45 – To the President’s Office


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Saria who was still eating her breakfast, said cheerfully.
「Good morning, Aru-neechan!」
「Good morning, Saria!」
「Do you want some omelette, Aru-neechan?」
「Thank you, but I have already eaten my fill of breakfast」
「Is that soooo…」

Saria seemed to be relieved that Arti was not hungry.
Arti sat down on the chair next to Saria.
RunRun, who just finished eating breakfast, went to put his chin on Arti’s lap.

Arti gently patted RunRun’s head with a laugh, 「hehe」.
As I thought on the first day I met her, Arti really seemed to be fond of dogs.

Then, Fluffy climbed up onto the table and collected Saria’s leftover food.
It is a slime that is eager to work.

「Do you want this, Fluffy?」
Saria brought a spoonful of omelette close to Fluffy.
Perhaps Saria was worried that Fluffy was hungry.

「Saria, you can eat that. Fluffy has already eaten breakfast」
Fluffy was wiggling around, to indicate that he was agreeing with my words.
Seeing that, Saria seemed relieved and resumed eating

「Eat slowly」

The instruction was to head to the President’s Office as soon as possible, but Arti waited for me without rushing.
If it was an emergency, Xenovia would have come to my room directly or would have contacted me through the Transceiver Ring.
That was why I was taking it slow.
After all, Saria seemed to be enjoying her breakfast, so I didn’t want to rush her.

So I decided to explain to Arti how amazing Fluffy was.

「As I was saying before…」

I told her about how Fluffy cleaned the spilled milk and the cloth I used to wipe the milk on Shiro’s face.

「That is… amazing」
「That’s right」

Fluffy also looked proud.
After thinking awhile, Arti said.

「During long adventures, there are many things that can’t be washed or taken into the bath」
「…I see, if we depend on Fluffy, we might be able to maintain the cleanliness of our laundry」
「Fluffy might dislike it though」 Arti said.
「Fluffy is saying he doesn’t dislike it」
「Is that so? Then that is fine」

And after Saria finished eating breakfast, we returned to our room briefly.
We finished our final preparations, and head towards the nursery.
RunRun will be keeping company with Saria today too.

After that, Arti and I headed towards the President’s Office.
Arti stopped in front of the door.

「Mu? Aren’t you coming in with me?」
「Yes, Master told me to bring along Will alone」
「I see… I have burdened you」
「I do not mind」

After parting ways with Arti, Fluffy, RunRun and I entered the President’s Office. Xenovia and Milt were waiting for me inside.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting, there were a lot of preparations to be taken care of」
「Don’t worry. Please sit down」

As Xenovia suggested so kindly, I sat down on the couch.
Fluffy sat beside me on the couch, and Shiro stood on my lap.

「I heard you had called for me. What could it be about?」

「Will. No, Master. Please let us hear again about the details of the battle yesterday」

It was Milt who said that. It might be necessary for the investigation.

However, I was a little worried about the sudden change in tone.

「Ah, I will prepare tea」

「That’s alright」

Xenovia went to the back of the room to brew tea.

I asked after Xenovia went to the back.

「Both of you suddenly changed your tone, what happened?」

「No, various things happened between us」


It seems that Milt and Xenovia have made a clear standard.

When there are only those who know me as Edelfuss are gathered, they would address me as Master it seems.

From now on, they would be relying more on my power and knowledge as Edelfuss.

That’s why it is better to establish this standard. Yes, it seems that they had thought about this all night long yesterday.

I don’t mind that, but I don’t think it warrants thinking overnight about it.

「It is appropriate. As long as it doesn’t reveal me as the reincarnation of Edelfuss」

「We won’t let that happen」

Apparently Milt and Xenovia were determined on this.

As a supreme authority, it was a desirable personality.

They both have grown up splendidly. I am extremely happy.

「So, I have already talked about how the battle played out yesterday. Which part exactly do you wish to hear in detail?」

「The difference between the beastkin and the Beast of Calamity, and if there was anything in particular that caught Master’s eye」

「…let’s see」

I speak while sorting through the information in my head.

「The easiest thing I felt in the battle against the beastkin was the ease of using the attribute magic」

The Demon King, Beast of Calamity Teinebris, had only one attribute magic that was effective against it.

Moreover, the attribute which were effective against it changed every moment. Therefore, it was extremely troublesome.

However, the water attribute magic was always effective against the beastkin.

「Milt, are there cases of water attribute being effective against other beastkin?」

「No, according to the previous reports, the effective attribute magic was the disjoint attribute」

In other words, when fighting a beastkin, we have to first look for an effective attribute.

However, the effective attribute doesn’t change after that. That fact alone makes it much easier.

「Yesterday, Master said that you managed to destroy the core but…」 Milt said.

「Because the beastkin drank my waterball. I simply got lucky」

I used the exact same technique I used on the scions.

As I explained the exact method that was used to defeat the beastkin, Milt took in a deep breath.

「As expected of Master, even when you’re in a young form. What incredible magic power」

「Is that so? It is still a ways away from my past life」

「Leaving aside myself, most mages in the Salvation Organization would find that to be an impossible feat」

「It was difficult even for me. I was only able to pull it off because Arti, Shiro and Fluffy continued their relentless attacks」

Thanks to Arti and the rest, the beastkin was unable to allocate magic to regeneration.

Therefore, even in my eight-year-old body, I was able to continue controlling the waterball.

As I finished explaining about the battle yesterday,

「Master, I have a request and some advice」

Milt said humbly.



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