing impact. The barrier cracked.

The baby goat rammed its whole body against the beastkin.
Before I noticed, the baby goat had transformed into a larger figure. It was now about three meters tall.
The baby goat rammed its large body which was brimming with magic onto the beastkin.

The beastkin was blown away over a large distance.

Fluffy was already waiting at the spot where the beastkin was blown away.
Fluffy, who was now in its giant-form, enveloped a part of the beastkin’s body.

The beastkin screamed in pain.
The part where Fluffy had enveloped discoloured from gold to black and turned to ash.

As the same time as the beastkins roar, it spouted golden smoke from all over its body.
The moment Fluffy was hit by the smoke, it was blown away.
The beastkin tried to chase Fluffy who cried out.
The flash of Arti’s sword caught it right there. The flash severed the hind legs of the beastkin at the knee.
Red blood and golden smoke erupted from the cut surface.

The beastkin opened its mouth while turning towards Arti’s direction, and shot something of the sort of golden magic bullet from its mouth.
Arti dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth with superb body movement.
The beastkin has already started regenerating both its hind legs.
The magic bullet grazed Arti’s left arm.

Arti’s face distorted. Although there was no blood, the wound turned black.
If that magic bullet hits head on, then it’s instant death. Even a graze, would apply a curse which will kill you over time.

「That trick is the same as the Beast of Calamity!」

I shot the beastkin with waterball I made with magic.
The waterball was mixed with mud using earth magic. It was a water ball of mud with high viscosity.
It flew at high speed, and covered the face of the beastkin.

Even when its face was covered with the water ball, the beastkin continuously shot golden magic bullets from its mouth.
If it was just simple water, then it would have evaporated easily.
Even if the waterball hadn’t evaporated, it must have been penetrated through.
However, I had infused a large amount of magic into the water ball that covered the face of the beastkin.
The water ball completely absorbed all the golden magic bullets. I cancelled out the beastkin’s magic with my own.

The size of the water ball steadily decreased as it continued to cancel out the beastkin’s magic.
However, as soon as it gets smaller, I kept infusing more magic into the water ball so it does not diminish.

Probably due to losing patience, the beastkin spewed out heat wind magic from its mouth.
Still, the water ball does not disappear because I continued to supplement more magic into the edges where the waterball evaporated.

The field of vision of the beastkin was blocked by the muddy water. In addition, its greatest means of magic attack, its mouth, was also blocked off.
Even if it wanted to jump away, both its hind legs were cut off by Arti.

Even then, the beastkin resumed charging at me.
Even without vision, the beastkin was able to sense my presence.

Although, both its hind legs were still in the process of regenerating, the beastkin used its remaining four legs.
It was still fast even without the hind legs. It appeared in front of me in an instant, and swung the sharp right forefoot claw at me.
I dodged the attack by jumping back. However, the beastkin followed after me without a moment of delay.
It is going to be difficult to continue dodging the claws if this kept up. I erected a barrier and stopped the claws.


My barrier and the claws collided, and a blunt sound echoed out.
The beastkin exerted its entire body weight forcefully onto the claws. The barrier began cracking with every passing moment.
The beastkin and I faced each other at a very close distance with the barrier being the only thing between us.

「As expected, you’re strong」
At the same time, the barrier broke due to the pressure exerted by the claws. I immediately re-erected it.
When the barrier was re-erected, the beastkin’s claw was on the verge of making contact with my body.

Due to immediately re-erecting the barrier, the magic supply to the waterball had been reduced.
The beastkin did not miss this opportunity.

While roaring, the beastkin shot a golden magic bullet from its mouth.
The golden magic bullet penetrated my waterball, and smashed the barrier holding back its claws.

I somehow dodged it by deliberately falling on my back to the ground.
Still, the golden magic bullet grazed my right shoulder.

A burning sensation-like sharp pain ran through my right shoulder.

Immediately, the beastkin tried to crush me with its legs while I was still fallen on the ground.
I re-erected another barrier and stop the entire body of the beastkin from smashing onto me.

The beastkin bared its fangs at me. If the barrier is destroyed, I will fall prey to those fangs.
The only thing I can do to bolster my defence is to strengthen the magic supply towards the waterball and the barrier.

Arti slashed the beastkin that was still crushing on me.

She continued slashing one after the other at the beastkins two front legs, two middle legs and the two hind legs that had almost regenerated.
In addition, she cut off two of its tails. The beastkin writhed in pain on the ground.

「Will! Are you alright?!」
I jumped up from my fallen state and,
「I’m fine! Thanks for your help」
「How do we kill this guy?!」

Golden smoke erupted simultaneously with blood from the cut wound surface, and it began regenerating.



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