52 – Tea Party


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When I opened the door, Tina was together with Rosetta.

「Ah, Rosetta and Tina. Thanks for coming. Please come in.」

「Thanks!」 Rosetta said.

「Sorry for intruding」

This is the second time Rosetta was visiting my room.

However, this is the first for Tina.

Thus, Tina was acting a little nervous. This was probably the first time she was entering into a friend’s room.

As Rosetta and Tina entered,

「Meeee, Meeeee」

Shiro cried in a protesting way. Then, he started head-butting Rosetta and Tina alternating between the two.

He seemed to have really wanted to eat snacks at the cafeteria.

Even though it was a protest, Shiro was head-butting them gently.

「Are you welcoming us, Shiro-chan? Thank you!」

「Shiro-chan looks as healthy as always」

Rosetta and Tina didn’t seem to realize Shiro was protesting instead.

Shiro has always been head-butting everybody for every little thing.

It can’t be helped that Rosetta and Tina thought it was a welcoming head-butt.

Rosetta and Tina crouched and pet Shiro.

「Shiro-chan is so cute」

「Shiro-chan, I brought some snacks! Do you want it?」 Tina said.


Shiro, who was protesting with head-butts, stopped in response to Tina’s words, and started fluttering its short tail intensely.

「Will-sama, can we invite Arti too?」

「Of course, but is Arti in her room right now?」

At the same time, Shiro rushed out the opened door.


「I wonder what happened?」

Rosetta and Tina were perplexed.



Shiro was crying out while lightly head-butting the door of the neighbouring room, in other words Arti’s room.

「S-Shiro, you shouldn’t do that. You are troubling Arti」

Arti just finished an intense practice with me a while ago. There is a possibility she was sleeping.

Even if she was awake, she might be tending to her duties from Salvation Organization.

I hurriedly picked up Shiro in an embrace.

But, I was too slow. Arti came out from her room.

「…do you need something?」


Shiro was apparently crying out to Arti, so we can eat snacks together.

Rosetta said towards Arti.

「Arti, I was just about to invite you」

「We were about to have some… snacks, so we were wondering if… you would like to… join us?」

Tina said a little nervously.

She might be worried that Arti would reject her invitation.

「Thank you for inviting me, I would like to join you」


Shiro, whom I was holding in my arms, cried out delightedly.

After that, all of us returned to my room.

Before brewing the tea, I faced Shiro towards me.

Then, I looked him straight in the eyes.

「Shiro, it’s not good to bang on other people’s door. They might be sleeping, right?」


「If you want to head-butt, do it quietly」


Shiro seemed to have understood me.

「I’m going to brew the tea now, so Shiro, please wait together with Fluffy」


I lowered Shiro on to the floor, and headed to the kitchen.

「We will prepare the snacks」Tina said.

「Ah, thank you」

Since Tina and the rest were preparing the snacks, I only have to brew the tea.

I’m glad I brought some tea leaves from the cafeteria, for occasions like this.

Although I’m not particularly good at brewing tea, the rest wouldn’t mind it since I’m still an eight-year-old.

In times like these, I’m glad to be an eight-year-old.

I prepare tea for four people, sugared water for Fluffy, and milk for Shiro.

As I brought out the tea, Shiro was being held in Arti’s arms.

And Fluffy was in Tina’s arms.

I began serving tea to everyone

And I placed sugared water and milk in front of Fluffy and Shiro respectively.

Arti and Tina both lowered Fluffy and Shiro to their respective servings.



Fluffy and Shiro started drinking happily.

I used a plate to serve milk for Shiro, so he wouldn’t be able to plunge his face into it.

「Shiro-chan, here is the candy」


Shiro started eating the candy held out by Tina on her palm.

He seemed happy alternating between the milk and the candy.

「Shiro is a little gluttonous」

「Seems so. His appetite might have grown larger during the time he was protecting the sheep」

Rosetta said and kept feeding candy to both Fluffy and Shiro.

Everyone seems to be sweet towards Shiro and Fluffy.

After chatting for a bit, Rosetta and Tina mutually nodded to each other and straightened themselves.

「What is it, you two?」

「Will, and Arti. We have a request」

「What is it? Tell us first」

「Will-sama and Arti are training together, right?」

「Yes, that’s right. We train throughout the morning」

Arti nodded quietly.

「This may be a bother but… could I join the training too?」

「I would like to join too, please」

Rosetta and Tina both had serious expressions.

「In the battle the other day, I realized my own powerlessness」Tina said.

「Yeah, me too… I am ashamed to admit that I was under the assumption that I could fight due to passing the entrance exam」

Then, Tina and Rosetta request again.

「Please, let me join the training」



I replied as such to their earnest request.



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