50 – Procuring materials for the Sword


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After finishing the mock battle with Arti, I headed to Xenovia’s room alone.

Though I said alone, naturally Fluffy and Shiro are still with me.

The reason I’m visiting Xenovia is to procure the materials needed for Arti’s new sword.

Truthfully, I’m just going to borrow the money to buy the materials.

I can still go out on a trip without permission as long as it is within the Royal Capital.

However, the money in my possession is insufficient as I am still a child.

The materials needed to create a high-fidelity sword are quite expensive.

I could just form a sword with magic as I did previously.

However, it is difficult to enhance the quality of such a sword. Especially the durability.

A more stable and refined sword can be created by using appropriate metals as the materials.

As I arrived in front of Xenovia’s room, she opened the door before I could knock; which means, she had already grasped the person who was approaching her room.

Xenovia shuts the door as I entered into the room, and said.

「Master, thank you for coming. How can I be of help?」

「I have something I wish to discuss. I would like to borrow some money…」

「That is no problem. How much would you like? I only have 100million gold on my person right now though…」

「O-One hundred million gold?」

You can build a large mansion with one hundred million gold.

Even an expensive metal, would only cost a hundred thousand gold to make a single sword.

「Is it insufficient? If master gave me a few hours, I can arrange a few billion gold」

「Nonono, that much is unnecessary. I’m only going to buy the materials needed to create a sword」

「I see. If it is materials for a sword, then I already have some. Shall I offer them instead?」

「Eh? Is it alright?」

「Of course」

After that, Xenovia guided me to a room in the back.

Unlike Milt, Xenovia’s room was tidy.

A great number of magic storage chests were lined up along the wall, and a big desk was sitting in the middle of the room.

「Please wait a moment, Master」

Xenovia went towards one of the chests, opened it, and pulled out the materials.

She seemed to know what each and every single chest contains. How Xenovia-like.

「Is the chest a version of the magic bag?」

「Yes. It is very convenient」

As expected, it seemed to be a chest which has its internal volume expanded. As it is super convenient, I am also going to make one.

Xenovia continued lining up the materials on the desk, as I was thinking about that.

「This is all the materials I have on hand which are appropriate for a sword」

Even the likes of orichalcum and mithril, which are magic metals, were lined up on the table.

A magic stone called magic obsidian.

Even spoils of war such as dragon scales and dragon horns.

The materials Xenovia lined-up were those of the supreme grade.

「This is wonderful. Certainly, these aren’t easy to come by even in the Royal Capital」

「That’s right, Master can use them as you please」

「Thanks but… these are way too expensive. I can’t pay these back with my income」

「Please don’t worry about that. Master is going to remake Arti’s sword, right?」

「How do you know?」

「Master is not the type who would be too fixated on swords」

「That may be true」

「As Arti’s master, in addition to providing the materials, I should even pay Master for the cost of the sword production」

「In that case, I’ll accept your offer」

「Kindly, by all means」

And then, Xenovia said with a distant look in her eyes.

「Besides, Master’s inheritance was handed over to us」

「Is that so…」

Edelfuss’ monetary inheritance was handed over to Wolms family.

However, magic items and all sorts of materials were shared between my disciples.

The lord of the Wolms family of that time did not seem to comprehend the value of those items.

「I can pay back all those items and materials, in the form of substitutes or gold if that’s alright with Master」

The number of magic tools and materials inherited from me were used in all sorts of ways in the past one hundred years.

Therefore, the amount in the possession of my disciples has decreased considerably.

Thus, Xenovia suggested substitutes or gold for those materials and tools.

「…perhaps I would need it at the time when I prepare to subjugate the Beast of Calamity」

「Yes, Master is welcomed at all times」

I started selecting the material carefully.

And Xenovia was watching that scene with great interest.

「What kind of sword do you use, Xenovia?」

「A magic sword I discovered at a historic ruins」

Xenovia drew out the sword from its scabbard and showed it to me.

It was an extremely old and fine sword.

「It is a magnificent sword. I’ll use it as a reference」

「I am happy to be of help. Nevertheless Master…」

「What is it?」

「I am aware that Master isn’t particular about using weapons, but aren’t you going to create a sword for yourself?」

「…let’s see. It may be best to make one after all」

I was a sage in my past life.

Since magic was my primary way of fighting, I was fine with any weapon.

If I had to use a weapon, I would just collect magic at my fist and strike with it.

However, I am a powerless eight-year-old now.

Moreover, I went through the trouble of training under Sword God, Military Arts God, Combat God, and God of War.

「Alright, I shall make a personal weapon too. It will add to the weapon manufacturing training」

「That is for the best. So, please take a large portion of the materials back with you」

「Thanks but…」

「We’re talking about Master here, there is certainly going to be trial and error. We shouldn’t compromise for anything less than perfect」

「Then, I’ll do as you say」

I decided to take along various materials with me.

「Please take this too. Master will definitely need it」

Xenovia handed a magic bag while saying that.

「Such an expensive item… thank you」

「Nono! Please don’t worry! If there is anything else you need, please come again!」

「That would be helpful」

「I will continue to gather more materials which can be used to make more weapons!」

After that, I made my way to the exit.

「Master, you can come at anytime」

「Thank you. Oh, right, I forget to inform an important matter」

I reported about the fact that I told Arti about my past life.

「I see. Understood」

Xenovia seemed to have readily accepted it.

I thanked Xenovia again and left the room.



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