42 – Meeting in the President’s Office (2)


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Both Tina and Rosetta nervously took in a deep breath.
Arti was not particularly nervous. She was sitting with a straight posture as usual.

The baby goat was heartily eating the candy that was served before me.
It was even gulping down my tea.

「The baby goat might have been hungry」
It started thinning while bringing the grass to the sheep.
The baby goat had lightly eaten some grass, but due to constantly moving around, it hasn’t had a proper meal in a while.

After it finished eating my share of the candy, the baby goat started eating Arti’s.

「H-Hey, baby goat, you can’t eat Arti’s candy」

The baby goat tilted its neck as though it didn’t understand my words, and continued chomping down on the candy.

「I don’t mind. You can eat them」 Arti said.
「You can eat my share as well. After all, you protected the sheep」 Rosetta said.
「You can eat mine too」 Tina said.

The baby goat seemed delighted to be offered candies by everyone.
Looking at that scene unfold Xenovia said.

「…Let me bring you additional candies. Milt, go to the back and bring plenty of them」
「Alright, I’ll go and bring them now」

Milt went to the back of the room to pick up candies and tea.
We can’t let a Small Sage carry out such petty chores.
Tina and Arti stood up thinking so, but Xenovia halted them with her hand.
And Xenovia started explaining.

「Tenebris is actually…」

The people we fought this time are those who are planning to resurrect the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris.
The name of these people is the Tenebris Cult and they are the nemesis of the Salvation Organization, Xenovia said.
The cult includes demons and was also the ones who attacked Tina before admission; Xenovia exposited on that story.

「The last beast that appeared is the beastkin that is called as the tail of Tenebris. Good job on defeating that」 Xenovia said.

And although I haven’t officially decided, Xenovia implied that I was Milt’s direct disciple.

「Will and Arti are both talented enough to be welcomed into the Salvation Organization at anytime」 Xenovia said.
「So that’s why, they both are so knowledgeable and strong!」 Rosetta said.
「I agree」
Both Rosetta and Tina seemed to agree.
Xenovia said as such in order not to reveal my past life as Edelfuss.
I thanked Xenovia in my heart for her consideration.

Xenovia said towards Tina.
「Dion was supposed to explain all this to you, Tina」
My disciple, the beloved child of the Water God, Dion Edel Aqua, is Tina’s master.
This important story was supposed to be heard from her master.

「Unexpectedly, before receiving the explanation, you had already encountered the beastkin and a demon…」
Xenovia had a slightly troubled expression. She must be prepared to get an earful from Dion.

「I was the one who gave out the permission to venture outside without considering the present danger」

Arti was the one who received the permission to go out. She probably asked from Xenovia directly.
Xenovia couldn’t have predicted that we would encounter a demon and even a beastkin to boot.
That’s why Xenovia had given out the permission to go out.
Actually, if it was just the assailants from the cult, then just Arti and I alone can easily drive them back.

Rosetta raised her hand anxiously.
「President-sensei, I think this is a very serious story, but was it okay for me to hear this?」
「It was not desirable, but since you already knew so much, it can’t be helped」
「That’s right. Assuming that such situations would occur, you were all asked to sign an oath when you enrolled into the academy」 Milt, who came back with plenty of candies, said so.

I certainly do remember signing the oath during the guidance after the entrance ceremony.
The contents of the oath entailed details such as to fight against the enemies of humanity without fear of death, never expose the information you learn and such.

「Rosetta, you are also a member of the Academy of Heroes, no longer an ordinary civilian」 Xenovia said.
「Yes, I have made my resolution」

In response to Rosetta, Xenovia nodded deeply.
Then, Xenovia looked at me and Arti.

「Arti, Will, please explain the circumstances again」

The reason Rosetta was asked first, was to confirm the information Rosetta had learned.
This next question was to know the kind of enemy we faced.

Arti and I talked in chronological order from the encounter with attackers till the arrival of Xenovia and Milt.
Xenovia and Milt were listening with a serious expression.

Meanwhile, while I was explaining, the baby goat was chomping down the candies brought by Milt.
I don’t know if it is alright for a goat to eat human candies, but I’m sure a god-beast would turn out fine.
The baby goat was sitting on my lap with its butt pointed towards my body, and was flapping its tail.
The tail was flapping on my face, but it was rather comfortable.

Milt listened to Arti and my explanation while leaning forward.
After the explanation ends, Milt slouched back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling.

「There has never been a case where the corpse turned into a demon」
「…and from a demon transforming into a beastkin either」 even Xenovia said as such.
「…I have to investigate further into this」
「I’ll leave that up to you, Milt」
「Ah, I know」

And then Xenovia said.
「Good work everyone. I’ll contact you later… so, take a well-deserved rest today」
「Yes, thank you」
「Rosetta, you have learned too much today. So, you might be burdened with more requests after this」
「I am honoured. I will do my best」
「Umu, I hope so」

When we stood up, Milt said.
「I think everyone knows this now, but carelessly venturing out is prohibited」
「We understand」

As I responded, Milt nodded humbly.



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