46 – Consultation with Disciples


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Since Milt was sitting upright, I also corrected my posture.

「What? You can say anything you want」

「First is the request. Would you help me investigate the demons and the beastkin?」

「Of course I don’t mind, but… I am a student of the academy now. Isn’t it okay to order me?」

「I can’t do that. We don’t usually request this of students」

He was indicating that he wants to rely on my knowledge as Edelfuss, rather than the student, Will.

「Of course, I’m going to cooperate」

「Thank you」

Xenovia brought in tea and candies.

「Thank you for serving a portion to Fluffy and Shiro too」

「No, no. They are both godbeast-sama after all. I have to pay them due respect too」

I held Fluffy in one arm and placed him on the table. It would be easier to eat the candy.


Fluffy expressed his gratitude and started eating the candy and drinking the tea.


Shiro shook his short tail fervently while sitting on my lap.

The tail fluttered in my face. That doesn’t bother me.

Instead of his portion, Shiro started eating the candy in my portion.

「Shiro, restrain yourself a little. Eat your own portion first」


Although it is fine now, it would be troublesome if he starts eating the food from the next person’s plate in the cafeteria.

I put down Shiro from my lap, and stood him on my right side.

Then, I placed Shiro’s portion of tea and candy on my lap.

「Eat from this」


Shiro obediently started eating his own portion.

He is still a kid goat. In fact, he is a baby goat.

So, I would have to teach him manners from now on.

While gently petting Shiro’s back, I said to Milt.

「So, I understand your request, but what about the advice?」

「There are two. The first is related to Master becoming my disciple. Of course, it is simply pretence for the outside world」

「Thank you for that, but… I only have one pillar of guardian deity」

「That is just to be used as an educational guide, not for measuring the true ability of an individual」

It prevents accidents such as teaching swordsmanship and magic instead of the bow to someone who has the Hunting God as their guardian deity.

Milt said that the guardian deity love value measuring device is only built for that purpose.

「Well, it became too famous and started being used to measure talent…」

The love value measuring device is a revolutionary invention that made it possible to measure talent fairly accurately; the birth of a machine that can measure talent.

It is not difficult to imagine, the impact made by such an invention.

「Talent is not completely dependent on love value, but…」

Milt says so, but the current situation is inevitable.

The measuring device is simple to use and too convenient.

「I understand being Milt’s disciple. So, what is the second advice?」

「It is regarding Rosetta」

As Milt says so, Xenovia puts on a serious expression.

「Based on Master’s judgement, what do you think of Rosetta?」

「She has excellent scouting skills. The footprint tracking and discovering was superb」

「What about combat power?」

「Let’s see… She still lacks training but is excellent in handling bows. She also has a good sense of posture and stance」

「Master sure is praising her much」

Xenovia said so and looked very happy.

They were able to enrol an excellent student. It is natural that Xenovia, the president, was pleased.

「I’m certain Rosetta will be an excellent scout. After graduation, it would be good to accept her into the Salvation Organization」

「Master, What do you think of Rosetta’s personality?」

Milt asked. He had a very serious expression.

He must be worried about how much information to reveal to Rosetta and the kind of task to assign her.

「She is honest and reminds me of my sister. I think she has a likeable personality」

「How did Master feel about having a party of four yesterday?」

「It is well-balanced. So it’s good.」

He was perhaps thinking of training them by having them party up with me.

Tenebris will resurrect on the heyday. At least that’s how the Human God puts it.

I do not know how many decades that would take.

However, I doubt my old disciples could still maintain their current fighting strength at that time.

Both Xenovia and Milt understood that.

「There is no doubt that the young blood needs to be trained before the resurrection of the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris.」

Those who are close to me are already in their prime. In other words, it is necessary to train those who are close to me in age.

「To have a party of four is the best I could as for.」

「Thank you. I am sorry for troubling Master」

Xenovia bowed as the President of the Academy of Heroes.

「Don’t worry. I just do what I can」

「Master, what do you think about adopting Rosetta as our direct disciple?」

Milt asked me.

If I become a disciple of Milt, all four of us except Rosetta, will be the direct disciples of the Council of Sages.

It would be much better if Rosetta was also the direct disciple of someone.

「I think you should adopt Rosetta as a disciple… or is there any problem?」

「We have no problem in adopting her as a direct disciple, but we don’t have someone who excels in scouting skill.」 Milt said.

「Is it really necessary for the master and disciple to have the same field of expertise?」

In my past life, I was a sage who manipulated all-attribute magic, but besides Milt, I also had a swordsman and a hero as disciple.

Even if their job was different, I was still able to teach them.

「If you are undecided then, you should make Rosetta into Regina’s disciple」

I recommended Hero Regina as Rosetta’s master candidate.



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