47 – Consultation with Disciples (2)


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Milt seemed a little bewildered.

「Regina as Rosetta’s master?」

One hundred years ago, Hero Regina was a battle idiot. She doesn’t have a shred of scout skills.

The fact that Milt was bewildered must mean that she is still the same even after a hundred years.

「Scout skills can be taught by another person. Regina can use bows and daggers」

Hero Regina excels in handling all kinds of weapons.

Naturally, that includes bows, daggers, and bare hands to boot.

「Whom were you guys thinking about adopting Rosetta as a disciple?」

「We were thinking of it being either me or Xenovia…」

「I thought of becoming the master, if we were to focus on weapon combat skills」 Xenovia said.

「And if she wasn’t particular about weapon combat skills, she could be a mage under me instead」

「I see. I think the two of you can guide her well enough, but…」

Even so, it seemed to me that Regina is more suitable.

However, I still don’t understand why Milt was bewildered when I recommended Regina.

So, I asked him directly.

「Is there any particular reason why Regina is not a good fit to be Rosetta’s master?」

「That’s not it…」

Milt hesitated. He said it in a way which suggested Xenovia to take over.

「Master, that is not so. Regina does not adopt any disciple」

For the last 100 years, the members of the Council of Sages have nurtured disciples regularly.

All of them were very active in various places.

The current fame, power, and authority of the Salvation Organization are greatly influenced by their disciples.

「But Regina took only one disciple nine years ago」

「Fumu, did something happen between Regina and that disciple?」

「…five years after joining, Regina’s disciple died」

Xenovia seemed a little heart-broken as she said, as was Milt.

「Because that was Regina’s beginning period of accepting disciples, the feelings runs deep among all of us」

「It definitely wasn’t due to bad guidance on Regina’s part」

Regina’s apprentice was an excellent talent. That is why they were targeted by the Tenebris Cult.

The cult released an evil monster in the city where Regina was positioned, and that too when Regina was away.

Regina’s disciple fought the powerful monster to buy time to protect the people.

The disciple played a huge role in defending the city until Regina arrived.

However, the disciple was already fatally wounded and couldn’t be saved in time with healing magic.

「And then Regina stopped taking in disciples」 Xenovia said.

「Even if we urged her『I’m not capable of taking in a disciple』is what she says」

「Since we also know about the past, it is difficult to strongly urge her…」

「I see」

I can’t imagine how sad Regina must have been.

Just imagining it makes me sad too.

The disciple was probably targeted because they were the disciple of the strongest Hero.

Because Regina understands that, she doesn’t want to take a disciple.

「Then, can I become Regina’s disciple instead and Milt become Rosetta’s master?」


Milt looked like he just received a shock.

「It’s just for on paper」

「B-But, Master is a mage…」

Milt was trying to say, it would be suspicious if a mage was taken in by Regina instead of himself.

「I understand what you’re trying to say, but wouldn’t Regina be relieved if I was the disciple?」

「Fumu… That might just work」 Milt said.

「Regina is the type who dislikes that sort of thinking」

Xenovia’s point was certainly true.

Regina always had that kind of personality. She is very straightforward and dislikes weird arrangements such as these.

「We can decide that after talking to Regina. I’m fine with what she chooses」 I said.

Since I was a mage in my past life, I tend to fight like a mage.

However, I trained in the World of Gods and learned every martial art.

Swords, spears, bows, axes, and hand-to-hand combat, in addition to every other weapon, I am proficient in all of them.

It wouldn’t be strange to become a disciple of the Hero.

「Regina and Dion will return soon. We shall discuss together at that time…」Xenovia said.

「Yeah, that’s for the best, Xenovia. I’m looking forward to seeing Regina and Dion」

Then, Milt brought me and the beasts towards his room.

Xenovia seemed to be following along too.

My disciples seemed to have their own rooms in the academy,

When one of them becomes the President, that room becomes the President’s office.

「It’s messy, but you can enter inside」

「Thank you」

Because we were outside the room, Milt talked to me casually.

I entered the room as Milt urged.


The room was disorderly and messy.

「As dirty as ever, try to clean up as often as possible!」

Xenovia scolded Milt.

「I am ashamed」

Milt looked really embarrassed.

Valuable books were piled up everywhere on the floor, and the desk was full of documents and memos.

「But it seems that the reagents and all sorts of materials are well organized」

Vials of reagents used for magic development and other materials were neatly arranged on the shelves.

「Yes, because I was severely instructed by Master」

There are many dangerous reagents and materials.

If the vial breaks, they could ignite or cause an explosion. Some of them can dissolve metals and are highly toxic.

Therefore, I severely instructed them immediately after they became my disciples.

「I am happy that you still follow my guidance」

「Thank you」

As I praised him, Milt was deeply moved and bowed down.



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