41 – Meeting in the President’s Office


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After a short break, the Sword Saint Xenovia and Small Sage Milt arrived.
The two were riding on the back of a large wyvern each.
Wyverns are faster than horses, so they’re the best means of transportation.

Xenovia was relieved to see us resting.

「It seems to be over already」Xenovia said.
「Yes, it was a hard fought battle」
「Of course it was. It’s a beastkin after all」 Xenovia nodded.

Milt received the beastkin core fragments and ashes from Arti and said while examining them.

「I never thought you would be able to exterminate it. Cold shivers ran through my body when I got the call」

My disciples must have concluded that a beastkin was still out of our leagues.
Without the help of Fluffy and baby goat, who are god-beasts, the most we could’ve have done was stall for time.

Xenovia touched her disciple, Arti, and checked for injuries.

「Umu, there seems to be no injury」

「Will has already treated me」
「I see. That’s relieving. Has your sword changed?」
「I am sorry. The sword I received from Master, was broken in the fight with the demon」
「It was broken, I see. We’ll have to find another method if it breaks against a demon」
After Milt secured the core into the bag, he tossed the cold corpses of the attackers into the bag.
It seemed to be a magic bag which has an expanded internal storage.

「We might not be able to identify them, but I’ll have to check just in case」

And Milt continued.
「Let’s discuss the details back in the Academy. Both of you should get on the back of the wyverns」
「Thank you, I can relax for a while」

I rode on the back of Milt’s wyvern together with baby goat and Fluffy. While Arti rode on Xenovia’s wyvern.

「Master, I have a request」 Arti said.
「Fumu? What is it?」
「Let’s pick up Tina and Rosetta who are still running to get help on the way」
「Umu, alright」

After taking off to the sky, Milt asked quietly.
「At which point did Tina and Rosetta go to ask for help?」
「Just before contacting Xenovia-sama」 I said.
「I see. That means they had seen the beastkin」
「Yes, that is so」
「Then it would be better to explain the situation to Tina and Rosetta too」
「I think that’s a good idea」

On the way, we found Tina and Rosetta who were sweating profusely due to running with all their might. We had them ride on Xenovia’s wyvern.
The two were relieved to see us safe and sound.
And we returned to the Academy of Heroes.
I wanted to meet Saria and RunRun, but they were still in classes at the nursery.
We headed straight to Xenovia’s President Office.
Not only Arti, Tina and Rosetta, but also Milt, Fluffy and baby goat entered into the office.

Tina and Arti were instructed by Xenovia every morning, so entering into the president’s office and meeting face to face with Xenovia doesn’t make Tina nervous.
However, Rosetta was quite nervous. This was probably the first time she has entered the president’s office.

We were prompted by Milt, who sat on a couch at the back, to sit on the couch facing him.
It was a large couch that still had a surplus of room even when four people sat on it.
We sat in an order which from the right Rosetta, Tina, I and then Arti.
Fluffy rode on my shoulder. While, the baby goat sat on my lap with its hips pointed towards my body and cutely waved its tail.

For the time being, I gently pet Fluffy, who was on my right shoulder.
It felt so fluffy to the touch.
Then I gently stroked the back of the baby goat.

At that time, Xenovia who was in the back of the room came back with tea and candy for everyone.

「Master, I have made you do my job for me…」 Arti said.

Xenovia said with a smile to Arti, who stood up flustered.
「Don’t worry. Arti is also a guest right now」

Milt looked at us while watching Xenovia distribute tea and candy to everyone.

「Some of us are meeting for the first time. So, self-introductions are in order」

The president, Xenovia, knows Rosetta and greeted her at the entrance exam.
However it is not the same for Milt. He was meeting Rosetta and Tina for the first time.

「I am Milt, Milt Edel Valiras」
「I am honoured to be able to meet a disciple of the Great Sage. I am…」

Rosetta was surprised and stiffened, but Tina began to introduce herself even while being surprised.
As expected of a member of the imperial family. Greeting people of great stature are familiar occurrences.
Milt smiled at Tina.

「Tina Dion Irmady. You are my fellow brother’s apprentice. Naturally, I would know of you」
「I am honoured」
「I also know of Rosetta. An excellent hunter who has received the love of the Hunting God」
「…You know of me?」
「Of course」

Rosetta seemed to be touched from the bottom of her heart.
After distributing the tea and sweets, Xenovia sat next to Milt and said.

「Now, let’s hear the story. First, I want Rosetta to explain in detail what she saw」

Xenovia first asked Rosetta, the least knowledgeable about the cult.
She must have wanted to find out how much information Rosetta has learned.

Rosetta nodded and politely explained about the events starting from leaving the academy.
That part is an explanation that was unnecessary to Xenovia and Milt.
However, both of them did not show such a gesture and listened with interest.

「And the demon whose head was cut off… turned into the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris?」
「Hou? What do you mean by the Beast of Calamity?」 Xenovia asked.
「I don’t know. I just heard what Will said」

Speaking of that, I was so surprised that I did slightly run my mouth.
Listening and memorizing that properly in the middle of battle must be due to having received the love of the Hunting God.

「Fumu, if you already know that much, then it would be best to teach you more about it. What do you think, Milt?」
「I’ll leave that decision up to you, Xenovia」
「I see. Children, listen carefully」

Xenovia looked at us with a serious expression.



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