48 – Milt’s Room


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As Milt was deeply moved, I stroked Milt’s head while remembering the memories of my past life.
In the old days, this was what I used to do when I praised him.

「Un, you did well」
「T-Thank you」
Milt began tearing up, so I patted him moderately.

Shiro, on the other hand, seemed to be unable to hold himself back after seeing the pile of books.
He hopped on the pile of books and climbed to the top.
Goats tend to climb up to high places.

「Shiro, stop that」

Shiro asked 「Why?」

「Books are valuable objects. We have to cherish them」

Shiro understood and hopped down from the pile of books.

Shiro is a baby goat rather than a kid goat. He is younger than even the child RunRun and Fluffy.

Therefore, I have to teach him everything patiently.


Fluffy got down from my shoulder, onto the floor and expanded a little.

Fluffy was saying Shiro can ride on it.

What a gentle big brother. Or is it a big sister? I do not know the gender of slimes.

Does slime even have a gender in the first place?


Shiro rode on Fluffy and happily shook his short tail.

Milt said while laughing as the scene unfolded.

「I am investigating the beastkin that Master defeated in the next room」

「Fumu-fumu, I see」

As expected, this room was too messy to conduct an investigation.

Apparently, my disciple’s base seemed to consist of five or six rooms; a room for sleeping, a room for cooking and washing, a guest room, and a laboratory.

There seemed to be even a toilet and a bath.

By the way, the messy room we were in right now is the guest room.

When Milt was the president, he would receive a variety of guests in this room.

「Master, it’s this way」

「Ah, I understand. Shiro, there are some dangerous chemicals in the laboratory, so behave yourself」


While riding on Fluffy, Shiro was majestically saying 「I understand」.

I am a little worried, but it is probably going to be okay.

Then, I slowly entered into Milt’s laboratory.

The laboratory was well-organized;

Even I, who came here for the first time can understand where everything was placed.

「The name of the chemical is written on the label and it is easy to understand」

「Yes, I did my best to help Master」

「I appreciate it」

Milt probably threw out the unnecessary things outside to organize this room.

As a result, it makes sense that the guest room was in such a miserable state.

「Master is free to enter the laboratory on your free time to conduct research」

「That would be helpful, but is it really okay?」

「Of course, I’ll give you a duplicate key」

Then, I received the investigative research progress report from Milt.

The investigative research seemed to have just started yesterday. In addition, the laboratory was also cleaned up yesterday.

Therefore, the investigative research has hardly progressed.

We simply have to conduct the research together from now on.

Before leaving the room, I asked Xenovia and Milt.

「Speaking of which, what about the security of the Academy of Heroes?」

「Of course, our security is solid!」 Xenovia said confidently.

「Because I am guarding the academy with a barrier I made…」

You can always rely on Milt’s handmade barriers.

I trust my best mage disciple to that extent.

「No enemy has ever invaded this academy since its opening」

「That’s amazing」

The Academy of the Heroes is the base of the Council of Sages, and also an institution to nurture the youths.

Tenebris Cult would definitely want to destroy such an eyesore which opposes them.

Nevertheless, since the opening of the academy, it has been running peacefully.

「If that’s the case, then I can bring RunRun along when I go outside」

「Are you worried about the protection for Master’s sister?」

「Yes Xenovia. For the time being, I am having RunRun guard my sister」

「If it’s just for safety, RunRun doesn’t have to guard her」

「You’re right. I’ll think about it」

For the time being, I’ll let RunRun be together with Saria until she gets used to the nursery.

However, I also want RunRun to play an active part as battle strength.

「It sure is a difficult problem」

「Indeed」 Xenovia was also worried for me.

After that, I parted with Milt and Xenovia, and left the room.

As I exited the main building with Fluffy and Shiro, Arti was standing there.

「Were you perhaps waiting for me, Arti?」


「Sorry for that」

「Please don’t worry about it」

Arti has been ordered by Xenovia to follow me.

I feel sorry that she has to follow me at all times.

「Arti, you don’t have to keep this up all the time」

「I do it because I want to do it」

「…I see」

As I continued observing Arti, I realized she was looking at me with serious eyes.

She seemed to want to say something, but kept swallowing the words in her mouth.

I tried to scratch at that atmosphere.

I thought about it carefully and came up with an idea.

「Arti, let’s change the place」


We moved to my room.

I urged Arti to sit on the chair, and served her tea.

While doing so, I asked.

「Arti, is there something bothering you?」

Arti was surprised and taken aback by my words.



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