43 – Return


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After leaving the president’s office, everyone was silent.
Even Fluffy was quiet on my shoulder instead of wiggling around.
Only the kid goat was enthusiastically head-butting my leg.
Perhaps it was an expression of affection by the kid goat.

「Yes, yes, it’s ok.」I pet the kid goat.
As I pet the kid goat, it cried out happily.

From now on, the kid goat’s body will grow larger. As that happens, the head-butt might also start to hurt.
Therefore, I reminded the kid goat just in case.

「Choose the people who you want to head-butt, and do so gently」

The kid goat seemed to have understood my words. I’m glad that it is such a clever goat.

Rosetta stopped walking as we got a distance away from the president’s office.
「Haaaaaaaaa… I was so nervous」

At the same time, Rosetta’s tail, which was hanging down, stretched upwards.
Then, it slowly began to swing.
She just met two members of the Council of Sages who holds the supreme authority in the world. Naturally, she would be nervous.

「Mee?」 the kid goat cried out and head-butted Rosetta.
It was a gentle head-butt as I advised it earlier.
The head-butt was probably to relax Rosetta a bit.

「Thank you, kid goat」 Rosetta smiled and stroked the kid goat.

「It might have been surprising for Rosetta」
「Yeah, unlike everyone, I am just mediocre…」

She probably meant mediocre when compared to the rest of the students in Academy of Heroes.
In general terms, Rosetta is an exceptional talent and an excellent individual.
From my point of view, I’d say she is excellent even among the Academy of Heroes.

「I think that Rosetta is full of talent」
「Will is kind! I am happy even if it is flattery」 Rosetta said with a smile.

「I was also really nervous」 Tina said.
「There may be more opportunities to meet them in the future」 Rosetta said.
「It is a privilege」

Even though we were still in the main building, everyone was avoiding the nouns related to the cult and Council of Sages while conversing.
It was a good practice. I hope to follow their example too.

「If you have anything you want to ask or consult, feel free to come to my room」 I said.
「I see! Because Will-sama and I are friends, we can play in your room」

I intended that statement for Rosetta, but it was Tina who replied happily.
「Ah, I think Tina, Rosetta, and Arti are all friends…」
「Me too! I think Will-sama, Rosetta, and Arti are friends!」
「I think of everyone as my friends too」 Arti said.
「I am Will’s friend too! Of course, Tina and Arti are too!」
「…friends, ehehe」 Tina was grinning alone.

While I was wondering what she was laughing about, she even teared up a little.
Tina seemed to be very happy to have more friends. She must have really hoped to have friends for a long time.

「Rosetta, Arti, and Tina, you can come to my room for any kind of help」
「Yes! Thank you!」

The rooms in the dormitory are chosen by the students themselves. So, everyone’s rooms are close to each other.
And my room is just in the middle of all, which is just perfect for a meeting spot.

After parting ways with Tina and Arti, Rosetta and I headed to the nursery.
While we were off doing various things, the classes at the nursery were already over.


Saria and RunRun rushed at me joyfully.
RunRun barked in a soft voice, probably due to taking into consideration the children that were around him.

「Saria, RunRun, I am back. Were you guys good today?」

I petted both Saria and RunRun, and RunRun’s tail started to wag intensely.
Nearby, Rosetta and Rose were also pleased to be reunited like us.

Perhaps due to being cautious of Saria and RunRun, the kid goat was hiding behind me.
It observed them from between my legs, and Saria did not miss the kid goat which was hiding.

「Anicha! Who is this!? So cute!」
「I haven’t given it a name yet, but it’s a kid goat」
「Wooow… amazing!」
「Kid goat, this cute little girl is my sister, Saria. This big dog is RunRun」
「It is so white and cute!」

Saria began petting the head of the kid goat that was poking out from between my legs.
The kid goat seemed pleased.

「Shiro-chan is cute…」
「Nn? Do you want to name the kid goat, Shiro?」
「Yes, because it is white and cute!」
「I see, do you like it kid goat?」

The kid goat seemed to be saying 「Thank you for naming me, and I like the name too」.
I’m glad that, Shiro himself liked the name.

Rosetta’s sister, Rose, seemed to be interested in Shiro too as she was shaking her tail while looking at Shiro.
「Shiro-chan, nice to meet you!」
As Rose and Saria petted him, Shiro seemed to be in a delighted mood.
He got out from between my legs, while shaking his short tail, rubbed his body on them.

RunRun was curiously sniffing Shiro’s scent.
It might be a greeting between fellow beasts.

Then, we joined together with Arti and Tina, and ate dinner at the cafeteria.
Following that, we went back to our rooms, took a bath, and decided to turn in early.
Since, Saria seemed tired from the first day of class.

I asked Saria on the bed.
「Was the class interesting?」
「Yes, interesting!」
「That’s good」
「and then you see! Rose-chan was…」

Saria joyfully began talking about the things that happened today, and after a while, she fell asleep.
While stroking Saria’s soft hair, I said to RunRun who was lying on the floor.

「RunRun, thank you for today」

RunRun silently wagged his tail. He was being cautious as not to wake Saria up.
Since RunRun has a large body, he didn’t climb onto the bed. He might be holding back.
Shiro and Fluffy were sleeping on the bed.
「RunRun, don’t worry and climb on to the bed」
RunRun silently moved, and climbed up towards my feet quietly.

「You can come a bit closer」

As I said that, RunRun quietly moved closer to my side.
I petted him plenty, as I couldn’t let him accompany me today.

「Plenty of things happened today. At first, I was trying to exterminate a demon bear, but…」
RunRun’s tail wagged vigorously.
If RunRun had been together with me, it would’ve been a great help during the fight.
Next time, I’ll ask Xenovia about the safety level of the academy, and if it seemed safe enough, I’ll bring RunRun along.
While sharing the event that unfolded today to RunRun, I fell asleep.



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