44 – Waking up and Breakfast


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The next day after defeating the beastkin, called the Tail of the Demon King Beast of Calamity Tenebris.

「…Shiro, please stop riding on people’s face」

I woke up to the kid goat god-beast, Shiro, riding on my forehead.
It was still dark when I looked out. The morning glow has just begun and the sky was a little red.

Beside me, Saria was still fast asleep while hugging RunRun.
「Shiro, go to sleep until Saria wakes up. Not to mention, you’re heavy」
Shiro is a goat with a height of 0.5 meters, but he is really heavy when riding on my forehead.

「But still, you are quite dexterous to be able to place all four legs on my narrow forehead」

Shiro proudly bleated.
I know that goats like high places and they love to climb up.
But that doesn’t mean it is okay to ride on my sleeping forehead. It isn’t that high in the first place.
RunRun’s back is much higher.

As I turned towards RunRun while thinking that,
He was sound asleep with his belly on display.
Even Shiro might have been hesitant to ride on RunRun’s stomach.
I hugged Shiro and moved him onto my stomach.
「I’m going to sleep a little more, Shiro should sleep too」

To put Shiro to sleep, I gently patted him.
At first, Shiro stood on my stomach, but immediately sat down and started to fall asleep.
And I fell asleep again.

「Anicha, Anicha, it is already morning」

Saria shook me awake.
「Good morning, Saria」
「Good morning!」

Since Saria is already awake, it was time to wake up.
I raised my body up on the bed.

Saria seems to have been playing with the kid goat next to the bed.
After confirming that I woke up, Saria resumed playing.

The kid goat looked like he was having fun, trying to butt his head on Saria.
Saria was laughing and sneaking around trying to ride on the back of the kid goat.
RunRun was sitting nearby and looking over Saria playing.
Incidentally, Fluffy was still asleep next to my pillow.

After that, I lightly prepare myself and Saria, and head for the cafeteria.

「Breakfast! Saria wants omelette!」
「Yes, the omelette is delicious. You can eat as much as you want」
「Ai!」 Saria replied cutely.

Saria ate the omelette joyfully with a spoon.
She is a very good child, who doesn’t throw a tantrum when she doesn’t get the food she desires or plays with her food while eating; I simply clean up food that spills over Saria, which is quite easy.

Saria lost her parents at a young age, and was often taken care of by the retainers of the main family.
Moreover, taking care of Saria is not included in the work of the retainers.
I was spoiled by the kindness of the retainers.

On the other hand, although Saria is young, she was rarely spoiled. She has good manners and does not ask for selfish things.
She might have been holding back due to forethought towards the retainers while living with them.
Thinking so pains my heart.
I would be relieved if she acted a bit more selfish.

Beside me, RunRun and Fluffy were happily eating their own breakfast.
On the other hand, Shiro was drinking his milk vigorously with his face plunged deep in the bucket.
I could hear Shiro gulping down the milk.

「Shiro, you don’t have to bury your face so deep」
If he buries his face too deep, he won’t be able to breathe through his nose.
Shiro’s head was buried so deep that only his horns can be seen from the outside.
I felt a little anxious.

For several days, Shiro was dedicated to feeding the sheep while fending off the demon wolves.
He was doing his best at the expense of his own diet.
Moreover, Shiro was starving for a while even though he was still a kid.
So, it is understandable that he is so gluttonous.
From now on, I want Shiro to eat to his heart’s content.

While crying out with a strange voice, Shiro raised his face and inhaled a breath full.
A considerable amount of milk was spilled on the floor.
And again, Shiro plunged his face into the bucket and started drinking.

Cleaning this up is going to be troublesome, but it can’t be helped.
From tomorrow, let’s change the milk bucket to a smaller one.
If the bucket is smaller, Shiro won’t be able to plunge his head deep.
If he finished drinking the milk, we can just refill it, and there would be less wastage from spilling.

I eat my breakfast hurriedly, to clean up the mess made by Shiro on the floor.

「Saria, eat slowly. It is bad for digestion」

After finished eating breakfast in a hurry, I started cleaning the mess Shiro made.
Cleaning is my specialty. It feels good when I clean something that’s dirty and make it beautiful.
Shiro continued drinking and spilling while I was cleaning the floor.

…I want him to drink as much as he wants and grow up big.

When Shiro finished drinking the bucket of milk, he made a burp sound, 「Gefu」.

And with his face that was drenched in milk,
He tried to head-butt my back while I was cleaning.

「Shiro, please stop that head-butt」
If I allowed that head-butt now, my clothes will be covered in milk.
Then, I wiped Shiro’s face carefully with a clean cloth.

At the same time, Fluffy cried out in a small voice. Fluffy seems to have just finished his meal as well.

「What is it, Fluffy?」
I looked at Fluffy while wiping Shiro’s face; it was flat on the floor in the size of approximately 1 meter square.

「Fluffy, what exactly… oh!」
I suddenly noticed.
The spot where Fluffy was lying flat, was the spot where Shiro spilled his milk.

「Are you cleaning it up, Fluffy?」

Apparently that seems to be what Fluffy was doing. After all, it was able to digest the carcass of the demon bear instantly.
Spilled milk is no big deal for it.

「That’s helpful, Fluffy」
Fluffy seemed to be saying, it is the dessert after a meal.

Next, Fluffy approached Shiro and stuck to Shiro’s body.
It was particularly moving around and stroking the face.

「Mee! Mee!」

Shiro didn’t seem to be uncomfortable either; he might actually be feeling good.
As a matter of fact, Fluffy even took in the cloth I used to wipe Shiro’s face into its body, and pulled out the cloth in a clean state.

「You’re amazing, Fluffy」

While I was praising Fluffy, Arti joined us.
「Good morning, Arti. Listen, Fluffy is amazing」
「Let’s listen to it later. The President has called for you, so it would be best to head there right away」
The President is the Sword Saint Xenovia, who is Arti’s master and my disciple in past life.

「Understood, let’s go as soon as I send Saria to the nursery」
Arti nodded as I said so.



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