40 – Beastkin (2)


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While crying out, Fluffy covers the six cut wound surface of the beastkin with its body.
As it does, the regeneration of those legs stops.
Fluffy seems to be absorbing the golden smoke and inhibiting the regeneration.

The baby goat releases a sort of magic bullet from its small horns.
The magic bullet doesn’t fly very fast. If the beastkin still had its robust legs, the magic wouldn’t have hit.
However, all of its legs have been cut off now.
The beastkin has no other option but to jump off the ground using its whole body.
The baby goat’s attack easily hits the beastkin.

At the moment the magic bullet hits, the beastkins body is split open and its flesh hollowed out.
Blood and golden smoke is being spouted out from the hollowed part.

The hollowed part is about 0.1 meter in diameter.
It’s not a great deal of damage for the beastkin which is over ten meters tall.
In less than ten seconds, the regeneration of the hollowed part was completed.
However, the baby goat is rapidly firing the magic bullet-like attack.


The damage dealt by the baby goat exceeds the regeneration speed of the beastkin.
While roaring in pain, the beastkin shoots a golden magic bullet from its mouth.
But, that was cancelled out by my waterball and had no effect.
Fluffy’s corrosion also exceeds the regeneration speed.
Arti also continuously keeps slashing without slacking.
None of these attacks are fatal, but increasing the number of moves will surpass the beastkin’s regeneration.

「Keep up this rhythm!」

The baby goat’s attack is particularly amazing.
Since the attack is slow, it’s hard to use until after the beastkin’s movements have been restricted, but the effects are tremendous.

The beastkin roars and of all things, swallows my water ball.
It must have thought that the situation was turning worse by the moment, and made that choice out of impatience.

This is a great win. I continue to manipulate the water ball that has entered into the beastkin’s body.
Unlike the scions, the beastkin has very high magic resistance.
It is not easy to continue manipulating the waterball even with my full strength.


As the waterball covering the beastkins face is gone, it begins shooting golden magic bullets from its mouth again.

Fluffy, who was closest, took the blow head on and was blown away.
The baby goat, which was a little farther away, barely prevented a direct hit but injured his left forefoot.
I pour more magic into continuing to control the waterball. Inevitably, I have to neglect my defence.
In order to block the golden magic bullet, I could only erect a thin barrier. No, I could not do anything other than a thin barrier.
As if it was given, the barrier breaks down easily. I immediately re-erect it.
One barrier is consumed per golden magic bullet.
While erecting the barriers in a disposable manner, I continue exploring the body of the beastkin by moving around the waterball.

Meanwhile, another golden bullet attacks me.
The barrier breaks easily, and the fragments of the golden magic bullet graze me over and over again.
Each time, sharp pain runs through my body.

「This is the end!」
The magic core of the beastkin.
The water ball has finally reached the core which is the equivalent of the heart in living creatures.

Immediately, I explode the water ball mixed in with earth.
The power of Water God, in other words, the power of purification and healing; the power of Earth God, in other words, the power to grow plants and living organisms.
It is a water ball infused with the power of Gods.

The water ball smashes through the core of the beastkin.


The beastkin of the Beast of Calamity screams out in agony of death.
The golden smoke which is always spouted from the wounds disappears.
And the entire body changes to something akin to ash.
「Did we defeat it…?」
Arti still remains wary with her sword in hand.

Fluffy and baby goat, both are still on guard without releasing their giant-form.

「Aa, you can relax. We defeated it」

The core which has broken into three parts and the ash are the only thing that remains.
The moment I confirmed it is defeated, I feel relaxed.
Fatigue washes over me all at once.

However, I can’t let my guard down. I use magic to detect if there were still any enemies nearby.
As soon as I confirm that there is none left, I want to rest immediately, but healing and curse dispelment are also important.
Arti, baby goat, Fluffy and I were grazed by, the golden magic bullets of the beastkin.
We have received a curse that leads to death from those wounds.

「For now, we need to heal and dispel the curse」
I cast healing and curse dispelling magic on Arti first.

「T-Thank you very much」
「It would also be better to visit the medical office later」

Leaving aside the healing, the curse dispelling is a little difficult to pull off with an exhausted body.
Continuing that, I cast healing and curse dispelling magic onto Fluffy and baby goat.

Fluffy and baby goat, cry out happily.
Finally, I apply the same magic on myself, and the treatment ends.

After finishing the treatment, I sit my butt on the ground and stretch out my legs.

「I am so exhausted」
「You did great today. I am also tired」 Arti says.
「Good job, Arti. Fluffy and baby goat also, good job」

Fluffy and baby goat, return to their original size and climb on my feet.
I pet them for a while.

「Ah, yes, let’s collect the core and ash」
「Yes, I will take care of it」
「Thank you」

Arti picks up the broken core and the ashes and puts them into the bag.
Since there is too much ash, she only collects a part of it.
Fluffy assumed giant-form again and processes the remaining ash. It is a very hard working slime.

After that, Arti, and Fluffy who returned to its original size, came and sat down by my side.
Instead of saying sitting down, it would be accurate to say Fluffy is riding on my feet and is wiggling around.

「The beastkin was really strong」 Arti says.
「Yeah, I never thought there would be a two-step transformation, from human to demon and from demon to beastkin」
「Yes, I have never heard of this case either」

Apparently, this is an unusual case.
When I return, I have to stuff myself with more knowledge regarding the demons.

While thinking about that, Arti returns the sword that I gave her.

「Will, it is a wonderful sword. It was easier to wield than any sword I have ever used before」
Arti has become quite talkative, since the fierce battle ended just a moment ago.

「That’s good to hear. You can take the sword as it is」
「Is it okay?」
「Of course it is. Since I made the sword in a hurry, it is not as durable. So, let’s make a new sword next time」

Not as durable does not mean that it would break easily.
It means the deterioration over time is fast. Corrosion is also fast.
Sacrificing that durability, the blunting of the sword and chances of breaking increases with each use.
In about a month, it will drop to 80% of its current performance.

「Thank you, but is it okay?」
「Of course. I will also be troubled if Arti isn’t strong」

There will be more instances where I will have to fight together with Arti from now on.
It is better to have more strength.

「But if we’re already struggling this much just to defeat a mere beastkin, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the real Tenebris」
I have to grow more than ever before facing off against the real Tenebris.
Thinking so, I renew my resolve.



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