51 – Creating the Sword


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As I left Xenovia’s room, I was struck with an idea.

「I should procure magic medicines as well…」

Thus, I planned to drop by Milt’s room too.

As I visited him, Milt welcomed me into his room with a smile.

「What is it, Master?」

「Truth is I’m trying to create a weapon. I would like to procure some materials with flexible use if possible」

「You can have any of the materials in my possession. What kind of material do you need, Master?」

After explaining the type and amount of material I received from Xenovia, I received materials from Milt too.

The materials I got from Milt were mainly magic catalysts.

「Thanks for the help, I can make a fine weapon with this」

「I am beyond glad. Once the weapon is completed, can I see it for future references?」

「Of course, I’ll come show it to you」

「Thank you very much」

Saying so, Milt looked genuinely happy.

I am glad that he was still so studious.

After that, I returned to my room together with Shiro and Fluffy.


Perhaps he thought I was going to play with him now, as he kept head-butting my buttocks.

Shiro was obedient in Xenovia and Milt’s room; he simply silently and gently head-butted me from time to time.

Shiro might have been behaving himself in his own way.

「Shiro, I’m about to make a weapon now, so I’m a little occupied」


I hugged and stroked his back for a while.

He might be feeling a little lonesome since he is just a baby.

「Be patient for a little while」

I lowered Shiro on to the floor, and returned to creating the sword.

「As for Arti’s sword… I’ll make it after practicing」

First, I’ll practice by creating a short sword for my personal use. I decided as such.

I replayed the fight with the beastkin the other day in my head over and over again.

In order to create a weapon that matches my current physique, I have to use a fight I experienced in my current physique as a reference.

My physique and speed. Power and strength. Distance. The lag right before the activation of magic spells.

Putting together all that information, I formed a concrete image of the sword.

As the image came together, I selected the material which would be the core of the sword.

A material which is too hard would break much too easily.

I have to choose a material which is flexible to a certain extent and also extremely tenacious.

「This has to be the one」

I chose orichalcum as the core material.

Orichalcum is a standard material, but it can be made tougher and more tenacious by infusing magic.

If magic is infused properly, the tenacity of orichalcum will be guaranteed.

However, infusing it with magic is extremely difficult.

In addition to an enormous amount of magic, it also requires delicate control of magic.

First, I adjusted the orichalcum shape into an appropriate shape for the core sword.

And then, I infused magic into the orichalcum to make it tenacious.

An hour later,

「…fuu, it’s done at last」

I exhaled a deep breath. Beads of sweat were running down my back and forehead.

It was a work that demanded the utmost concentration.

「So, making a sword seriously consumes this much magic」

In addition to consuming a considerable amount of magic, a fair amount of stamina was also spent.

It was akin to sprinting twenty thousand meters.

Last time, when I created the sword Arti is using right now, I simply formed the magic into the shape of a sword.

Even so, the magic expedited then was the same as now. However, I didn’t use nearly as much concentration and stamina.

「To think that the difference between a fair-quality sword and a sword of the highest quality would be this great」

To make an 80% high-quality sword, takes only an instant for me.

However, the difficulty increases exponentially as it approaches 100%.

It was incredibly useful to experience it first-hand.

This was also an important training.

「This turned out to be a fine sword. Blacksmith God and Sword God-ossan, thank you」

I expressed my gratitude while facing towards heaven.

But of course, the World of Gods is in a different dimension, so it is not vertically above earth.

However, it is fitting to look up when expressing words of gratitude to god.

It might be an old habit from my past life when I was still unaware of the World of Gods.

「I’m exhausted. The sword blade which covers the core sword can be done tomorrow」

If I pushed myself too hard, it would be difficult to maintain the quality.

Especially if my concentration were to falter, the quality would drop. Thus, resting is just as important.

By consuming magic, I can increase my magic amount and magic control by doing a different training.

I returned to the living room to make snacks for Fluffy and Shiro.

Although it is not as spacious as Xenovia and Milt’s living room, it is more than enough for a student’s use.

Several rooms were joined together in a single dorm room.

I separate those rooms into my room, Saria’s room and the bedroom.

Besides the rooms, it also comes equipped with a living room, kitchen, toilet and a bath.

As there are students who bring along their entire family, the student dorm rooms were built spaciously.



In the living room, Shiro was playing with Fluffy by riding on it.

Fluffy was rapidly changing its form.

And, Shiro was skillfully balancing on top of Fluffy.

Fluffy seemed to have kept Shiro busy by playing with him. It is a slime that is good at taking care of people.

「Fluffy, Shiro, do you want snacks…」


Shiro jumped down from Fluffy and rushed over to me.

As he tried to head-butt me with full force, I hugged and picked him up.

Fluffy slowly approached me.

「Now, now, calm down」



「If you want snacks, we have to head to the cafeteria」

The only foods I have in the room are preserved food.

More specifically, just dried meat.

Leaving aside Fluffy, Shiro wouldn’t be too happy about eating dried meat.

「I received a magic bag from Xenovia. Let’s get some candy from the cafeteria」


In addition to having a large expanded capacity, the quality of the things stored in the magic bag is preserved.

It is most suitable for preserving food.

「Well, let’s go to the cafeteria」


ーーKnock knock

As I was about to open the dorm room, there was a knock from outside.

「Will, are you in?」

It seems to be that, Rosetta has come to visit.



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