53 – Rosetta and Tina’s Request


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During the fight with the beastkin, I told Rosetta and Tina that they would drag me down by staying.

I said so to have them escape that spot. However, that is also the truth.

Leaving aside the small fries, when facing opponents of the degree of beastkin, they are undoubtedly a burden.

And both of them are competent enough to face that truth.

That alone proves that they are both excellent talents.

Training together with both of them, is exactly what I wished for too.

However, I should listen to Arti’s opinion too.

In case Arti refuses, I would have to train separately with Arti, and then Rosetta and Tina after.

「What do you think, Arti?」

「I do not mind. Training together with Arti and Tina would be beneficial for me too」

「I’m glad. Tina, Rosetta. Let’s train together starting tomorrow morning」

「Thank you! I am so happy!」

「I am happy too!」

Rosetta and Tina seemed extremely pleased.

However, there are still a few things I must confirm.

「Rosetta, Tina. Arti and I have decided to subjugate Tenebris in the future」

「Not the beastkin, but rather subjugating the real Demon King Tenebris?」

Rosetta and Tina were surprised by this fact.

The beastkin itself was overwhelmingly powerful.

「How many tens or hundreds of folds more powerful would the real Beast of Calamity be?」 was probably what Rosetta and Tina were thinking.

「That’s right. The Demon King Himself」

「I did hear from President-sensei, that there were those who were aiming for its revival…」

Tina might have not believed that the Demon King would actually revive.

At the very least, she must not have thought that, her generation would be the ones to fight the resurrected Demon King.

「I’m guessing it would revive within a few decades」

「I think so too」

Arti said with a serious expression.

「Arti and I are going through fierce training with the aim of becoming strong enough to defeat the Demon King」

「So if we want to join the training, we need to have the resolve to defeat the Demon King?」 Tina asked.

「No, I wouldn’t go that far. But, I do want to know how much you hope to achieve by participating in the training?」

「In other words, do we wish for a strict training with the intent to defeat the Demon King or a moderate training?」

「Yes, it is exactly as you say, Tina」

And then, I reiterated to the two again.

「It can’t be helped if you are not resolved, so there is no need for both of you to go through our harsh training」

「Will, can I ask something?」

「What is it, Rosetta?」

「Since we are a burden, would we be a bother to the training?」

「No that is not so」

「Are we truly not a bother?」

「Yes, I would be really happy if Rosetta and Tina would join us as comrades in subjugating the Demon King」

「I think we would just be a burden to you」

「The purpose of the training is so that you wouldn’t be a burden in a real fight」

Arti said towards Rosetta and Tina.

「Will is trying to take care of both of your feelings?」

「Is that so?」

Rosetta tilted her head, and curiously looked at me.

「…maa, that’s right. I’m not sure if it’s really a good idea to involve my friends in a fight with the Demon King a few decades from now」

「You don’t have to hold back! If I am not a bother, then I too want to become strong enough to subjugate the Demon King」

「Yeah, I and Tina are of the same opinion. We are going to endure through the harsh training!」

「Thank you」

「Thank you very much」

I and Arti bowed deeply to Rosetta and Tina.

「We are the ones who are thankful!」Rosetta said.

「That’s right! After all, we are friends!」

The comrades joining me in the Demon King subjugation have multiplied. I feel reassured.

In order to use the current training now as reference, I asked Tina.

「Tina, you and Arti are being guided by President-sensei, right?」

「Yes, I am extremely grateful for that」

Tina is the disciple of the Beloved Child of the Water God, Dion, who is also my past life’s disciple.

However, since Dion is in a distant place right now, Xenovia is taking care of Tina.

「Arti and I, would usually train right after that… so, would your stamina hold up?」

「I will be fine!」

Tina seemed to be enthusiastic. However, forcing herself too much is not good.

I need to know how much training they go through under Xenovia’s guidance.

「What do you usually do under President-sensei’s guidance?」

「Theoretical and practical. The practical includes teaming up with Arti and fight the President-sensei」

Arti is a swordsman and Tina is a mage.

The two of them teaming up and taking on the overwhelmingly powerful Xenovia, is good training for both of them.

「What about theoretical?」

「The disadvantages in a battle between a swordsman and a mage, how to assist ally mages in the vanguard, and such」

Xenovia seemed to be properly teaching the two, the lessons I taught her in my past life.

I asked Rosetta next.

「What training do you usually do, Rosetta?」

「It is actually nothing much. I just practise my bow. Although now, I can’t even go out for hunting…」

Since we are barred from leaving the Royal Capital, hunting is impossible.

If Rosetta can’t go out hunting, then she can’t practice tracking footprints.

「Are you fine with combat oriented training, Rosetta?」

「Of course! That would be helpful!」

After that, we started planning our training regimen for tomorrow.


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