49 – Will’s secret and Arti


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Arti placed the cup of tea on the table and said.

「Why do you think so?」

「I can tell by looking at your face」

「I never thought I had such an easy-to-read face」

Then Arti took a deep breath.

「The thing is… there is something that is bothering me」

「I wonder」

I picked up and hugged Shiro, who was gently head-butting Arti’s foot.

Then, I placed him on my lap and stroked his back.

「Is it about the part right before we entered into the fight with beastkin?」

「Yes. However, if you have determined not to reveal it just yet, then I don’t wish to hear about it」

After having Tina and Rosetta escape, I contacted Xenovia through the Transceiver Ring.

At that time, I abandoned honorifics when speaking to Xenovia.

Moreover, I slipped out the name of Tenebris while Tina and Rosetta were still around.
I am extremely annoyed by that fact, and should reflect on it.
With this much information at hand, even Arti would start to realize my true identity.

「Yeah, I think it would be alright to tell you, Arti」

Xenovia left it up to me about when and how much information I wished to reveal to Arti.
I responsibly thought about the extent of information I wished to disclose to Arti.

Hiding the information poorly might bring about an undesirable outcome.
Losing Arti’s trust is the last thing I want.

「You may find this hard to believe… but I am Xenovia’s Master」
「It is a story from my past life」
「In other words, Will’s past life is Edelfuss-sama?」
「Yes. You may not believe me but don’t reveal it outside」

Arti held up her cup of tea with trembling hands, and took a single sip.
「I was surprised, but I am convinced. I believe you」
「I see, thank you」

Although it was an extremely rare phenomenon, there are others besides me who have reincarnated.
Those who recall the memories of their past life were even rarer than those.
However, such rare cases occurs about once in the span of a few hundred years.

Normally, if you say 「I have regained memories of my past life!」 people would laugh scornfully at you.
However, Arti believed me.
This speaks volumes to the trust in her master, Xenovia, rather than the trust in me.

「By the way, Shiro, Fluffy, and RunRun who isn’t present here, are all god-beasts」
「So that’s how it is. I didn’t think they were simple beasts but, I am convinced if you say they are god-beasts」
Moreover, I told her about training in the World of Gods, and being reincarnated as the Apostle of the Gods.
I briefly explained about the process from the moment I died to the moment I reincarnated.
「Will, can I ask something?」
「Ask me anything」
「Why did you reincarnate instead of becoming a god?」
「…to defeat Tenebris」

And then, I bowed to Arti.
「Arti, I don’t know exactly when, but Tenebris will surely resurrect within a few decades」
「At that time, will you fight together with me?」
「Are you okay with someone like me?」
「Yes, of course」
「…I am honoured. I will do my best」
「Thank you, I am grateful」

I was able to recruit Arti as a comrade.
This is a very crucial incident in the fight against Tenebris in the future.


Fluffy jumped onto Arti, in order to welcome her as a new comrade. It moved from my lap onto the top of the desk and then to Arti’s lap, and started wiggling.

「Fluffy, thank you」

Then, Shiro too ran towards Arti. He went through under the desk and got up on the chair Arti was sitting on.

He cried out and climbed up on Arti’s shoulder.

「Shiro, thank you too」
Shiro was trying to climb from Arti’s shoulder to the top of her head.

「Shiro, please do it moderately. Arti, I am sorry about Shiro」
「No, don’t worry」
Arti took Shiro down from her shoulder, and hugged him close to her chest.

Shiro was calm while being hugged. He might actually enjoy hugs.
From now on, I shall hug him too.

I drank my tea while thinking about it. Then, I remembered something important.

「Oh right, I did promise Arti to make a better sword next time」
「Yes, but I love the sword you gave last time because it is very easy to wield」
That is why I don’t need a new sword she implied.
The sword fastened at Arti’s hip right now, is the one I formed with magic before the fight with the beastkin.

「I’m glad you liked it, but it was made in a hurry. So, it has low endurance」
「Is that so? But I don’t notice much of a difference…」
「I’m happy that a swordsman like Arti would praise it as such」

Arti is a first-rate swordsman. If she says that the sword has high endurance, then it must be so.

「It would also be training for me. Please let me create one for you」
「Thank you」

After that we moved to Arti’s room, where she showed me all the swords she has wielded before.
I measured the length of Arti’s arm and her back, and make a guess of the optimum weight and length for the sword.

「Let’s try a mock battle at the end」
「Alright」 Arti agreed.

Arti and I moved to the courtyard and had a mock battle.



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